Thursday, June 25, 2009

Smile at elders

She made special efforts to walk and she did succeed. She managed to come to the table close to the cash counter of Augusta Club. She was just catching on breath when she gestured for water. The cashier named Raghu instantly went to the water container to fill a glass of plastic glass for her. She accepted it full of gratitude and placed her order.
I would have brought the water if Raghu delayed. Yes.
I looked at her and smiled after a while. Generally I am private person.

A simple direct smile and she asked me questions. I asked the same questions in return. Generally I am not so creative in asking questions so I mostly get into deadly and fearful silence.

Then she poured out and I listened. Nothing sentimental but general topics. She lost her husband some twenty years back. Her eyes still missed him. Life moves on but some memories stay. They defy the movement.
She blessed me as I collected my pack of brown bread. She enquired about color and when I said brown acknowledged it and was happy at my choice.
Did you smile at a elderly person today? In your apartment complex. In the supermarket. In the temple. I know you had a busy day. I know you are away from your parents . Away from grandparents, if they still long for a single glimpse of you.
But do you also know that one day you will be a an elder person and you will also die for a smile.

Smile connects. Release it.
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