Monday, June 22, 2009

How to explain religion to a child?

She-Why do people wear black dress?
I-They are muslims.
She-What is muslim?
I-What is your religion?
S-What is religion?
I-It is a set of rules. What is your religion?
S-I don’t know . Why don’t you give an example and explain?
I-Like we do pooja, go to temple, the way our marriages are held, we pray to Krishna, Rama. Like you go to school in uniform and you have to be there at certain time and you need to follow certain instructions.
S-Like some people can come in color dress only on their birthday or on day when they join.
I-Correct so the set of rules are defined otherwise there will be so much confusion. There is also Christian religion, they pray to Jesus, they go to church on Sundays. They have different food habits.
S-Like Allen goes to church on Sunday.
I-Same way Muslims follow Prophet Mohammad and they have a certain rule on wearing dress called Burkha in which ladies dress in black dress.
S-But everybody wears dress like me.
I-Some people follow rules , some don’t. Some go to temple some don’t. Some wear dress some don’t.
S-Like mama goes to temple everyday with nani and you don’t go

How will you explain religion to a 5 year old.

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