Monday, April 30, 2012

Divya Samaj Nirman with Vinod Menon ji #artofliving

Meeting People
  The distance people travel. The family people leave behind and the way they engross in the course wholeheartedly was truly remarkable. The gratitude at the end of course. The dry venue on day one suddenly turns into flowery,colorful,beautiful, lively place on day three. Even after we left some one had planned cake cutting in Just Bake and we sang song to thank ourselves.

Intensity to break habits
  You can hide/ignore certain habits of yours for a little time. Then a time comes when nature exposes your weakness in full public stadium view and you are left clueless. It is a divine justice that you get opportunity to overcome these habits through courses like this. Before the habit breaks it you learn to break it.

Building relationship
  You will have to work to build relationship. Just stepping into a house do not expect royal treatment. Work on getting the respect to strengthen relationship. Your pain and stress will only increase if you only expect and not give in relationship. It will only be mutual exchange of blame from time to time. Your growth is not complete if you cannot grow people around you. Period.

Realizing holistic growth
  Your growth is not complete by your growth alone. Your naturalness to do padma sadhana does not mean you have steadied your mind. To steady the mind you need to reach out. Reaching out means becoming more social. It means to attract solutions to social errors like corruption, dyning lakes, female inanticide etc.,  
   Your grand-father did not pay for water or milk. Your father paid for milk. You are paying for father. your progeny will pay for oxygen if you dont ACT NOW.

Knowing versus Doing
  You can know a lot of concepts about life. If not put to practice they will die with your remains. If put to practice they will immortalize you. So focusing on DOING can channelize your life energy and give it a purpose.

  You need to focus on your acts when you do with awareness. Else you are like the chicken who cannot go in a straight line. Sometimes they do pak pak here and sometimes there.

  Work repeatedly on the mental pain till it diminishes. Just knowing the causes and avoiding it or suppressing it deliberately either through choice or medication will not clean it. 

Game plan 
  Do you continue to lead life rolling like a stone gathering no moss OR do you want to stop, set goal and start working towards repeatedly achieving them? 

I know you know all the above. I also know that you did not WORK on any of the above.

Line of gratitude and gratefullness.
The article was inspired after undergoing a Divya Samaj Nirman workshop with Mr. Vinod Menon ji, an Art of Living Teacher for 21 years.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

First Mama's sudarshan kriya experience #artofliving

Here are words of my mama who is based out of orcha near Jhansi. He has been postponing doing sudharshan kriya for a long time time. Even this time around he was not sure of transport so I talked to Mickey ( young lad ) and he said he would help.

How come I missed it for so many days?
I should have come to bangalore and done it?
I have been doing yoga asanas before ram dev baba was born. Today it was so effective.
I have been doing meditation for so long. Today I came to know what it is.
My body was so heavy during yog nidra. I felt so light afterwards.
I am not tired.
I feel so happy.

The young lad who took him to venue in Jhansi from Orcha was sleeping after the vibrations shook him during the sudarshan kriya :)

How was your first sudarshan kriya experience? Or you too are on borderline.

a line of thank you note
thank you kanchan ji, sharda ji and Sri Sri Ravishankar ji.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Lost river Cauvery in trichy

There is only line of trucks till eyesight go.
On the highway, in the riverbed.
There is only sand left in the cauvery river delta.
Sand which spins money and fulfill desires of few

She is born in western ghats
Cities and civilizations have been built on her banks
Poets, kings and farmers have been inspired by her

What remains of her
is a small canal
in which people bath,wash,clean
children jump in 2 feet deep
adults wade around

there must have been a time when
the riverbed was half a mile wide

now its only property of few
who own the sand quarries

centuries old sand particles
are now part of some shaky concrete construction

tell me is nature beautiful in nakedness
or is it in abundance

the more you take away
the less you will have

once a majestic worshiped river
is now a mere canal
for trichy has huge temples
and less river

Saturday, April 07, 2012

108 surya namaskar challenge - done - via @inyogathon #yogathon

Till yesterday it was impossible.
Now fresh confidence is beaming.
We really do not let ourselves hit the boundaries and break them.

Heard of yogathon a few months back and did not believe that people could take the challenge.
Today morning on world health, disbelief and joy was brimming across when I with my own eyes say 7 to 70 years old taking up the challenge and many achieving it.

Mr. Rengarajan brought 3 gold certificate and many spirit of participation. In the end there were greater demand of gold around him than the mere spirit of participation.

The venue was called wading pool. When I went to elita club to enquire they said "Wadding pool" and I wondered how yogathon was linked to wedding party.

But pool indeed it was. No water though. Only blue tiles. There was no one around at about 6 AM today and I was marveling at the buildings around.

Suddenly streams of people, young old, ladies gentleman started to come in towards the wading pool at elita promenade in JP nagar 7th phase, bangalore. I could only wonder.

People started jumping into the wading pool as IT was indeed the venue. Only one question floating around "Are you going for gold or spirit of participation?" And increasingly the inclination towards gold was higher.

I was split. I asked my body and it said just keep going till you can.

So the prayers were uttered and the little round ball of calming reddish sun made it appearance from behind the horizon at the exact moment, as if in anticipation.

The sequence of surya namaskaras began. We stopped to chit chat at about 30 rounds and then at about 55 and then 80 and 98 and behold 108.

Claps, cheers and wonder.

One more proud moment being part of art of living initiated movement. The challenges never end here.

some snaps

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