Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Post coverage in Bangalore Mirror for househelp on android @ourhousehelp - 2

The adoration continued for the second day. Who said appearance in newspaper is only for day?

Aynur, Google Sales Manager, "Good and interesting presentation. I will definitely promote this in SG".

Shafeek,  Your idea is excellent and your efforts to make it multilingual and international is great". Check out his mobile apps on Symbian OS.

Ravi kiran, former collegue and alumni friend (VNIT) called up in the evening and congratulated @ourhousehelp. 

Avi, a Brigade School going kid, came over from nowhere when I was in children park with my youngest one. 

"Uncle, Your photo had come in paper yesterday."
"Nice application"
"Do you want to see it?"
I showed him. He played for a few secs and his interest waned. 
"You are mushkans father no?"
"I will tell my mother about it."
He patted me on my back.
And he ran away to his parked cycle.

Prime Jyothi , an ardent photographer, yes the name is primed as in prime number, was happy to share the news clipping with me and mentioned a Android competition which is happening in India.

Sudarshan congratulated and we spent some more time then we usually do. He wondered if the app was tracking cooks and letting you know their current position.

When I was coming back to Golden Magic block. The security came over with the access card to open the main door. Once opened he said in kannada.
"Nice photo in paper, sir"
"Nice description, sir"
He was glowing.

Thank you everyone for taking the time out to congratulate @househelp. There is more info here.
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