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Now available on      Android app on Google Play    and       

A native smart phone application currently on android platform to
  1. Track people who affect your daily needs like cook,maid etc.,
  2. Provide feedback to your daily help on daily basis.
  3. Report and collect feedback data on their daily activities and provide instant and monthly feedback
  4. Customize the service names and feedbacks and view it in your local language ( support for over 50 languages)
  5. Associate services to phone book, share your daily reactions on facebook, share the application through twitter, email and sms.
With an upgrade you get access to
  1. All the reports for all the services
  2. Customization for all the services for names, feedback, connecting to contact and creating calender event syncing with your calendar.
  3. Any future feature that may be added will be directly available to you.
Full featured househelp app is available through following marketplaces
  1. The direct link at handango .
  2. Amazon app store. Heres the link to download and the short link to share
    1. Amazon Bestsellers Rank: #751 Paid in Appstore for Android 
    2. #65 in Appstore for Android > Productivity
  3. In-app SMS purchase. To get a list of likely SMS charges for upgrade please refer to the pdf. SMS refund are obtained here. 
Free version of househelp is available on Android market and Getjar.
  1. You can search for "House help" or "com.pari.househelp" and download on your android.
  2. The URL on google play is  android market/phone/web is . The URL will not work on browser after todays launch on android market web store.
  3. Available at getjar at
  4. You can point point your barcode scanner on your android mobile phone to  or here
Few screenshots of Househelp 

 Video Demo

Feedback+Feature Request:
       Please visit for providing suggestions/feedback or request a new feature.

By for creation of twitter follow me button.
Thank you.


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