Friday, December 16, 2005

alone in san diego

Beauty is around.
Fall has colored the landscape
with fallen leaves and cones.
Beatiful orange and all shades of dry green
the sun comes early and goes back just after noon.
Walking past woods I realize
that it is not easy without you.
Nature in full glory simply flows past you.
I long and I long for moments that
despite the pollution and shame
can be spent just with you.
Am I alone in san diego?
waiting for the ordeal to end.
Or I have chosen to be sad
and give happiness a break.

lunch in san diego

Sitting pretty in an office 8*8*7
in a corner over a small make shift table
with reheated food cooked yesterday,
thick dal and dry rice and a banana,
only walls to face and tubelight so bright
I munch morsel by morsel
wondering how will it be if it was to be for lifetime
is this living , surviving or punishment?
and thanking god for giving me family
for them I look forward to,
having lunch and being merry.

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