Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Double parking

Do you know what double parking is? It is parking parallel to the road. In this case on the mud between the footpath and end of road in front of Everfine supermarket in RBI layout. I thought the mud beside the road did not come uder purview of traffic cop.
Recently the road separators have been put in place too bang in the middle of the thin roads and they are really broad shouldered. On this particular road known famously as kothnur dinne road there is very little space for single line of traffic and there you have the presence of this great wall of china in middle of road. To increase the woes there is a Big bazaar express coming up beside Spencers to challenge the patience.
We were standing in the queue inside waiting for our turn to pay for biscuits and little home stuff. One of the lady who knew my wife rushed in to inform us. What did you expect?
She came in and told her that the traffic cop is writing something in front of the car. I left everything and asked my wife to handle it and rushed out to see what was happening. The Bangalore Traffic cop was done with his essay and was going away from the car. I did not know what to do. Karnataka state traffic police had written something about my car and I was dumbstruck in awe there.
I decided to run after him and said hello, did you write something about my car? He released the golden words.
You have been fined Rs 100 for double parking?
"But there is no board there saying so.Its afternoon, there is hardly any traffic. I just went inside to buy small stuff in few minute." Mind you there was no traffic congestion due to presence of my car on mud away from the main flow of traffic. Even if you leave my lame excuse aside How on earth would I know without any sign or education?
Anywhere in bangalore , there is no double parking on side of road and we don’t need sign for them He showed me same in his book. There were categories for Single parking, double parking etc.,
{ Meanwhile there were great Indian revelers whom you can find on side of streets, near shops, everywhere in India; always staying close to places of incident and enjoying to comment and bowing and raising the traffic cop on a pedestal with good smart styled Namaste etc., You get the scenarios right and you cannot hurt their sentiments too, its a sensitive matter for youths.}
"If I don’t pay what happens?" The curious me. Always wanted to explore.
You will have to pay in court The great Indian court and I could feel the sweat trickling down every vein of my body. At least it was meant to have similar effect but instead I walked off the conversation.
I went back to car and saw the Bangalore traffic cop had glued a complete receipt on the rear view mirror. You just cannot miss it. Till then I was thinking it was a bluff to extract money but now I knew it was real, so I rushed back to God to save me from travails of court.
I requested him to educate illiterates like us to develop the intellect for generating educated guesses on where the double parking was not allowed. I will check in Brigade Gardenia too as they too don’t have a sign saying anything on type of parking that I have. The cops can come in one day and fine saying single parking is not allowed inside.
Have you donated Rs. 100 to Karnataka traffic police fund for no fault of your? Do let the world know in your comment below.

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