Friday, June 29, 2007

Idea management

A simple process to manage ideas and help them transform your team. You can use Sharepoint portal solution to manage all these steps.

Idea management

Friday, June 29, 2007

12:04 PM



  1. Collect from appraisals
  2. Brain Storm
  3. Prepare Wish Lists



  1. In a team discussion on sharepoint portal
  2. email chain
  3. Team meeting with note taking



  1. Do they sound similar to other?
  2. Can you think of one word category or buckets?


  1. Which address immediate need?
  2. What are the current pain points in the team?
  3. What would team like to improve in future?
  4. There would be three priority level like 1 for immediate,2 for within a month and 3 for this quarter.

Action Plan

The list of item for next week,fortnight,month and year


  1. Assigns person
  2. Create topic/task
  3. Give date/dateline



  1. helps follow up
  2. Recurring weekly tasks like audits for CM/code/document review




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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

mush rolls on

Recently a supermarket opened close to residence and named EverFine. She calls it neverFine.

She drops water on floor and I keep on insisting that she will fall if she steps on it. She simply comes again and one hand on sides and other resting on sofa set, with a serious expression on face she says "come to dining table" with a nodding head. It is time for dinner.

She wondered where she was when I was a kid. I say she was a bird. I narrate a incident when my parents took me to beach in Bombay and then I was left behind and probably the sea would have consumed me.
She said that then a uncle saved you. I wondered how come she knew and she reminded me that she was a bird and was flying above.

We have never discussed on cigarette and its ill effects at home but she went ahead and told a friend of her that her father was bad because he smoked.


The occasion was the thirteenth day of mourning and prayer after grandfather passed away. The tickets were booked by my brother using irctc online portal in tatkal quota that roughly translates into current quota. Tatkal used to be 24 hrs before departure of train and I remembered the last time when I traveled in Tatkal, I had to reach reservation center early in morning at about 2:30 AM and had to haggle for space with some touts and shared newspaper to lie for a while before the window opened. It was a huge discomfort. Now the rules are changed and you can do five days in advance.
The train was karnataka express leaving Bangalore at 7:20PM and we were not sure about the time of its arrival in Jhansi. We refused to exchange seats with another family who were eight and distributed. The lady pleaded that we were gents and could adjust but he asserted that we had wanted side berth and insisted with out choice. Later we realized that we both were tall and side births were too stuffy and short with discomfort for us.
We also noticed that ladies enjoyed most in male absence than presence, contrast this with they falling over each other to sitting soberly in straight postures.
I was learning about his friend who was multi-faceted and enjoyed reading a lot and in experimenting with social work.
The night was fitful sleep with other family chattering the night as if it was early morning for them.
The next day was heavy talk on change, culture and at society at large, I was simply emitting the recently acquired knowledge. It made him feel good at the end on the family front. Towards the evening was reading book and enjoying scenery.
I was trying to sleep in the afternoon but was disallowed by heat and replacement of the BIG family with few army men who chattered as their journey was fresh and carrying a bagful of liquor. Once the journey weared them they were falling over each other drowsily.
The second night was even more awful with some loudmouths displacing two people lying on berths in the middle of the night and the Ticket Collector accompanied with a Police man warned person of traveling with general ticket in reserved compartment but doing nothing about it.
We assumed that Jhansi would come at 4:30 and put alarm both in watch and in my phone. The battery must have died at about 3AM. The lights were switched on at about 3:40 and noise was made of Jhansi coming on rose us from sleep and fortunately for us we woke up, I was just managing to catch sleep but it eluded.
Day was eventful and hot but somehow a cloud cover had come and provided some reprieve. Before we returned to Jhansi station at about 2:15AM next day, we managed to sleep from 11:30PM. Karnataka express came back to pick us up at 3:15AM, it was meant to arrive at platform number 2 but appeared instead on 3. We had lower berths and could not sleep well even though our heads were under the window, it was sweaty hours till late in evening when coolness relieved us and relaxed our muscles.
I was curiously hearing the conversation of a Jat family in Haryanavi, a language similar to Hindi but local to state o Haryana bordering Delhi. I was wondering when I will break into their conversational rhythms.
Another individual who looked like BVK Iyenger, a Yoga guru from Pune caught my attention and I wanted to find out if he was real or look alike. To add to confusion was another guy was chattering with him and continuously mentioning him as Guruji. Later I realized the guy was travelling on General ticket and the old man was a principal from some remote village in Sholapur and hence referred to as Guruji.
I don’t know how but I managed to break into conversation and learned that the general ticket guy was in "Gold Line" meaning business of Gold (jewellary etc.,). He had studied till Std 8 but had learned from his better educated friends and travelling, He could comment on any part of India and about their local customs.
Even the jat family head liked to travel freely and take one place per year and was well traveled man. Once he was in Ganga sagar and requested a local resident to make Roti'es for them in exchange of some rice. They carry their essential masala for a neat tadka of dal and some fried channa and atta-jaggery item. It seems that jaggery cuts the channa paste and thus prevent indigestion and sticking to stomach wall. Channa alone can expand and cause distress with excessive water intake. He requested his wife to get Roti'es made from the pantry car cooks but unfortunately they refused.
He also narrated a incident where in they distribute liquor in Bhairon temple somewhere in temple on Sunday mornings and how handicapped bangladeshies drink neat and spread around on road losing their senses. The police have to drag them into their Gypsies and leae them somewhere. Once due to a high profile visit they were disallowed to be around temple vicinity for couple of hours but once the VIP left they scampered like ants to grab their fill.
He was the first man who took bath using the water pipe that is used to fill and clean Railway coaches water system in front of my eyes. I was tempted but somehow could not manage the same adventure. He managed that after extensive research on train's stoppage time and it being more than 5 mins.
A thorn went into his head when he was in school and which was still left a swell on his head. Another thorn into his feet and came out from top of feet after ten years. These thorns belonged to weed that was brought to India from Kabul in order to get a green patch on barren lands of India where nothing else could be grown. They also had a thick thorn that was tasty to school kids.
For the first time I realized that even a Jat family can be helpful, understanding and sharing. They shared their cold water on a hot summer afternoon even though I left a few drops only for the lady.

We were talking about chambal ghatti (the Chambal Valley),famous for dacoits and somewhere close to Gwalior. Another person mentioned that it was somewhere in Maharastra and he insisted on this fact. Later we found the PoliceMan asking all to bring down their iron shutters as there had been incidents of people throwing stones at moving train and causing panic after crossing Daund. If the train stopped than they robbed the inmates. Their modus operand included putting cow dung on train signals to confuse the train drivers so that they would stop the train without any signal after a point of time.

Third day the nariyal wallah at Guntakal gave me a wrought tender coconut to drink water whereas gave a fresh and more green to a young lady who came next. The moment me came back into Coach we saw 5 people sitting our berth. I thundered and they disappeared, to reappear again in small lots. They were daily travelers from Guntakal to Anantapur, a bunch of youngsters who conversed in mix of hyderabadi and telugu. From Anatapur we had another group of more sophisticated and middle aged government employees who pleaded for the berth and thanked profusely when they reached Dharmavaram.

After that the landscape was only beautiful and I was thanking Indian railways to provide me with such panoramic scenaries whereby the sunset seemed to extend for ever until every cloud was colored yellow and then orange and then black. Some clouds formed a disk in space like those spaceships. A hill after Manmad had clear Thums Up sign on top of it in pure stone in natural setting.
The landscape is sometimes arid, dry and lost and at other times is red that suddenly becomes black and then red again. The crops sway green and some fields keep getting dug by a pair of Ox and a man. Few sugar mills leave a stink and you wonder how come the sugar is so sweet and odorless.

Monday, June 18, 2007

Appraisals may 2007

A take on two roles employed and how they look at each other with regards to current and future work

Appraisals may 2007

Friday, June 15, 2007

5:05 PM




Feedback For I, the role of manager

  1. Small comments make a lot of difference in the team's outlook. Like the one pointed out by a teammate "I was not like this but have become so." The topic was fear of hierarchy.
  2. Temper, I guess it can be used based on the need but you should realize that you are using it as a tool.
  3. SDLC stages, how to customize it for POC or prototyping kind of project?
  4. Mostly all get work based on interests and more than what role demands like in design.
  5. More motivational meeting that help set direction and provide focus.
  6. Jolly and friendly nature
  7. Random movement between tasks
  8. Ineffective estimation


For all roles that are for team

  1. No
    1. design phase.
    2. sharing amongst team, unit, org and customers and therefore no visibility.
    3. inclusion of teammate beyond the module.
  2. Individually excellent and within module too or working together for assigned task.
  3. Generate more interest , Raise awareness level of
    1. Current product ideas being pursued
    2. Solutions with regard to our focus area.
    3. Unified Communications
  4. Increase confidence level and capability maturity of the team so that we can do
    1. Road shows
    2. Presentations at unit/org level
    3. Demo to senior mgmt
    4. Create more marketing material (flash. videos)
  5. Schedule adherence
    1. Who will measure
    2. Who will define
    3. When will we measure
  6. Process adherence
    1. Which areas to focus
      1. Code review
      2. Design review
      3. Doc review
    2. How to internalize?
    3. What metrics to measure?
    4. Who will measure?
    5. How will we measure?
  7. Innovation
    1. Better code review? Which part?
    2. Better architecture? How?
    3. Product idea? Brain storm.
  8. Knowledge Management
    1. Knowledge is acquired and not forced upon.
    2. Wikies/RSS/blogs



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Tuesday, June 05, 2007

where to from where are you?

One of the quickest and best discussion that I had during a assertiveness workshop that was followed by some reading and extracted inputs from few past experiences.

where to from where are you?

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

4:27 PM


"The other person does not listen and only persists with his point of view."

Is he aware of this? If yes then there is problem and if not then it can be corrected.

He could be because he has been in industry for so long.

Did you put across your points?

He had 4 points and I had put across 8 to contradict and defend my point of view, but even that does not alter his stand and he persists that this is how you should go about doing it?

Are you concerned about RELATIONSHIP and or CONSEQUENCES?

No I have a don’t care attitude now.

Still think over and relate to these two points.


In the beginning it was yes about relationship because I was pleasing everybody as I was trying to comprehend the culture and I was worried about consequences because I had been changing jobs often and I wanted to stick around for long.

Then the compensation appraisal and rating was unfair and suddenly I was charged and irritated and built a case to defend my claims. It was heard but still people persisted with their parameters and sanctity of them.

Now again I am at the cross roads of project management vs technical stream. Should I invest my energies into delving deep into the domain and technology or should I focus more on acquiring/sharpening project/client and people management skills.

Management is domain/vertical neutral whereas technical is specialization and getting into a silo. What is it that naturally aligns with myself. The costs are in favor of management because it seems to be more on relationships side. Technical is more logical and rational based behavior that seems to be unnatural to self.

Or better still should I diversify my goals to include the little impact that they can create on self, family, work and community. What is just enough for you to start with that will create and enhance your personal brand image?

Should I start doing things that I never did or thought I should never do or desisted from doing because it clashed with the lazy weekend?


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Monday, June 04, 2007

inFluencing a child

How adults can create a impressions on the child and corrupt her belief system? Suppose your child has got a good friend and it her first day of nursery school. Her peer keeps chanting about the crowded van in which they travelled and how the ride was bumpy and fun. Imagine the fun in 4-8 years old jostling for space in a overcrowded van. But since it is presented as fun and the feeling is further enforced by the peer mother who says that your daughter will like to go with her child and both will have fun too in van in each other company. When you come into picture she tries to influence your decision too by quoting the cost per month and how cheap it is. The mother is also brought into the game thinking its fun and sportingly participates.

You come into picture and try to assert that it is not safe for nursery going kids to travel in vans that are overcrowded and managed by single driver whose morality is not tested and who need to drag atleast 10 kids to his van and drop them at their respective destination? And the only reason the school was chosen because of its proximity to home.

speak up

why is it difficult to speak up? why is it difficult to be assertive? Why do we consider Indians to be safe player who worry a lot about maintaining and upkeeping of relationship and mostly fearig the consequences that may have a negative impact on their relationship according to their point of view. It is a perception that is negative. It is the perception that asking questions is bad. It is the belief system that puts heiarchy as supreme and forces an assumption that people senior have to be respected and listened to despite their ideas.
I am only asking you to question the ideas if that donot make sense to you. Do not question the originator of the idea, he is beyond your circle of influence. The action and the questions are in your circle of influence. Your thought process and articulation strategy is exclusive to you. No one can replicate it. You can develop it or demolish it. It's your discretion.
Your conviction should give you courage. Your courage should overcome your fear. Your fear will provoke you. Its okay to anticipate and be nervous but its not okay to be anxious and allow fear to let worry in. Fear can be a constructive force or it can divert your focus and let you down. Every actor and presenter has fear before he hits stage but once on stage he channels his energy to construct a performance and magic on stage. The source of that energy is fear. But we only get awed by the output that is on stage and forget the ingredients that constitute it. Ask any stage performer and you will only hear butterflies before he hits stage.
Can you question what stopped you from acting in a particular way in any incident where you felt guilty later wondering if only you had spoken up? What stops you to speak? What stops you from breaking the status quo? What forces you to flow in the comfort zone? Why do you want to be in the good books of all? Why should everyone like you?
What is the cost of not speaking up? What is the benefit of speaking up? Is there a loss if you sit through a situation? Are you causing embarrassment to self and others by speaking up or sitting quite? Should you always speak your mind or do you have a discretion about when is the right time depending on situation and personalities involved?
Do you worry to death about impact of speaking up? Do you know that silence can also have a powerful impact? Why do you allow silence to dominate your communication environment? You can perfect a language but it only influence the degree of impact? The actual impact is made by the content. The way content is articulated and asserted only effects the degree of impact. The actual impact is made by speak up. When that happens, people take notice, you create visibility and people realize that you mean business.
The game is simple. Its more to do with attitude than skills or knowledge. Skills can be developed, knowledge can be acquired but attitude can alone enforce change. You decide if you want to change. Once decided on action items you can play the game. In this game either you strengthen your strong points further or take a shot at your weakness and follow through. You identify the change and you implement the change.

Friday, June 01, 2007

mush musings

I say "office जाना जरूरी है "
she says "why"
i say " तन्ख्वा चयिये ना, इस लिए "
she says "यह तन्ख्वा कौन है "

mom she and i are at play ground with small slides etc for kids
she says "be careful and do it slowly नहीं तो झूला टूट जाएगा "

i say " it will not break because you are lightweight"
she says " are you dark weight"

शीखा मौसी तो थाली मैं हाथ धोती हैं, मैंने कहा था उनसे कि नहीं धो

she wants to go out to play but does not want to eat food.
ma my stomach is paining
i--> then we will not able to take you because anyway your stomach is paining
she--> मैं तो मजाक कर रही थी

यह हूँ क्या होता , बोलो हाँ या ना

did you know that obedience is derived from obediere which means "to listen thoroughly"

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