Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Why should you hire anybody?

When you look for individuals to fill a position in your company, what do you look for?

Is it

  1. attitude 
  2. skill
  3. presence 

Attitude includes things like "I am so great and I know so much" or "I am just learning and can pick up well" or "I have done it in the past but now I forgot" or "I know I can do it but I cannot jus tell you how?" or "I am jack of all but master of none or opposite".

Skill is obtained by hard work or its a nature's gift. You have certain gaps and you want to fill those. There are better skilled people out there who can do it for you.

Presence is how you feel in presence of the individual in front of you. Do you feel comfortable or do you feel agitated?

What do you expect the person to tell you when you ask "Why would you like to work for this company?"

Is it something like 
  1. You are the best talents out there and I would like to learn from you.
  2. Your company has the best potential to growth and I would like to be part of it. 

In reality why do people join companies? What are the real reasons? Have you wondered about them? Are they something like 
  1. I don't know how to create and run companies therefore I am in front of you.
  2. I just need the pay check at end of month to pay my bills. 
  3. I want to stop thinking between 9 to 5 and be away from the prying eyes. 
If you are filling positions take care of not getting duped.
If you are applying for positions be aware that its not about you but its about them. 

In either case in the end you just need to trust your instincts. And let time tell you about the quality of decisions made.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Judge me not

Judge I always
from the waking hours
till I hit the bed

From the moments
the eyes open
Sitting along along
cursing oneself

On the streets
catching glimpse of
people besides
forming opinions
of them in mind

When the eyes see
they judge
When the ears hear
they judge
When you taste
they judge

And your mind
keeps judging all the time

tired of my opinions
sick of my judgements
cant they just flow
blow away like winds

But when they stay
envy comes
jealousy blossoms
And time is lost
in frivolous little

there is only
one judge
which is above
and  divine
just let him
do his work
and you do yours

don't waste another moment
judging one and another

What is product?

A product can have following attributes

  1. solves a primary problem
  2. easy to use
  3. adds value
  4. simplifies living
  5. connects lives 
It need not solve a unique problem. It can solve a problem that has never been defined. More importantly it should connect with the user. 

It is an expression of the creator.  It shows the care taken before presenting it to you. It is a way of communicating that I am trying to help you in ways in which you have not been treated before. A way of connecting with the user.

It is integral to your living but at the same time not addictive. It solves quickly and goes back to hibernate. It does not take away your productivity and hints that you have spent more time than is the norm. 

If there is a value to the user then the creator also benefits monetarily. Its a crime to charge somebody who is trapped and has no way out. A willing user who comes to the product by choice is better. 

It should come to you through friends, it should be discovered to you when you need it, it should be forced into your view when you don't have the need for it. 

It is not the sweat and effort of creator but the process of creation. How and what you felt while it was being created reflects in what it eventually becomes?

What does a product mean to you?

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