Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Total telecom solutions from BSNL

I dialed 1500 and after choosing the language and option 0 to talk customer agent I heard a very dry "All our customer agents are busy". Finally the ringing began and I was up in my seat for I needed to be real quick in query. A further tired hello from other side and my enthusiasm began "I heard about this total telecom solution from BSNL and how do I go about knowing more it".
He continued "Please send SMS ttf to 52295 with ttf".
I "I am already getting discounts in my bill. Is it under ttf or will they all add up? How do I ensure that I am not losing on any other benefits which I am currently getting?"
He continues "Please talk to local account officer."
I "Can you check in your database and tell me whether I am part of that scheme oe which other scheme I am part of which I am not aware of but I continue to get discounts".
He continued "Please send SMS ttf to 52295 with ttf".
I said Thank you and the phone dropped dead.
I sent message and immediately got a reply from BSNL saying "No service specified, Please verify sms code and resend." Prompt but left me further guessing as where to go as I was not prepared to go back to 1500.
How was your interaction with 1500?
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