Thursday, February 10, 2011

Post coverage in Bangalore Mirror for househelp on android @ourhousehelp - 3

Photo is print media continues to inspire me to give a third in this series of posts. Hopefully trilogy end here.

So lets get rolling.

Mahesh kale , a college alumni left a message on Harshal Gaikwad and Milind Deshpande have liked the blog post on Facebook.

Priyank and Bhuvnendu have also liked the status on Facebook.

Geeta ji who sits diagonally behind me. You don't notice when she comes, when she goes or when she is having her lunch. Her presence is quite.
We share office space. The space is provided by Navin at elagaan put out a notice in bangalore coffee club and we took the opportunity. If you are nearby Arekera Mico Layout, Bangalore then do check out this place. There are few more seats left.

But yesterday, she came over and whispered to me.
"I saw your photo in paper. I told all my people. "
"I reminded them that its the same person whose application I had described some days back. "

Few days back I had given demo of househelp to them. They used to wonder about what I could do sitting in a chair for whole day long facing a dell laptop.

Pre-photo days in Bangalore Mirror, friends, family and relatives too wondered. What I was upto? You get the general recognition. You are not taken seriously. You could pass as fake.

Post-photo days. People call back. Send email. Send SMSes. Post on linkedin. Send tweets. They think you are genuine. You have potential. You are worth talking too and saying hello.

So lets come back to the roll call.

Venu from E306 in Brigade Gardenia sent SMS. "Congratulations, I read Hindu, came to know from Prime (we covered him in the part 2 of this series) and your blog is quite interesting to read, lot of stuff in your blog, very informative, came to know of only today.Its amazing. Keep up ur good work. "

So guys if you have come this far do check out this blog too for other posts.

This should have been said on the first day but let me compensate for the lapse. In the previous version we have seen how our Security class is educated. They can follow you through print media. Make them realize their potential. Give them opportunity. Go.

We were lost in the post media glare when Manjula, our housemaid commented.
"Call up your Mother. "

Its just a four word sentence but the power of it says it all.
You are because of your parents. Reach out to them in your days of glory.
They would be the happiest of the lot. My mother immediately called up her brother in Orcha and he call me back immediately. We call him Papa mama.

My father struggled with the internet links and came back from office. Called me to find out why he could find househelp coverage. With some phone support he managed to view

While coming back home, a lady rushed into the lift. Sonia Bhandari who lives on fifth floor, wondered
"What machine have you made
Saw your photo in paper
I went into typical demo mode
"Yeah, its a simple phone based application on google based phone."

 (Android is a term for developers, general pubic knows Google for its search and thus a Google powered phone is not Google phone but Samsung's Phone. Quite a mouthful. Hope Google recognizes the efforts we are putting in to educate the masses one by one. )

"It is used to track people like cooks and housemaids."
"Do you use it?"
Then my floor came and the demo was abrupted. She promised that she will come to know more about it.

Let me know if you need to promote househelp on android to your friends and relatives. Few videos and screenshots are kept here.

Final Word:
Media can be powerful medium in making you interact with your neighborhood. Impact of the photo is unimaginable. Words speak but can get lost in the tonnes of pages that are there. But visuals like photo and video stay. So go shoot.

Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Post coverage in Bangalore Mirror for househelp on android @ourhousehelp - 2

The adoration continued for the second day. Who said appearance in newspaper is only for day?

Aynur, Google Sales Manager, "Good and interesting presentation. I will definitely promote this in SG".

Shafeek,  Your idea is excellent and your efforts to make it multilingual and international is great". Check out his mobile apps on Symbian OS.

Ravi kiran, former collegue and alumni friend (VNIT) called up in the evening and congratulated @ourhousehelp. 

Avi, a Brigade School going kid, came over from nowhere when I was in children park with my youngest one. 

"Uncle, Your photo had come in paper yesterday."
"Nice application"
"Do you want to see it?"
I showed him. He played for a few secs and his interest waned. 
"You are mushkans father no?"
"I will tell my mother about it."
He patted me on my back.
And he ran away to his parked cycle.

Prime Jyothi , an ardent photographer, yes the name is primed as in prime number, was happy to share the news clipping with me and mentioned a Android competition which is happening in India.

Sudarshan congratulated and we spent some more time then we usually do. He wondered if the app was tracking cooks and letting you know their current position.

When I was coming back to Golden Magic block. The security came over with the access card to open the main door. Once opened he said in kannada.
"Nice photo in paper, sir"
"Nice description, sir"
He was glowing.

Thank you everyone for taking the time out to congratulate @househelp. There is more info here.

Monday, February 07, 2011

Post coverage in Bangalore Mirror for househelp on android @ourhousehelp

"I hid at different places, but everyone found me. They all were telling 'Your father photo came in newspaper today'. The words of 7 year old kid whose fathers photo came in newspaper courtesy @ourhousehelp. She went to the furthest park and played there. Kids do not like too much attention, I guess.

She was getting ready in the morning when the first call came from Bhavna. Sunil, her husband has seen the photo and wanted her to call us even though they knew we would be busy with packing kids to school. But sometimes happiness overflows and it showed. Its good to let it flow. Its infectious.

The poor paper was lying outside till then. With the call the paper was brought in and we opened the page number 2 of Bangalore Mirror. The photo was indeed there. Never before did I hold Bangalore Mirror with so much regard.

Janki called up and shared her happiness. Srinis father informed them in morning and she came to know from Srini.
Reetesh, the meta guy from Vrce , working for a IT firm here was happy to call me.
Bharath Bhushan called and shared his happiness.
Mayank, Himanshu sent SMSes. Himanshu shared the news with former carpoolkaro collegues of mine. Pavani was happy to know and wanted to know more.
My wifes friends were calling her and when she went out they mentioned it.
Sachin bhai was also very happy and mentioned that his idea has been selected in the top 20 of ET power of idea for  eO.

When I went out a kid going by on cycle screamed "Uncle आपकी फोटो पेपर में आई है."
Janki and Srini were coming back in car and stopped by to mention again.
Rafiq was passing by , coming back from office and the happiness was spread all across his face, despite the drive back from office.
Karthik was happy too and stopped his car with the kids. I was telling him the story when keertana, his nine year old girl clipped "Papa why dint you go to the conference." Cute.

Revathi Aunty was going for her regular walk when she stopped by and could not contain her happiness. I had to give her demo then and there and sell Google Powered Phones.
Are all phones of Samsung Google powered?
No Aunty, Only a few.
She was aghast when she saw the report on househelp. "Your cook was absent for four days in this month".
She said she would consult me when she wants to know more about Google phone. Congratulated again and went by.

I could only thank Google for giving me today and would remind them that I had to evangelize for them to many people today.

Would you overflow with joy on seeing your friend's photo in media? And pick up the phone and call them.

Sunday, February 06, 2011

Househelp unveiled at #mcb courtesy @mobilecampindia

It was fun at IIMB who were host to mobilecampindia which was co-sponsered by Flypp and Intel App-up. Thank you keshav, hari and rest of the 9 volunteers of momo's eleven.

The above all helped me to present @ourhousehelp otherwise known as househelp at android market. It was pure fun. I could notice few grim IIM professors smiling during the presentation. The positives were lifting as I described the journey so far. In brief heres a  gist for you. 

The idea belonged to my spouse who released the budget for me to buy Android powered Samsung Galaxy 5. I am also grateful to the thugs who took away my old Nokia and my love for Nokia in a tight BMTC ride. The development began in November end and househelp was released on Android market by end of december 2010. Now it has support for 51 languages and used by people across the globe. 

The power of presentation was so strong that audience had already downloaded app and were asking of features which I had not covered during presentation. Thank you Hari for providing me the first comment and rating just then and there. There were 4 more downloads added, courtesy the unconference.  

There were compliments post presentation and I was fortunate to take it and consume it on behalf of househelp. 

Post lunch Nishanth from Bangalore Mirror met and requested for photographs and interview. Did you know that he was still doing his studies as well as fulfilling his aspiration for being a journalist? 

Coming back I met Sanjeev Gopinath V who presented BunkBazaar and 
Srikanth Sankaran who have created Dijital Financial Advisor-The College Edition. They are in college and have 
already created applications which are relevant to their collegiate context. Bunkbazaar recieves ISD messages 
from its users from Africa and Pakistan thanking the developer for the cool app.

People from Nokia world wanted the apps on their devices too. 

I enjoyed kannada4english. Simply point your phone to kannada on BMTC, Road signs 
and get English translation and transliterations. The developers have developed a 
custom OCR algorithm to solve a personal hindrance.

Dhvani which creates music while you draw on the android was also cool. Amal tiwari is NID student. 

Coupon Dispenser by Andrydaa. You can manage your sodexho coupons better.

Google marketing team had the presentation title as "You can quit your day job". The potential of android apps
to finance your livelihood is not far off. Do you believe it?

How has Android helped you solve a personal challenge?

Thursday, February 03, 2011

Do you know your addiction? Can you create happiness?

I am this body. I need a stimulant to create sensation. The sensations through my sensory system create feelings. These feelings make me feel good or bad. This view is outside in.

Stimulants are like drugs. Initially small grams of drug powder make you feel high. Then with time your body gets used to that quantity of dose. You are forced to increase the amount of intake. The cycle is kicked in.

Stimulants generated feelings take you away from reality. They deceive you into a state which is unreal. A world where you are not creative, where you only react to external world. Your mind is not working but your body is reacting. This body reaction becomes your reality.

Take example of movie. You are connected to the anger in movie. You are connected with the emotions of the actor. What you feel is his/her enaction? They are not your feeling. They are sad, you are sad. They are happy, you are happy.

Take TV serial. You are addicted to watching them. If you dont get to see them, you feel denied. You create situations so that you are sitting in front of TV. The kid in your lap may be crying because he needs sleep but they are mere distractions. The spouse may be describing his day in office but its just another diversion. You are dependent on the characters in the serial. You dont give a damn to characters around you. If they are happy your household has calmer days, if they are angry, your household will go through a painful time with lots of shouting and blaming etc., Your kids could become your favorite punching bags, your de-stressors.

Take relationships. If I dont see you I feel sad. If I dont talk to you I feel angry. If you talk to somebody I dont like I feel mad. Are you the cause of my feeling?

Take video games. Look at the kids sucked into terminals. Do they have any awareness of their surroundings? When you see addiction you detest it, but your addiction may not be games. It could be cigarettes, alcohol, tea, coffee,reading, listening to music. It does not mean that you should dump all of them. It only means that you need to become aware of your own addiction. They have already taken over you. Did you know it?

My body is addicted to a stimulant. The thoughts are generated post experience of stimulant. The thoughts can be due to lack of stimulant. And you are sucked into a world which is not yours. This world has feelings of fear, deprivation, lack of, incompleteness, causes depression and makes you an animal.

When you shift your focus to who you really are? The power and purity of your existence. Then  you become creative. Its your mind which is creating its own thoughts. Its effects are reflected on the body. Your body glows. No creams. No clinics. No doctors. No masseurs.

You are a pure soul. Did you notice the period, yes the little dot which says its the final truth. You are a powerful being. You are source of bliss. You are life.

With thoughts so powerful you witness the truth. You cut away from stimulants. You snap dependencies. You float. 

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