Tuesday, January 10, 2012

That is it

Every animal on this planet manifests a form of divine consciousness on this planet. Every extinction of animal loses that manifestations. That is what the string theory is also all about. They are the carriers of those energy. We, as humans, are carrier of knowledge.

A few ShivRatries (a hindu festival worshipping Lord Shiva) ago, on solar eclipse day, an incident occurred in a village temple in Tamilnadu. A cobra was climbing a particular tree ( bael ) and plucking its leaves and moving towards the Shiva Linga in the temple premise. All got scared looking at the serpent there. But he repeated the process 4-5 times and some had sense to take photos and videos. He is associated with Lord Shiva and was washing his sins on Solar eclipse according to local priest there.

Every part of our body is associated with a particular grain, a planet, a color, a flower, a god or goddess.
Like Saturn with mouth , jaws.
Jupiter with nose. Chick peas.
Mercury with forehead.

Every medicinal herb is for a particular part of body. Very specific.Without it there would be no medical science.
A herbologist will give you a herb and tell you , my dear its very nice for you and will benefit your affected part and cure it.

Krishna too in Gita, after uttering 700 slokas left it to Arjun. Now my dear its upto you. You make a choice and if you are comfortable and your conscience allows it then imbibe the knowledge.

So then continue from where we left in the last article the Lord of Mind, Indra and Divine Mother in form of Kundalini.
The compassionate mother showed a glimpse of Brahma to the mind and it settled down. The ego of devas was diffused.
You can get a flash of deva world but it only lasts for a blink. It cannot last for long.
If you need a more sustaining experience then you will have meditate and dissolve the mind into the brahman and then it stays. That is it. That is all upanishads are all about.

Universal consciousness is compared to forest. A forest left on its own is able to maintain and sustain diverse lifeforms. It is clean and it has place for all. A lion, a dear, an elephant , a frog and an ant. All live and stay in forest.

In Gita, Sri Krishna compared knowledge to inverted tree. Its roots are up there. We are all rooted up there. There are branches and leaves hanging around. Leaves dry and new one come. Branches go and new one comes. But the root only gets more robust.

Even Lord Shankaracharya said that he had come here for a vacation where as his home is up there. 
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