Tuesday, July 04, 2017

Seeking the real you around

I on the path, still walking through the paper creating bamboos…
The path you take is where you will go.
What you see is what you get?
If you see vibration you will relate to it.
If you see the packaging around vibration you will be lost to it.
You’re eyes are on the decoration. The package.
You are missing the decorator. The vibration.
Every human is a vibration and acquires the wrapping papers to package themselves around it.
Thus defining and redefining their identity.
This happens over many lifetimes.
This is not a single doing.
The distractor is more busy. Or it seems so.
How the vibration creates wrapping papers is mystery?
I don’t know, not sure of you though.
But fact is that you are a bundle of papers packed like a Russian doll.
Now you get curious.
More interested in the paper theory.
Questions comes to you.
How do I unwrap paper?
Why should I unwrap?
If you have come this far in reading then there is something in you which wants to reveal its true nature.
You have seen so much, done so much, and each time you get tired and want to do something different and more.
And the cycle continues.
Born, childhood, teens, study, college, work, relationships, jobs, money, power, position, name, fame …die.
Then you are born again.
Is there something which is not found?
What is it that is not found?
Why do you come again and again?
Why don’t you get it wherever you go after death?
What is it that is here but not there?
The seeker is seeking but don’t know what it is.
I tell its just there where it’s paperless.
You ask “ok let’s assume there is nothing in the center but how do I unwrap all the papers that have consumed me and know for sure.”
  1. Guru.
  2. Meditation.
There are many ways but those two are proven.
Find a master and he will guide you through to unwrap and present to you the real and pure YOU.
When and how it will happen?
I don’t know?
Will it happen?
Yes, I know.

The above thoughts were born in sahaj samadhi meditation today.
Its a simple mantra based technique to help you slip into meditation, effortlessly.
Get in touch with nearest art of living center and they can guide you.

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