Thursday, October 01, 2009

Saree store, auto and hospital

What will all three have in common?
First talk about credit card handling charges?
If you make payment then Sagar hospitals in Bangalore will charge you 1.5% extra, I dont know what do they handle. I enquired and the cash clerk says only the management knows. If you can handle cash then card is simpler I guess especially when you are dealing with gross money.
The small saree shop or hosiery shop in Jayanagar will easily accept the credit card without any handling charges and they deal in petty amounts as compared to Sagar hospitals.

Then lets move to paying extra for availing services at odd hours?
Bangalore auto wallahs will charge you 50% extra for going beyond 10 PM. Its a different matter that they begin at 9PM itself and they dont charge extra on public holidays or weekend. The management of Sagar hospitals think differently on this too and better the autowallahs. They charge 40% extra both on Sunday as well as on public holidays and their room rentals start inline with hotel timelines like 12 Noon to 12 Noon. So even if you land up there in middle of night, it will not matter and you will have to pay for previous day too.

Can you co-relate Healthcare with transportation services or Textiles? Who cares? The hospitals?
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