Thursday, December 16, 2004

old relationship

why does one yearn for closeness whens ones loved ones are not around and why does one yearn for perfection when ones loved ones are around? Is it not the travesty of emotion that the ones who you like are felt relatively to the distance you have with them? Its not justice and its not being fair to oneself nor to thyself when ones indulges in such misbehavior.
Love is difficult to explain but easy to felt and you know it when its in air but why do we ignore when ones loved ones emanate the lovely airs? why do we forget to breathe and fill our lungs with love and blind our critical eyes and shut our omnious mouth and halt the wavering tongue to simply quiten in its den.
We make the same mistake which we pointed to when ones loved ones does it when they are not around and feel the pain as to why perfection in relationship when we know that we are simply humans given our quota of time and the quota of land and air and water which one shall use as long as one is here and then simply disappear. Is it that hard to understand the triviality of the mistake as you percieve it so which simply could be overlooked and corrected by oneself if need by but NO one has to point finger and shout words and inflict pain and only then indulge in remorse.
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