Tuesday, June 02, 2009

second day at school

The stomach did pain again and bu now she had learnt the art of unbuckling the belt. Fortunately the pain came up just as her father was opening the door. The mother came rushing and wanted to help but the strict father wanted her child to master the art of releasing the belt and walk the distance towards potty on her own. The child did not disappoint and fulfilled the fathers desire in aplomb. to school.
They went to the car together. Poor father carrying the bag full of books and the daughter carrying the empty bag as they were hopeful that something would come back in it from school. As they were moving out of their apartment complex the father eyes turned to the side and saw a lady with more than usual broad smile. He wanted to be the good man and stopped the car. He was sliding down the side window and almost opened his mouth then he heard "Are you going to school?". "Ofcourse, I was with my daughter in the back seat. Where else could I be heading?" The father thought.
The ladies chatted awhile while the father wondered about application that he was preparing for carpooling. One of them knew the daughter well. The father was tensed in his seat belt. As they neared the school they offered to drop the daughter along with the books bag. I quickly said "YES" in mind and "No No " outside. But good sense always prevail and the father queried "How will you guys come back?". They said walk and he said no I will bring you back too. 
The good fortunes of father allowed him to witness another class scene today too. Somebody had put a bag on daughter's designated chair. Remember it was only second day of school and the attachment to the place where you sit. She came to father and the grumpy man said "Its okay, find another place." He ignored the event. She went to few friends and they gathered around the poor little one who had kept her bag there and was made to take it away to another place. All was done with no shouts, fights or bad blood. It just happened. 
The teacher was not around so the father left the bag full of books at her daughter's desk. The lady mentioned that the teacher was in front when she reached the gates. The shy father wondered whether he should say "Ma'am I have kept the bag in front of my child's desk." Ofcourse she could see that when she reached the class.
The father reached school in evening and saw lots of kids coming out and he rushed and ran to reach the school gate, with heart pumping and blood waiting to ooze out. He was so sorry for being late but infact he heard another kids mom say "Today, they left early?". In maze of parents his eyes were searching heard and finally he saw the class teacher sorting kids out to respective parents/ drivers. He could only wave amongst the din and the teacher must have seen desparation in his eyes becasue she uttered after looking here and there and then confirming"She left by van". He was relieved and now ihs steps were slow and confused. Should I go and find her in the van or should I simply exit from this guest appearence. He saw the familier sumo and peeped inside, happy to see her daughter in. He thought for a while and wondered in confusion becasue he was sure his daughter would say that she preferred going by her friends. Still he developed some courage and asked for. By this time the cab driver had smartly shifted her to the near side so the father could not see her. Still then the father persisted and asked her daughter. Lo and behold, she gestured that she would prefer to go with me and I was "Oh! My Gaowd" at award ceremony. 
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