Wednesday, December 22, 2004

purpose, goals, vision and mission of living

Life without purpose is ship without sail. We just meander and allow the winds to take where they please themselves. Therefore we need to have a vision for ourselves as to what we see us in next few days to next few years like they say the short term and the long term goals.

Goals can be categorized into
1. Personal
2. Professional
3. Spiritual

Personal goals can be further classified on the role we play
1. Son -- what do your parents think of you?
2. Brother -- what do your brothers think of you?
3. Husband -- what does your wife think of you?
4. Friend -- what do your friends think of you?
5. Social -- what does society think of you?
6.In-Laws -- what do your inlaws think of you.

Professional goals can be broken down into
1. Employee – what value you add to your company?
2. Colleague -- what value you add to your people around you in your company?
3. Superiors – what benefits can they reap by your skill set?
4. Juniors – How good a guide/mentor are you in their career growth?

Spiritual goals needs understanding of
1. Meaning of life?
2. need of your your existence.
3. what you can give with no expectations of returns?
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