Thursday, December 16, 2004

new relationships

As we encroach unchartered and foreign territory so do we feel when we build a new relationship. It has the initial fears and apprehensions and the magnified visibility of enourmous gaps which would have to filled in time lest the winds shall bifurcate.
Differing cultures on rendezvous act and react. Some instill fire and some throw water. Its the quantity and quality of either of them which will either douse the fire or burn the water through.

People from different background converge and try to assimilate to foster an understanding. Allowing other to create and build their space but pushing a little to have their unique positions strengthened. They need to build their guard and position their might tactfully to have a future where differences can blend with least of efforts.
Is it so complex as it sounds above or its simply the mind complicated and dissolving mud in crystal clear water. Lets thoughts flow as river at origin. But we all know how difficult that can be because as the river flows so does it weather and with experience and distance in life it gathers the dirt of ambience and pollutes its inner sanctity. Let me be river at origin.
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