Tuesday, July 04, 2017

Seeking the real you around

I on the path, still walking through the paper creating bamboos…
The path you take is where you will go.
What you see is what you get?
If you see vibration you will relate to it.
If you see the packaging around vibration you will be lost to it.
You’re eyes are on the decoration. The package.
You are missing the decorator. The vibration.
Every human is a vibration and acquires the wrapping papers to package themselves around it.
Thus defining and redefining their identity.
This happens over many lifetimes.
This is not a single doing.
The distractor is more busy. Or it seems so.
How the vibration creates wrapping papers is mystery?
I don’t know, not sure of you though.
But fact is that you are a bundle of papers packed like a Russian doll.
Now you get curious.
More interested in the paper theory.
Questions comes to you.
How do I unwrap paper?
Why should I unwrap?
If you have come this far in reading then there is something in you which wants to reveal its true nature.
You have seen so much, done so much, and each time you get tired and want to do something different and more.
And the cycle continues.
Born, childhood, teens, study, college, work, relationships, jobs, money, power, position, name, fame …die.
Then you are born again.
Is there something which is not found?
What is it that is not found?
Why do you come again and again?
Why don’t you get it wherever you go after death?
What is it that is here but not there?
The seeker is seeking but don’t know what it is.
I tell its just there where it’s paperless.
You ask “ok let’s assume there is nothing in the center but how do I unwrap all the papers that have consumed me and know for sure.”
  1. Guru.
  2. Meditation.
There are many ways but those two are proven.
Find a master and he will guide you through to unwrap and present to you the real and pure YOU.
When and how it will happen?
I don’t know?
Will it happen?
Yes, I know.

The above thoughts were born in sahaj samadhi meditation today.
Its a simple mantra based technique to help you slip into meditation, effortlessly.
Get in touch with nearest art of living center and they can guide you.

Sunday, June 25, 2017

Understanding my mind ? A thought at a time.

Can you ask the mind?
Do you mind if I take a dig at you?
When you want somebody’s attention you will do all gymnastics to draw their attention.
You will jump, crack joke, act funny, push yourself through to be noticed for a while.

When you look inside.
Do you find somebody sending thoughts to allure you, grab your attention, a bait to hook you?
If you are attracted to the thought then the thought stays and links up another and then another and …
a thought leading onto another — courtesy Indrayani the elephant at Art of Living international ashram
If you let the thought go then it goes away just like the cloud.

Have you wondered to explore who is that that sends the thoughts.
First randomly and then sequentially, logically…
Or thoughts just come for you and there is no force behind it.
What’s your take?

No matter if there is a single thought or flood of them, why do humans aspire to be free of thoughts?
Is our real nature thoughtless?
How thoughtful is your existence?
Have you had a chance to wonder on that thought?

Are you an accidental blip or a well thought idea?

This post was born post samyama.
Samyama is an art of living program spread over 7 days in which you intensify your sadhana and go deeper into your yoga practice. The first one concluded on 13th June 2017 and was taken by HH Sri Sri Ravi Shankar ji.

First ride in Namma Metro

One possible walking route from Brigade Gardenia to Yelachenallai Metro (2.1 km)

The Green Line was launched and I was waiting for an opportunity to jump into Namma Metro.
Finally the opportunity came in one afternoon when I had a meeting in MG Road.
Google Map helped locate Yelachenahalli to be about 2 Kms from Brigade gardenia in JP Nagar 7th phase. Took the following route to walk to the metro. Heard that parking situation was pathetic and did not have will to negotiate with autowallahs.

Turned left on on Kanakapura road and realised that Metro station was on right. Then with spring in feet started moving towards the source station.
Suddenly had encounter with two well built eunuch who blocked my way, one bypassed by sending a gesture, other one pinched beside shoulder, gave an abuse as I refused to pay them. Why can’t they work hard and make a decent living instead of wasting life with sexual innuendoes?

Stepped into Yelachenahalli station after a security person frisking me for God knows what. Stood in the ticket queue.

Yellachennahalli metro station

Had read in newspaper about ticket queues being very long and a varshik card which gave discount (12.5%) on every ride. So when the turn came in bought one. If you specify a top up of INR 200 then they will charge you INR 250, guess INR 50 is fees for card.

Metro arriving on Yellachennahalli station

So far had built the assumption that green line goes directly to MG road and was confused on the platform so enquired with security lady there, she was kind enough to explain that you will have to change over in Majestic as trains here go directly to Nagasandra. At Majestic I will have to get one going to Baiyappanahalli.
A metro was incoming on other platform and had a lady driver. The security person explained that it will come back on this platform after changing tracks.

Finally in the metro

Joy was bubbling from within and I was on selfie mode. There was another family with young girl who was also in photo shoot mood.
The person next to me was smiling and the elderly gentleman on other side was sitting facing his beloved and displaying his back to me for long time.
The view from top was awesome with streaks of trees on RV road.
The metro went underground around Chickpet and then I alighted at Majestic. Then the mad rush begun to find out the next platform to catch train to Baiyappanahalli. After taking a series of escalators and almost reaching exit of station and with continous support of security personals manning each escalators and helping passengers with direction reached the platform.
Then saw the video of how to enter and exit from the metro. Got down at Trinity. Walked to opposite direction from where I was supposed to go and then had to return back. Crossing the road is real pain on MG Road.

Back to return journey. Now being a veteran of one trip sailed to the correct platform in no time. There the security lady was helping people stand in queue as it was shown in the video.
So the idea is for the passengers to come out in straight line to alight. Passengers getting in come in two queues from either side of the gate. The security lady was urging people not to run here and there in train and find a seat in their direction only.

Security lady urging people to form and maintain queue discipline

It was interesting to see people of all backgrounds, age and gender being taught the queue civic sense by a fragile young security lady.
I was first in queue and was scared that people may push me on track but when Metro arrived only one person broke the queue from the side and rest followed through.
This time no luck to get sitting view so enjoyed the view outside standing and taking support of sturdy steel pipes overhead.
There were a bunch of youths on left hand side and one of them was standing in front of couple of girls on right hand side. And some form of light eve teasing was on with the left set of boys commenting on the right boy and leading into useless laughter. The girls glued to their mobile all the while.
It was heartening to see a young lady with kid giving seat to an old man with too much in his hands. The techie beside with seat was too late to offer his seat. Young ones were accommodated in between the those with seats. The techie compensated by offering his mobile services to some query from old man.

Walking route from Yelachenahalli to Brigade gardenia (1.9km)

Got down at Yelachenahalli and took the other route to walk back. It had rained and was a challenge to find an agreeable footpath amongst other users of the road.
Loved the first Namma Bengaluru Metro ride. Its a boon to all having offices in central or eastern or northern part of city and residing in south Bangalore.
Thank you Namma Metro :-).

Thursday, June 15, 2017

एक तरंग

उसकी एक तरंग से सारी सृष्टि चलती है
और तुम भी  उसकी स्पंदन हो 
फिर क्यूँ पड़ते हो 
शब्दों की जंजाल मैं 

उसने ऐसा कहा 
क्यूँ कहा, कैसे कहा 

मुझे ऐसा लगता है 
ऐसा होना चाहिए था 
उसे ऐसा करना चाहिए 

शब्दों के तार 
जब धुन पकड़ते हैं 
तो तर्क चलते रहते हैं 

एक शब्द दो होते हैं 
दो से चार होते हैं 
डोर से रस्सा बन जातें हैं 
तुम्हें घिस जाते हैं 
तुम छीलनी होते जाते हो 
फिर भी रुक नहीं पाते 

हल्के से शब्द 
पत्थर बन जाते हैं 
बाक़ी जीवन तुम उन्हें ठोते रहते हो 
पीड़ित हो पुकारते रहते हो 
पता नहीं कहाँ शूरुआत हुई 
नासमझी मैं मार जाते हो 

अगर पकड़ना ही है 
तो गुरु वाक्य पकड़ो 

गुरु शब्दों मैं गहरायी हैं 
गुरु शब्दों मैं थहराओ है 

गुरु संग मैं 
रुक कर भी अनंत पहुँचते हो 
थम कर भी विस्तारित होते हो 
विशाल और शून्य जैसे होते हो 
एक पल मैं 

उस तरंग मैं विलीन होते हो

This poem was born post samyama.

Samyama is an art of living program spread over 7 days in which you intensify your sadhana and go deeper into your yoga practice. The first one concluded yesterday and was taken by HH Sri Sri Ravi Shankar ji.

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Samyama experience

After samyama I went to answer nature’s call.

The closest rest room was packed with people so decided to go to Vishalalakshmi Mantap restroom from yagyashala.

There is a flight of stairs from connecting road to top of Mantap.

I was taking 4 steps at a time and simply flew up.

Similarly while coming down, I was moving down the stairs like a bird
no body, no inertia
no breathlessness
simple swift movement

Samyama is an art of living program spread over 7 days in which you intensify your sadhana and go deeper into your yoga practice. The first one concluded yesterday and was taken by HH Sri Sri Ravi Shankar ji.

Monday, June 05, 2017

Teacher's Refresher meet TRM - 2017

If you are fortunate enough to be an Art Of Living teacher then the refresher's meet is exclusively for you.

It is a time to revive, rejuvenate and revitalize yourself to refocus.

Many a times in life the world takes over, maya overpowers.

Those times you need a greater force, a greater power to shake you, wake you and reawaken you. That strength and conviction lies with senior art of living who have been with GuruDev for so many years, for whom Gurudev himself have laid the path, have himself done the course correction.

In their narrative you find hope, you get empowered and you become more free. In their presence you get light.

The master does give personal time, cancels appointments with dignitaries to be able to spend more time with teachers. In these 3 days of TRM he creates time for his teachers.

Everything is well taken care of from accommodation, to exclusive and exquisite food.

If you have not become Art Of Living Teacher yet then TRM is a strong enough reason to see the side of divine which is inaccessible otherwise.

Friday, February 10, 2017

Judging the self

You judge the color of the sky based on yesterdays clouds that you remember today as seen yesterday. 
You judge yourself based on your thoughts that come from yesterday’s situation as you remember today as it happened yesterday. 

Are you seeing things as they are and as they happen? 
Are you clouded by thoughts born out of your perception of how it happened? 

Do you make a factual statement based on something somebody told on someday as to how it happened in their analysis of the worldly situation?

Whom are you judging here? What are you judging? On what grounds you stand when you judge? What is the basis of judgement? 

Are you basing your claims based on a moving platform? Will you have an stable opinion about yourself or anyself for that matter?

अपने वजूद को समझो, क्या तुम्हारा आधार है। निराधार राय को जन्म दे कर किसकी पहचान बना रहे हो। 
हथेली मैं बहती हवा को पकड़ कर एक ठोस पत्थर की पहचान कैसे निर्धारित कर सकते हो। 
क्यों ख़ुद का ख़ून और वक़्त जायज़ करते हो इन फ़जूल की बातों में ।

जिसको जानते नहीं हो उसको पहचान कैसे सकते हो।
उसके गुण दिखते हों तो जानो की वो ही है।

You really cannot define the core, the center by observing and noticing what is happening on circumference. 
It’s futile to even guess or predict how it will be inside when you dont know what is in.
It’s better to observe and propagate the characteristics of the inner being rather than making an attempt to define.

There are three qualities
  1. truth
  2. benevolence or consciousness , that only gives 
  3. bliss

कहते हैं कि उनके तीन गुण होते हैं 
  1. सत्य
  2. चिदा  - परमात्मा जो सिर्फ़ देते है , बस 
  3. आनंद  

So point is not to get lost in making an attempt to define or restrict the unfathomable, unconditional source of your creation. 

Enjoy its creation.
Notice its qualities.
Further its qualities. 

समझ गए न की उसे सीमित करने की कोशिश भी बेकार है जो निराकार है पर आकार मैं रहता है। नहीं समझे तो बस इतना समझ लो की जिसने यह सब बनाया है उसके गुणो को देखो और बड़ावा दो। 

This article was born out of Niranjan meditation as guided by Gurudev HH +Sri Sri Ravi Shankar ji.
इस लेख का जन्म गुरुदेव श्री श्री रवि शंकर जी  के निरंजन ध्यान की सीडी चलते वक़्त हुआ था।

Tuesday, February 07, 2017

Mind - a river

Mind flows like the river. It has not seen the ocean but still carries own in search of the ultimate bliss that it has glimpsed but not yet become. 

The water finds the lowest point. The mind becomes humble. Humility blossoms.
The water overcomes the rock solid obstacles. The mind develops patience and perseverance. A never give up attitude.
The water irrigates the fields and leaves fertile soil. The mind shares stories of hardship, toil and makes inside and everyone around light.
The water jumps and cuts through hilly terrain. The mind exhibits its youthful exuberance. 
The water keeps flowing. The mind keeps exploring the new.

The clouds come and meet the mountains. The rivers of life are born. The seeds of mind are fresh from pure rich showers of rain. 
The river is born.
Streams innocently flow and bubble down the hills. Gathering experience and water to form rivers.
They become lazy and lame in fields, dwindling wherever the slopes takes them. Seems directionless but always seeking the lowest point.

The clouds come over fields again. 
Little drops of hope arrive from sky. Instill little vibrations inside.
Little drops of freshness touch the rivers in fields. It fills them with burst of energies and flood them again. Eager to find the source of all this love that clouds have showered on them. The clouds have gathered the love from the ocean and carried them to far off land.

Winter comes and river freeze. Mind become cold and unreceptive. 
Summer comes to melt the solid. Mind melts and prepares to relax.
Rains bring down fresh messages in droplets from ocean. Mind is reminded again of the source into which it is destined. 

And so on the journey continues...

inspired from a quote from HH +Sri Sri Ravi Shankar 

Thursday, February 02, 2017

Why is mind restless?

If you were a child going to a fair with your father and in the hustle bustle of crowd you lose contact with your father.
You were holding your father’s hand and somebody came in between and then a stream of people rushed in and you were thrown in different direction.
What will happen to you?
You will search for your father. 
Then the colors of fair might attract you and you will be lost in them for a while. 
You will suddenly remember your father and run around to find him.
Then the sounds of fair might attract you and you will be lost in them for a while. 
You will suddenly remember your father and run around to find him.
Then the lights of fair might attract you and you will be lost in them for a while. 
You will suddenly remember your father and run around to find him.
Then the circus in fair might engage you.
You may come into the act of the circus and then go elsewhere and then come again.
In between you may remember your father and yearn for him, long for him.
Then you will be lost in the act again. 

This world is like that fair where everything comes up and then dies. 
Nothing remains forever.  
Nothing is permanent. 
Only your longing for your father is forever. Sometimes felt and sometimes ignored. 

In ignorance you engage with the world totally.
In longing/knowledge you engage with the world detached.

In ignorance the seeking is external and actions are mostly self fulfilling (most for your benefit only).
The commitment in engagement with the world is the same but in longing the seeking is inwards and actions are directed outwards towards betterment of the world.

That father is the God and your seeking for him is devotion. He may seem to play hide and seek but he is always around and inside helping you evolve.

Like all rivers who merge towards ocean, your mind is also desperately seeking newer things/situations hoping that in some newness it will find the self. 

Unlike the heart which loves ancient, old. It longs for the beginning, the source of the stream which formed the river.
The mind jumps from one end to another hoping to find the end soon.

This article is inspired by a quote by HH +Sri Sri Ravi Shankar ji.

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