Friday, April 08, 2011

Why Anna Hazare is a role model?

We look up to him. We seek his words. We seek inspiration and get from him.

We did not witness Mahatma Gandhi. We are witnessing Gandhi incarnate.

His humility, honesty and courage stands out. He decides to move and the nation follows him. He decides to fast and nation is with him.

He brought in Right to information act. He is bringing corruption to death.

He is not a sports star, not a business house, not a film actor.

He has single focus. He will live and die for India and its people. A social activist.

No accumulation. No money. No cars. No airplanes.

A simple life. A simple house. A simple village.

A former soldier who is shaping India of tomorrow.

Issues he takes are the issues that hurt us all.

Healing he brings will soothe us all.

The beauty of his protest is that you don't have to do anything. Just be there. Just pray. Just sing. Just dance. He will carry the pain of thinking, planning, execution.

In a society in which we seek nook and corner for role model, you have clearly emerged as the one.

We are and always will be with you.

Anna Hazare create self-belief in hopeless Indians

A nation which had given up.
A nation which had no hope in the system.
A nation which believed in nothing.
कुछ नहीं हो सकता ,
क्यों वक़्त बर्बाद करते हो,
सौ रुपये दो और आगे बड़ो, 
ज़िन्दगी मैं और भी गम है, 
यह सौ रुपये बचा के क्या करना, 
फालतू की कीच कीचक क्यूं करना. 
Senior citizen narrated their times of less corruption.
Youth wondered was there ever a time of less corruption. 
The common man sweats and burns his blood everyday of his life. 
He wants a little money to buy some bread.
He wants a little money to buy some education for his kids. 
We created a generation of whales who learnt only to gulp big money. 
Huge monsters.
You dare not raised your voice against them. 
They were your representative.
They were your killer too. 
More than the money they made you hopeless. 
More than the society they forced you indoors. 
You just bothered about your life. 
You just cared to meet both ends meet. 

What can I do?
Who will support?
My voice is so weak even a kitten will not move.
A generation low on confidence and high on consumerism. 
We don't care what happens in the common area. 
We care only what happens in my 1000 square foot. 

Give up.You.

One man thought otherwise. 
He could dare at age of 72.
He did not fear death.
He loves India. 
He made the move. 
Take my life but give me belief in the system.
Punish the corrupt. 
They belong to jail. 
Release the common man from his 10*20 flat. 
Give him freedom.
Give him hope. 
Show him power. 

No force on earth can stifle a people's movement. 
You never know when the waves may turn into tsunami. 

An earthquake has shaken our belief system. 

Now is the time to ride the wave. 

Outdoor is beautiful.
Outdoor has like minds. 
Feel the power of democracy. 
Its more than elections and vote banks. 
Its about you and me and how we can change. 


IAN Bootcamp at Bangalore 2011

A unique exposure.
A unique game.
A noisy venue.

The day started with car washer taking away the car keys but not returning them in time. I had to scout for him in Brigade Gardenia campus. One of his supporting staff had the key. When I got into the car, suddenly he appeared from nowhere. Wish househelp on android market could send reminders to forgetful casual contractors (aha! a new term).

The road was silken. The traffic was non-existent. The day was Sunday 3rd April 2011, fresh from India World cup Cricket Victory.

No one in embassy golf links knew where Microsoft Signature Building was.  Parked the car in basement. Loitered here and there. Finally stumbled upon the building.

I was late. The organizers were late in starting the first session. So got a chance to hear Sharad Sharma, a pleasant speaker who insisted that we were in cusp of another IT revolution in India. Here is our chance to grab it and live it.

Did you know that Indian Angel Network is a group of individuals from diverse background of society to help startup environment in India?

It was followed by panel discussion. The first speaker insisted that we highlight our challenge in the next 6 months. I did. I got generic response. One speaker said it was a personal issue. The point of the question was

"How do angels figure in the life of an entrepreneur who needs to earn his bread as well give justice to his ideas, to his dreams?"
The response summary was "Have real customers to validate your idea, use up your friends and family money and then get angel". How is that different from approaching a VC?

Two startups who benefited from angel funding got to present their point of view. It is important to have a single voice in the angel community to take up your cause, he will gather more angels for you. Angels can take you to places and contacts whom it might be harder to get to in normal life.

We got to pitch our ideas. Thanks to all friends and their friends and their friends who liked the idea of househelp. I could present the idea, had nice lunch on Sunday afternoon, meet some nice people and did not even pay for it. If you have ideas you do not have to pay for attending events.

Lunch was with college students. Two final students from PESIT were present on their own account. Thank you Microsoft citizen chapter. Did you know that even Freelancers can become part of bizspark programme too? You need not be a company but you have to be in products space. You can also pitch in for bizspark startup challenge.

The game. Post idea presentation we were given form. Get as many money from the audience for your idea. Everybody was given Rs. 20000 fake currency. Listeners had to act angels and distribute their fund to ideas that they believed in. We had to go around asking for funds and elaborating on our idea. Fun.

Post game was presentation from three startups stories from Nice.
The last session was from embrace. Inspiring.

Thank you springboard ventures and Indian angel network for a wonderful Sunday.

Corruption unites India

India has got a single voice in form of Anna Hazare.

Corruption has eaten into development and shaken the morals of Indian society. We know it for a long time. Political parties have known it for a long time. There have been mild protests now and then. Numbers have been thrown in tonnes of losses we incurred due to corruption. There have been instances of whistleblowers losing their life.

No one had.
No one could.
No one dared.
We took it as part of our existence. An unnatural truth.
One man stood up.
One man held his head high.
One voice shook the nation.
A single voice has taken the imagination of youth.
A voice of a 73 year old gentleman who lives in village temple somewhere near pune.

He decided enough was enough.
The simmering have led to flames. Now the jungle is witnessing wildfire.
Corrupt will burn. Corrupt will be sentenced to jail.

A hope is born for a society. A movement is shaping up. A revolution to clean.
The new Gandhi  is marching.

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