Saturday, January 21, 2012

experience the secret of Ayurveda - Nadi Pariksha @ Brigade Gardenia on April 21st and 22nd 2012

Nadi Pariksha or Pulse diagnostic in association with Art of Living

Nadi Pariksha (Pulse Diagnoses) is time-tested ayurveda technique of diagnosis. It can accurately diagnose mental and physical aliments. 

Sri Sri Ayurveda doctors are specialists in the vidya of Nadi Pariksha which is unique to us. With this expertise, our doctors detected your prakriti
(body type), forewarn you of potential health risks and effectively treat exixting aliments.

Accurate and Detailed Diagnosis 
Reaches the Root Cause 
Avoid Painful Surgeries
Diet and Lifestyle Consultation 
Holistic Health Through Natural Medicines
Forewarns You of Potential Health Risks

Venue: BMS Hall, Brigade Gardenia, JP Nagar 7th phase, Bangalore
Dates: 20th Jan, Timing: 9 am - 6:00 pm

Venue: BMS Hall, Brigade Gardenia, JP Nagar 7th phase
Dates: 21st and 22nd April 2012, Timing: 9 am - 6:00 pm

Venue: Outside Magnolia Lobby, Brigade Millenium, JP Nagar 7th phase
Dates: 28th and 29th Jan
Timing: 9 am - 6:30 pm

Venue: BMS Hall, Brigade Gardenia, JP Nagar 7th phase
Dates: 21st and 22nd Jan, Timing: 9 am - 6:30 pm
Response : 98 people benefited from the camp

Consultation Fee - Rs 150 - per person
Consultation Fee - Rs 250 - per person

For appointment contact the venue.

Important: Nadi Pariksha is done on an empty stomach or two and a half hour
after consuming food. (Only water is allowed)

 To know more please visit

You can also organize a nadi pariksha camp in your locality or enclave. Leave a comment to coordinate.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Happiness is all you get at end of Upanishad Discourse

You go to school and college. You get a job.

You listen to Upanishads. What do you get?

You know, your every act, your every thought is towards getting happiness.
You earn so that you get a comfortable lifestyle.
You take up a project on your own because it appeals to you and promises to give you happiness in end.
You have progeny to get happiness.
You become a householder to get happiness.

Happiness is single most vital motivator behind every thing that you do on this planet.

The master too says that at end of upanishad discourse the only thing you get is happiness of heaven. Your mind settles down in knowledge. The striving continues but feverishness stops.

You self is getting wedded to infinite soul every moment. Your body is a miniature of entire universe. The finite body is becoming one with infinite universe.

In India there is a tradition of doing the marriage of Radha and Krishna. You dont get caught up in that, you move on to higher planes. For one, there was no character of Radha in श्रीमद भागवतम. धारा का प्रवाह जब लौट के आता है तो उसे राधा कहतें हैं.

Radha was a character created by a devotee poet somewhere in 11th century. But it signifies the longingness for the infinite in the finite krishna.

You know, after mahabharata, Arjun asked krishna to repeat Geeta. He said he was busy in the war and lost in the chaos and questioned him too much and too many times. Now he was in better mood and more inclined towards knowledge. But Krishna refused. He said that was Shiva or the formless infinite speaking through me. You remember that before the war I asked you to chant ॐ नमः शिवाय and you chanted for a very long time. Through the chanting you acquired a shield or कवच for your consciousness which strengthened you and protested you through the war.

That is what mantra do at the subtle level. They protect your soul and enhance your prana.

In western countries people go to the beach in plenty whereas in India they are happy being inland. Do you want to know why?

Because the water element contains and is enriched with devas pranas देव प्राना.  So in pristine clean beaches you get the rich energy. The same energy is depleted in beaches with drugs/liquors.

Same way when you enter into Art of Living international ashram in Bangalore there is shift in consciousness for many. Your jet lag goes, your tiredness goes and you relax.

You dont have to get into all the vedas and drink tonnes of vedic literature. Guruji said he was reading kena upanishad for the first time and as you would have noticed the grace just flows , not too high, nor too low but ok. He would read a few slokas and then get lost in meditation with them. Now is the time for चिंतन और मनन.

There is no point searching for a well when you are inundated in flood. The knowledge is overflowing in and around you. Start listening to it. Do some self-study स्वाध्याये.

You get a glimpse of infinity. You relax at the end of upanishad discourses too. So you are happy and relaxed.

Then you उपासना starts. उप और आसन. You sit in the company of the infinite.

A heart felt thank you reaches out with tonnes of gratitude towards Sri Sri Ravishankar ji. His discourse on Kena upanishad and my buddies of morning sadhana.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

That is it

Every animal on this planet manifests a form of divine consciousness on this planet. Every extinction of animal loses that manifestations. That is what the string theory is also all about. They are the carriers of those energy. We, as humans, are carrier of knowledge.

A few ShivRatries (a hindu festival worshipping Lord Shiva) ago, on solar eclipse day, an incident occurred in a village temple in Tamilnadu. A cobra was climbing a particular tree ( bael ) and plucking its leaves and moving towards the Shiva Linga in the temple premise. All got scared looking at the serpent there. But he repeated the process 4-5 times and some had sense to take photos and videos. He is associated with Lord Shiva and was washing his sins on Solar eclipse according to local priest there.

Every part of our body is associated with a particular grain, a planet, a color, a flower, a god or goddess.
Like Saturn with mouth , jaws.
Jupiter with nose. Chick peas.
Mercury with forehead.

Every medicinal herb is for a particular part of body. Very specific.Without it there would be no medical science.
A herbologist will give you a herb and tell you , my dear its very nice for you and will benefit your affected part and cure it.

Krishna too in Gita, after uttering 700 slokas left it to Arjun. Now my dear its upto you. You make a choice and if you are comfortable and your conscience allows it then imbibe the knowledge.

So then continue from where we left in the last article the Lord of Mind, Indra and Divine Mother in form of Kundalini.
The compassionate mother showed a glimpse of Brahma to the mind and it settled down. The ego of devas was diffused.
You can get a flash of deva world but it only lasts for a blink. It cannot last for long.
If you need a more sustaining experience then you will have meditate and dissolve the mind into the brahman and then it stays. That is it. That is all upanishads are all about.

Universal consciousness is compared to forest. A forest left on its own is able to maintain and sustain diverse lifeforms. It is clean and it has place for all. A lion, a dear, an elephant , a frog and an ant. All live and stay in forest.

In Gita, Sri Krishna compared knowledge to inverted tree. Its roots are up there. We are all rooted up there. There are branches and leaves hanging around. Leaves dry and new one come. Branches go and new one comes. But the root only gets more robust.

Even Lord Shankaracharya said that he had come here for a vacation where as his home is up there. 

Monday, January 09, 2012

The game of life. Get the BIG picture

As humans you get 8 units of life.
A stone has 1 unit of life. There are male and female in stones too. Ancient traditions and sculptors know it.
Water has 2 unit of life.
Air has 3 unit of life.
Space has 4 unit of life.
Trees have 6 unit of life.
Animals have 7 units of life.

Humans have 8 units of life. We are here and we need to move forward.

Geniuses have 9 units of life. In both sense either for great political system or social change or people like Hitler.

Your spirit has 9-10 units of life. In a while when you leave your body you become more powerful. You have more access and flexibility. The constraint of body is lost.

Your ancestors have 11 units of life. In many traditions we pray to ancestors. They can give you boons according to their capability. They cannot give all the boons.

Your pitr पितृ  have 12 units of life.

Kinnars have 13 units of life. They bless or curse with wealth. You will have great wealth but you will not be happy with your progeny. Your children will cause much distress within three generations.

Yokshas have 14 units of life. They bless or curse with special talent like singing. If you think the singing ability is their individual achievement then you are mistaken. A yaksha spirit is behind them. They make many happy around them but their own life is miserable. Unless they are on a spiritual path with a guru.  Every city has a yaksha.

Gods and Goddesses, देवा और देवी have 15 units of life. There are 33 different variations of them. Creator loves variety and thus he has 33 variations of god and goddess for you.
Where are they stationed?
Are they in the skies between the clouds? No they are in every cell of you. A single cell multiples and some become eyes, and some legs and nose.
How to manage them? 
Through sounds and mantras. Pray and they are happy. Their happiness is reflected in your state of being. Like the filters of camera. You enhance a color by filtering it. You only see green but the light still has rest of the colors. A prism.
In heaven there are all the comforts but there is no love. For that even a deva has to take the human form and come on earth once in a million years to realize love, our existance, the thing which we are made up of. Sometimes we feel it and sometimes we dont, but its always there. Just like in yoga you take attention to a particular part of body and you are there, it does not mean that other parts of body do not exist.

A सिद्दा या सतगुरु Guru has 16 units of life. All the devis and devtas are around him, asking what can they do for him. But he has known the brahman and he does not ascertain that he knows the brahman. He moves on. चलती.
जहाँ गुरु नहीं वहां गति नहीं. Where there is no Guru there is no movement. Even in hindu pujas Guru comes before invoking the devas.

Hold your breath as I now narrate a Yaksha incident, not my interaction. I am still to develop the capability of communicating with the ethereal world. But Guruji's own incident.
Once the Yaksha of New york came to Guruji in middle of night and asked him if he could do anything. Guruji said, No, thank you. He was disappointed. Next day morning other people woke up and told Guruji that they felt a beautiful presence last night.
The same day Guruji had panel discussion in UN and in the room of 500 only 15 were around. Guruji realized it was work of Yaksha and he acknowledged it. The next moment the door opened and the room filled up.
Later Guruji thought I should have at least asked him to open a center a New York, or something so that he was not disappointed..

So ladies and gentleman we enter the ethereal world where the spirits are more powerful and have their own game plans. You and me are mere pawns being moved around in this game of life. We think we have control. How foolish of us?
In fact the same player is there on both sides of chessboard? The same brahman.
So drop your doership and enjoy the game.

You are like bubbles in coke bottle. You feel you opened the cap and are bubbling to go outside. How long will you last? The bubble has to burst.

There is a greater permanent council out there who is playing the game. They are more powerful. They have better reach and have been there for a very long time. Think you can challenge them or worst still ignore them and continue to relish in your make-believe world. Poor you.

Hold on to a Guru else you will be thrown around like a ping pong ball and never realize why the smacks in the bottom are getting harder and harder in life.

Because at the level of spirits you are nothing.

If that is not enough. Here is one more phenomenon. Remember even though its being narrated as a story below its not an event of past. It can happen everyday to some, to some on some days of life and for others in no days of life.

Once the pride of power got into the heads of devas. A yaksha came to meet them. Indra sent Agni ( form of energy ) to check out who had come. He came around and asked. The yaksha questioned back, Who are you? Agni was displeased and narrated his powers to burn anything and everything. Yaksha gave him a straw of grass. He just couldnt and went back.

Next  came Vayu, the atmosphere which has all living beings. Same story.
Then the Lord of Mind, Indra came along. By this time Yaksha disappeared and turned into a beautiful lady, the Mother Divine, Kundalini. Indra asked her who was the yaksha?

Hold on to your breath as tomorrow we will reveal the secret of Yaksha from mouth of Mother Divine.
Time for thanking
Sri Sri Ravishankar ji mentioned as Guruji above.
His discourse on kena upanishads.
And ofcourse the aol buddies who make this possible every moring at 5:30 AM. Can you believe it? Nor do i. The time I mean and not the spirits.

Saturday, January 07, 2012

From the world of death to immortality

You know yet you dont know.
Know that and assimilate.

If you cannot manage that knowledge in this lifetime even after hearing it then its a great loss to you, the greatest of losses. You will yet again gather bundles of miseries and carry on to next lifetimes.

Like the man behind the projector sees only the light. The people in the cinema see only the movie.
There is only one bulb that throws light on the film reel and all characters are projected into the big screen. The single consciousness flows through one and all, through the hero and the villain, through the heroin as well as the side-kicks. It does not discriminate.
Its you who has the visceral experiences and get lost in the characters. The characters around you are the reflections of you. And if you extend that vision and project your identity on environment around and still wonder why there is so much negativity around you, why people shout at you, why do they spit and why do they turn away from you? Is it them or is it you?

Its simply your ego getting projected outside. Turn around and take the vision on the man behind projector. Then you will see the single light flowing through all. Then you will realize that people around you are there to tell you that you are like that and you may have to change.

Then you transcend the world of death and move on to the realm of immortality. 

There are two worlds, the ethereal and the practical.
In ethereal world there is single consciousness, single light flowing through the universe in and around you.
In practical world you exercise free will and use intellect to be in satsang सत्संग. Avoid and dissociate from bad company.

Its how nature functions too. You get 20 apples and you wonder at the beauty of nature in creating them, but you will also witness a  rotten apple. You do not hold on to rotten apple and consume it just because nature has created it. You throw it with a smile.
Same way if you have 20 people and there is one which is a nuisance then you calmly and with a smile ask them to shut up and get lost.
A destined event will cause the interaction with unhealthy minds and body but use your intellect to drift apart from them. Do not let them hang around in the back of your mind with "Oh I should not have told like this", "Oh Poor guy , he is not educated" , oh etc., Every soul is taking its own route and time and do not get stuck up with them.

If they elevate well and good otherwise move on. Your mind needs to have peace at any cost.

This is the greatest form of bravery.
Being brave does not mean flying around in hot air balloon, with hundreds in rescue team and many family members with heart in mouth, praying to lord to save the poor guy. But its in striking the right balance between the knowledge and people/events around you.

सबसे बड़ा वीर्य अध्यात्म और व्यवहार जगत के बीच मैं समन्वय बनाने मैं है.

Its the highest and greatest loss if you are not able to cultivate this skill, build this courage.

Creativity is the product of intellect using the intuition, memory and experience/perception from the mind. It is the output of intellect. A poem comes out of intuition. Every invention, discovery has roots in this invention. Yesterdays Rishis are todays Scientists. They knew it then and these are discovering today.

Thanking Sri Sri Ravishankar ji for the kena upanishad discourse and friends and family.

Friday, January 06, 2012

I am unique. How?

Self-effort, a holy person's grace and knowledge can take you to immortalilty

Consciousness has four faculties. They are one but still for the sake of understanding we can divide.

  1. Experience - happenings in and around you, there is a complete movie that can be played even with   eyes closed
  2. Intellect - some aspects of brain
  3. Memory - you create some but nature has it all around you - mind
  4. Identity - your self - ego
We have five sense objects
  1. Eyes
  2. Nose
  3. Tongue
  4. Ears
  5. Skin
We have five senses
  1. See
  2. Smell
  3. Taste
  4. Hear
  5. Touch
Everything in Nature is permutation - combination of 
  1. Fire
  2. Earth
  3. Water
  4. Air
  5. Space
We experience the following 5 from nature
  1. Through Seeing/Light/Fire we experience/see day/night, color of flowers, trees, heavenly objects
  2. Through Smell/Earth/fragrant particles we experience fragrance of flowers, food 
  3. Through Saliva/Water we get the taste of food/fruits
  4. Through hearing/air we experience music/voice/noise
  5. Through touch/space/skin we feel the space element
In all our experience we spend energy.

Experience is spending energy.

Nature has given us sleep to rest so that we can again experience. Otherwise after a while the beautiful nature trail becomes tiring, the musical concert has to end as ears complain, you have to stop after 10th sweet/gulab jamun. 

Senses have a limitation.
Sense objects are limited.
Desires are unlimited and hence cause imbalance. 

The nature of the mind is to take senses to sense objects. मन
The nature of meditation is to take mind from sense objects to senses. नम

Come back to your senses. 

In experience you/senses become one with sense objects. 
Once with senses your intellect starts to function.
It will discriminate, analyse, understand and the summaries are stored in memory. You start to like something. You dont like somethings. You start creating identity for yourself. 

You start to think that now I know. That is where upanishads says, When you start to ascertain that you know , you dont know. 
And when you dont know , there is something that you know. You have a feeling that something in you knows. 

Ignorance and knowledge gel together. They are not independent of each other.

If everything is all known in advance then it is already dead. Because it has already happened. 
There is UNKNOWABLE, always. It is responsible for creating a new moment every moment.
Hence it is knows as UNKNOWN. 

That which cannot be known yet known is your true identity.

Sri Sri Ravishankarji for his kena upanishad discourse and for art of living . 
Hari for his apartment for sadhna and playing above CD. 
Abhijit for the idea to play upanishad CDs, Shuchi, Bala, Abhay for hanging around. 
And the readers who read and comment :)

Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Rejecting the infinite

When you reject you miss
When you accept you blossom

Only when you water the field the seeds will blossom into beautiful flowers and huge trees
If there are no seeds there will be no tree, no matter how much you water
You have all the seeds of virtues within you
know that
The infinite has already put the seeds in every cell of you

Do not reject a child as stupid, dull
Parents, Schools and colleges do
They lose the challenge to kindle a flower
They only get whats already blossomed

A teacher may not reject a student
Just because he appears to carry a heavy weight of karma
he cannot postpone his enlightenment to few more cycles of janma and cleaning
A student may not reject the teacher
he may not doubt is he really loving and caring as talks
or is he just a walking encyclopedia

Your capabilities may differ
Some may be fair, some brown and some dark in complexion
Some may be fluent, some barely talk and some can be dumb
Some may listen clearly, some barely and some can be deaf
Some may see through the divine, some the world and some can be blind
No matter where you scale in your capability
Your ability to realize the infinite is the same

Rejection is finite
You reject something that you seem is beyond you
You reject what is unknown
The unknown is you
You reject you

Some one knocks the door, you exclaim and jump out of sofa
You are soaked in the watching television, someone pokes you
You are in deep slumber, someone puts thin cotton in your nose
You say
What was that? Who is that? How did that come here? When?
Those are the moments of wonder
You are introduced to it and then you let it pass
You need to stay with wonder more

The WHAT is a leap from known to unknown
The WHO, HOW, WHEN all keep you in unknown

The WHY generally belongs to a miserable mind
No matter how you try you can never get into that stuck mind
Therefore the journey begins with chanting of peace

ॐ शांति शांति

Only in rest
you can enquire,
you can explore

Encourage the enquiring spirit
Be with the questions,
leave any explanations aside

Behold and watch the descent
of infinity within you

Inspired from Sri Sri Ravishankar's discourse of kena upanishad

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