Wednesday, December 22, 2004

purpose, goals, vision and mission of living

Life without purpose is ship without sail. We just meander and allow the winds to take where they please themselves. Therefore we need to have a vision for ourselves as to what we see us in next few days to next few years like they say the short term and the long term goals.

Goals can be categorized into
1. Personal
2. Professional
3. Spiritual

Personal goals can be further classified on the role we play
1. Son -- what do your parents think of you?
2. Brother -- what do your brothers think of you?
3. Husband -- what does your wife think of you?
4. Friend -- what do your friends think of you?
5. Social -- what does society think of you?
6.In-Laws -- what do your inlaws think of you.

Professional goals can be broken down into
1. Employee – what value you add to your company?
2. Colleague -- what value you add to your people around you in your company?
3. Superiors – what benefits can they reap by your skill set?
4. Juniors – How good a guide/mentor are you in their career growth?

Spiritual goals needs understanding of
1. Meaning of life?
2. need of your your existence.
3. what you can give with no expectations of returns?

Monday, December 20, 2004

The final rehearsal ( a play )and my reaction

It was a wonderful experience. It portrayed the life of an actor. It seems more like the life of any individual who is alone and disparate. It is so true of actor as of any human being that they enact different roles and ultimately the void still remains as such.
Also the transformations and dialogues which move you in shifting context. Like the Gandhi, the freedom fighter to the Gandhi, the rag picker. The comparisons of rug bag to school kids bags. The transition of loss from near one to losing a chance to play a role.
Also like actor we have a purpose in this life , to live and love , till the end. Life will show and urge you to play different roles but you shall live them to core.
The passion, the tears, the mockery and the injustice all taken in stride.
The chair as being only true friend and life of it drawing parallel to our life. The same beating and torture of early years to get the shape right and then the isolation on declaring ones want and desires.

Thursday, December 16, 2004

converse with chota bhai about writing

Digression is permitted but not to same destination again and again. Its like the cricketer after getting out always has to go to pavilion. If your destination wavers like your mind then I don’t mind :)

Life is definitely boring but loneliness gives a different perspective and that is encouraging and yes I am indulging in books and I would you definitely read "To Kill a Mocking Bird" by Harper Lee if you haven’t already read it. It's about growing up/compromises and principles instilled in oneself from ones surroundings. Although the locale in Alabama its appeal is universal.

I have also read DaVinci Code (an okay thriller but rich in historical discussions and meaning)

There is a theatre opened close to home called RangaShankara and I think I will indulge in watching theatre for actors are real life and enactment is in front of your eyes. My first play witnessed was called Open Couple, a humorous learning about a maturing couple


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but why do u think u should not digress while writing

at the end of the day u r not writing an article for some daily or something that u need to contain youself within the domains of subject

what do u usually do , now that bhabhi and muskan r on a vacation life should be boring , or do u dwell into books nowdays

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You get me wrong , what I meant was the sentences describing chanchal man can be purged from ones essays as focus is on subject and not on restlessness on mind. Even I have similar problem on writing and therefore I cannot handle my subject well.

Have a nice day and savor every moment and listen to it carefully as it whispers down the memory lane :)


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let's see
if the chanchal man chooses to continue writing or not

it is way too chanchal

publishing stories???
today,, that is not my objective

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Well done boy and don't be critical of your work so soon. Its too early to say whether the bud will have enough petal for a full bloom or it will simple wither away with none.

I am impressed by your work and I would recommend you continue to indulge in your chosen mode of expression. I would recommend that you blog your thoughts on internet if that is possible otherwise categorize and store them safely.
One recommendation though, write a complete essay on CHANCHAL MAN (restless
mind) and forget about thought pattern after that and focus on subject rather than on ones own mind. Its only a recommendations and you are welcome to ignore :)

It does not matter if this is for self or world but first it should satiate your moods and only then can it be published.


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on another day i was getting bored so tried my hands at storywriting

give me ur frank feedback

berate my prose if it deserves 2

today i am new 2 money and so enjoying my time throwing it around

someday whan i have responsibilities

i will talk like u
till that time i will chill out

this is my age to stress out

money to me today is just a decimal number, a mere statistic nothing else

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Guru gur hi rahe chela chinni ho gaye :)

With time people forget old trails and bend their back to dig new roads :)

Nope I don't have much work so investing time to gather words which seems to have deserted me

You have a very hectic schedule hope you are not over stressing, take some juices after meals and if possible drink boiled milk with banana. And don't take masala food. Keep your diet simple.

Sent a SMS to Mayank and Got a call from him saying he was at roma's place and will come at my home in eve :)

Money is a scarce resource, use it with discretion :)


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has kyocera forced u to wear a philopher's cap
yeah cooking can be fun , but life does not allow much time to me

i will leave here by 5

have a xat class in thane at 6:30
will reach home by around 9

tired , really tired

it just is not convinient to cook
and wash utencils

it is not that maturity and innocence cannot coexist
innocence goes only if u allow it 2
if u want it will stay with u forever

u can send messages anytime
don't worry about money
i have enough 2 spend on messaging and such things

frankly i learnt to sign off as LUV from u

but ironically guru has forgotten a trait ,which his chela still


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I thought cooking provide divine pleasure and spiritual upliftment :) Try out and enjoy experimentation, I am sure you will enjoy it!!

With time innocence goes but maturity creeps in :)

Okay so I shall only send messages when needed and not otherwise, you can claim refund for expenses incurred :)

It's been long time since I have signed off as

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it was long back that i became a good cook

with time everything changes
so now i am bored of cooking. that 2 for just myself

so prefer to eat out nowdays

thing with yahoo is that

conversation can be continued only
if i keep replying thru my cell
for ur every message

it is not free for me
charges r , i believe Rs 2/_ per message


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So it works
I was trying out yahoo messenger's SMS service and hope its free of charge for you?

Are you cooking at home? I hope by now you must have become a good cook :)

Take care


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To: Sharma (E-mail); Sharma (E-mail)

hi brother

i am in office
i had lunch also in office

dinner ka sham ko dekha jayega

i don't have net access

but i can use this id
for messaging

why live?

  1. Is it experience differences?
  2. Is it to understand nature?
  3. Is it understand your purpose here?
  4. Is it to simply live, breathe and perish?
  5. Is it to foster relationship?

old relationship

why does one yearn for closeness whens ones loved ones are not around and why does one yearn for perfection when ones loved ones are around? Is it not the travesty of emotion that the ones who you like are felt relatively to the distance you have with them? Its not justice and its not being fair to oneself nor to thyself when ones indulges in such misbehavior.
Love is difficult to explain but easy to felt and you know it when its in air but why do we ignore when ones loved ones emanate the lovely airs? why do we forget to breathe and fill our lungs with love and blind our critical eyes and shut our omnious mouth and halt the wavering tongue to simply quiten in its den.
We make the same mistake which we pointed to when ones loved ones does it when they are not around and feel the pain as to why perfection in relationship when we know that we are simply humans given our quota of time and the quota of land and air and water which one shall use as long as one is here and then simply disappear. Is it that hard to understand the triviality of the mistake as you percieve it so which simply could be overlooked and corrected by oneself if need by but NO one has to point finger and shout words and inflict pain and only then indulge in remorse.

new relationships

As we encroach unchartered and foreign territory so do we feel when we build a new relationship. It has the initial fears and apprehensions and the magnified visibility of enourmous gaps which would have to filled in time lest the winds shall bifurcate.
Differing cultures on rendezvous act and react. Some instill fire and some throw water. Its the quantity and quality of either of them which will either douse the fire or burn the water through.

People from different background converge and try to assimilate to foster an understanding. Allowing other to create and build their space but pushing a little to have their unique positions strengthened. They need to build their guard and position their might tactfully to have a future where differences can blend with least of efforts.
Is it so complex as it sounds above or its simply the mind complicated and dissolving mud in crystal clear water. Lets thoughts flow as river at origin. But we all know how difficult that can be because as the river flows so does it weather and with experience and distance in life it gathers the dirt of ambience and pollutes its inner sanctity. Let me be river at origin.

mush on phone

heard her on the phone and was mesmerised by her simple words ,noises and affirmations for my blabbering. I never knew that a one and half year old could demonstrate this amount of understanding. I do have my misgivings for this achievement of her that its simple copying of how we respond to others and she has picked up every nuance of expression needed to demonstrate understanding.
And then she went along and continued to play which seems to come naturally to them and it does not matter how far or near the parents are as long as mother is around.

changing places

Why does mind seeks places where it believes it shall find peace? why does mind moves the body ahead again when peace seems to elude again? Is it peace alone or is it the yearning for separation that prepares the mind to relocate ambience.
Or is it simply lack of activity that causes restlessness. Restlessness causes uneasiness. Uneasy mind destabilizes mind and to regain balance mind causes movement to unknown.
In this chaos why doesn't mind enlist body to create activity and shun the disturbances which seems to emanate from the outside but are incidentally from within. why cannot the learning occur where one is? Is present so disturbing that tomorrow shall no longer want to tread where tadoy walks through.

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