Friday, June 19, 2009

Jhansi and Bundelkhandi music

Jhansi had glorious heydays in time of Bundelas and Chandelas.
There are folklare about Alah and Udal that we heard during our childhood. Then there is the delicious mouth watering Bundelkhandi dishes especially the pakoda studded kadi , "nonian" and all variations of leafy vegetables sabzies.
The language itself is so beautiful and musical. When you get to hear words spoken or song sung in any context you simply want to hang onto them and hope they last for a while.
Anything budelkhandi brings tears to my eyes. Today I searched for bundelkhandi songs and found very little interesting stuff.
This search in google gave me a nice Durga ji bhajan.

A christian missionaries discourse is also available. If you can ignore the religion part and care only about the beauty of the language then go ahead and listen.

Not much beyond that. Do provide links and direct me to efforts which people are putting to bring Bundelkhand online in the comments section below.

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