Tuesday, June 02, 2009

feedback on BSNL broadband services - part 2

{Update in the evening of the same day, with the hope that tired staff would be more than willing to give me their ear}
They have a nice music in backdrop, only when its ON there are birds chirping and flute taking you to distance. You can simply meditate on it and forget about why you dialed this number. I had chosen English and they were conveying ads in local language. They also promise that "You will be attended shortly". I desparately needed attention now. Thank heavens, its a tollfree number. Then the music stops. You are in suspended animation till the line drops and you are left drooling for attention. Even the engaged tone disengages itself and there is drop dead silence later.

{update from next day morning}
The jingle urging me to have wide range of entertaining and educating games for me and my family through bsnl gaming experience at bsnl.indiagames.com
I got through as it was early morning again and she asked me which website I went and what error I got? I was so sorry to forget the website and with shaking voice uttered the query "What is the website again, Ma'am?". She dragged the name "www.dataone.in". Again she asked what was coming and I said "Login failed". She put me hold and requested "actually -umm-dont leave the line" - luckily this time the flute was playing. It has been over five minutes now.It is nearing 10 mins and I am desparately hoping to hear her voice again.
I did and I am glad of the service I recieved. She walked me through all the necessary steps required for the changes and explained why the password was not going through?
There are two places where the password is needed. 
  • For your direct internet experience your Modem stores the password at Home-->Setup-->PVC0. This can be obtained from, Once you have changed it there you can check your connection status at Status-->Connection Status and find the state connected. Dont change the username.
  • When you want to access the online portal at www.dataone.in --> administer your account. You use the same password and username as above. You can change the password here too but you need to update point 1 above.
I was scared to death at paying more than the said download/upload limits as my brother had warned me that he had to shell out over Rs 2K for over usage. I kept on searching for my plan and finally found the link at http://www.bsnl.co.in/service/dataone_tariff.htm. Heavens were in place because the limit was 2.5 GB and my usage was about 1.3 GB. I would have had to pay Rs240 if it was 1 GB. They charge 80 paise per MB over usage limits. 
I am satisfied lot with BSNL service even though the turn around time was around 24 hours. I am sure its a systemic problem as systems are overloaded. 
Gods do listen and BSNL too. Do you think so? Have Patience.
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