Monday, May 15, 2006

catching infy bus at 7 in morning

the time to wake up was 5:30 AM
todaythe time time to catch office bus was 7:00 AM
todayI reached RBI layout wondering I was late
and infact gave up hope when I reached bus stop around 7
then I started the painful wait for 215x
becasue just yesterday I waited for her for 40 minutes
and hung on to dear life on single feet
with one hand holding tiffin and other the BMTC rod of support
with shoes and jeans getting colored in muddy red
I somehow reached 15th cross and searched for people with infy tag
but surprising enough a bus dwindled in and was trying a U
when I attempted to get in the driver queried "where to" infy
and I said yes I thought there would only be few species getting in
but the bus was full of being within a few stops with people settling in
with their morning nap,radio stationor eyes dug into reading material
only a few talked and there were fewer laughters.

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