Tuesday, October 27, 2009

birth certificate - BBMP

She was very helful. Her hindi was broken. She was patient with my queries. She works for BBMP in their birth certificates section under Ratnamma. I forgot to ask her name and I am sorry for it.
Ratnamma had not yet arrived. I was not even aware of her existence. She gave me the form. She showed me the columns which I needed to fill with the details that was expected from me.
The room must have been 3*4 feet and into the corner of the last building beyong Aiyappa temple in Madiwala on Hosur Road in Bangalore.
The buildings belonged to BBMP on left hand side after the signal. The road takes you to inner ring road. I mistook it for Sarjapur and missed the first right turn but on second right turn I persisted going straight through Jakkasandra I joined Sarjapur road.
I parked the car in front of shop to ask for directions. It was a medical shop. The person outside directed me to the one inside and he would simply nod his head his negation. Poor frustrated unhelpful cleanly dressed guy. The shop is at the corner.
The cycle shop helper gave me the nut for free as he could not find a matching nut for my daughters's skates. Amazing.
Ratnamma came and sat in her chair and simply had to only utter, Fees. I handed over Rs 100 for two certificate and she confirmed the dates on the return slip and said it was done.

I was not carrying the writing pen and the staff lady searched and obtained one from closed almirah and gave me to fill the form. She explained to me that fees per copy of birth certificate is Rs. 50.
The corporation office for respective constituency is also located in BDA Complex in Jayanagar 4th block. Coming from cool joint side you reach first floor towards Krishi restaurant. Their on the steps they have directions for constinuency office. If you rove your eyes a little you will see a paper printout stuck on left wall saying birth and death certificate.
The helpful staff sits on the right and he will answer to your query as "For Sagar Apollo you need to go to Madiwala office, Do you know where is Aiyappa temple in Madiwala?" You can nod and say Yes.
It was totally unplanned as I thought this would be a rendouvouz trip to find out and know the procedure and then followed by few more trips for finally obtaining the birth certificate. I was surprised to see the staff working around 10 in morning and answering and helping me with my query.
They take about a month time and you have to go and collect the birth certificate.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Yellow is beautiful

She was beautiful, to say the least. She was yellow. She was gorgeous. She was in vision for a split second. She came in with the wind and went out. And for all my bias, she may not be she.
When you drive past the madiwala lake in BTM 18th cross, you get through a slum and bang on the BTM road that connects with silk board. The road was pristine and I could see that its made of tar. On most days its a carpet of vehicles and exhaust.
Today morning is when festivities start for diwali. Actuallly since yesterday, as it was DhanTeRas, the day you need to buy steel items or gold/silver coin.
Even after silk board the road was smooth and I was riding high but for a cab driver who was happily chatting on his mobile and came and stood across me at a crossing. Another Qualis came from front on other side of the road who wanted to take a right. The cab wanted to take left and I was to go straight. He was happy on his mobile until I gave a full blown horn and he thought its time to back up and he did. But still hooked onto his mobile.
Who was she? She made my day. She created a moment of ecstasy in middle of BTM road. She was supposed to belong to pure nature. What was she doing in middle of this concrete jungle? Her flutter could not be heard here.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

A Deaf and eunuch

The lunch is generally done in office on Neelkamal plastic chairs and tables. Post lunch everyone either walks in corrider or goes out for cool drinks/ Cocunut water/ paan / smoke. He generally explores the neighborhood. He saw a man coming through the greens on other side of outer ring road in HSR Layout, Bangalore. He thought there must be a way from where the man was coming.
He started to walk in that direction. He saw the first eunuch chitchatting with someone who was transporting freshly cut green grass. Both looked happy and smiling. He was missing his heartbeats. His initial reaction was to abandon the direction of walk He kept the fear with him and kept walking towards the eunuch and grass cutter on other side of road. He acted ignorance while he walked past them and towards the direction from where the man with umbrella came, who looked like a government employee.
Generally people come out of thick green areas after answering nature's call, so he was not sure. But his legs kept moving and he saw two small पगडण्डी  (thin walkways created in grasslands by continual human/animal walk). He chose the left one. His heart was thumping by now. His mind was travelling wild. His spirit was welcoming the adventure. He wanted to look back to see whether that eunuch would come and ambush him, he did not. He wanted to be assured that there were others around and to his dismay there was none.
After few seconds that looked like millennium, he saw few boys playing cricket. They looked normal so he started becoming normal. Still, if someone would have done a simple भऊ he would have run like angels fly in sky. But his confidence was growing as he saw some more people at distance going towards the other side of grassland towards   sarjapur road.
The lake kept growing in dimension as he neared it. He was happier now and brought out his mobile camera to take few snaps. Initial hesitation was there as to if someone would snatch the camera. He saw a big stick move near the lake. His curiosity took him towards the movement. He saw two men holding onto fish line and waiting patiently for their catch. At distance further away there were people swimming and taking bath. There were many more fishing in the thick grass beside the lake and suddenly the place seems to come alive. He was happier now.
He saw them sitting under a thick bush. They looked at each other. He was gesturing with his hand and body movements and she/he was nodding in affirmation. There were no words that were spoken. He was deaf. He stopped his expression when he saw him. He acted ignorance. He neared them and the understanding eunuch spoke "bartini" and he gave a simple "hoon" as if to share "Please dont bother me, I am already scared." and left them in their peace. But to his dismay he saw a pagdandi towards left and the better walkway to his right. He stopped for a moment and continued on walkway that had nice green bushes on both sides.
Finally a small thick, rusted iron turnstile showed him the way out back on to the outer ring road. There were autos and bikes parked into the grass. A auto had a couple. He moved onto the road and back into the routine.

Friday, October 02, 2009

when second child is girl too

close friends - Its all God's wish. What can you or we do?
another friend - Initially its shock, but you will get used to it. See, how I got used to it?
relatives from Bundelkhand -

  1. और एक भतीजी?
  2. चेक क्यूं नहीं कराया? - multiple times from multiple quarters.
  3. Is she better than previous one?
  4. Is she more beautiful than previous one?
  5. Is her rashi better than previous one?

Thursday, October 01, 2009

Saree store, auto and hospital

What will all three have in common?
First talk about credit card handling charges?
If you make payment then Sagar hospitals in Bangalore will charge you 1.5% extra, I dont know what do they handle. I enquired and the cash clerk says only the management knows. If you can handle cash then card is simpler I guess especially when you are dealing with gross money.
The small saree shop or hosiery shop in Jayanagar will easily accept the credit card without any handling charges and they deal in petty amounts as compared to Sagar hospitals.

Then lets move to paying extra for availing services at odd hours?
Bangalore auto wallahs will charge you 50% extra for going beyond 10 PM. Its a different matter that they begin at 9PM itself and they dont charge extra on public holidays or weekend. The management of Sagar hospitals think differently on this too and better the autowallahs. They charge 40% extra both on Sunday as well as on public holidays and their room rentals start inline with hotel timelines like 12 Noon to 12 Noon. So even if you land up there in middle of night, it will not matter and you will have to pay for previous day too.

Can you co-relate Healthcare with transportation services or Textiles? Who cares? The hospitals?

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