Sunday, December 27, 2009

Your perceptions create your universe

तुम्हारी दृष्टी से तुम्हारी सृष्टि बनती है,  तुम्हारी स्मृति तुम्हे विचार देती है. वह विचार तुम्हारे संकल्प बनेंगे. संकल्पों से दृष्टि कोण बनेगा. कर्म कुछ भी हो, उसके नतीजे कुछ भी निकलें, उससे तुम्हे कुछ फर्क नहीं पड़ेगा. तुम्हारी स्मृति मैं वही बात जाएगी जो निष्कर्ष तुम पहले बना चुके हो. जैसे किसी को तुम बूरा मान चुके हो और वह अच्छी  बातें करेगा तो तुम शक करोगे की आज यह अच्छी बातें क्यूं कर रहा है, इसके मन मैं कोई खोट है. तुम परेशान हो जाओगे की आखिर यह मुझ से क्या चाहता है. 
If you entertain only positive thoughts in your morning hour of meditation then you will fill your memory with matters of soul. No matter how the day proceed, you will be reminded and be in continuous touch with your pure consciousness. "Your soul is pure" is not a plain sentence. Its a powerful belief that can create a perception in your mind that you are pure as well as your neighborhood is clean. Then, when you deal with souls around and you have realized the true nature of your soul, how can you miss the beauty that they carry. Its the same pure souls around too. 
What you see through your external senses and especially eyes is what the other souls have acquired. It is not them. The possession is not the individual. The body is not them. देह को नहीं देहि को पहचानों. Their dress is not their identity. Do not degrade the beauty of soul by drifting away to notice the body, by going further and seeing only the dress on body and then going even further and believing what others think about them. How can you have opinions on souls? 
When your perception changes, your destiny will evolve on its own. You will witness a life that was beyond your comprehension. Love of the soul is not constrained, confined, restricted. It is endless, pure, flowing and full of life. You are boundless energy. Feel the bubbles and let the streams break free, flow.

Source: Kanupriya and Shivani on Awakening with brahmakumaris on Aastha channel on 7:10 PM.

Buy washing machine in Bangalore LG Service

Viveks personal had given up and said the LG technician would only come on Monday. I decided to try my luck with LG's customer's care service. I called them yesterday and they promised the technician will call me today at 11 AM.
It was obvious that the call would not come. I gave a grace period of a hour and called them at 12:30 again, empowered by the complaint number. The lady said she has already informed the technician and he would have called by now. I could have said Pinch me to believe that.
Again I held my sanity till 5:30 PM and called them back. Now showed some impatience and anger. He gave me the technician number and said he would come by 6 and that he would call me back now. I gave 5 mins grace period now and called back the number provided. You guessed it, the phone was busy.
I started to believe's Vivek's prophecy as they would know LG better.
To my surprise the technician did call me at 5:50 and told me he was at Marathahalli and would take about an hour to come.
He did come around at about 7:20 PM and can you believe it I got a call from Vivek's PR named himself as Dinesh wanting to know my feedback. I started to give my feedback and he jumped in with wishing me happy christmas and happy new year. He sounded blissful but in his happiness he forgot to take the complete feedback and all he understood was that "in exchange they should not take away the old washing machine until new one is installed either by them or LG". He said he would be sending the LG guy on Monday. I thanked him for doing so. Who would tell him that the technician has already begun his job.
The technician was more interested in selling the accessories like trolley stand and cover and presented a case in their favor. This was similar to the passion of the Vivek's salesman who wanted to push for accessories and did not care about installation. I guess LG does not leave enough margin for both of them and they have to make money on accessories. What do you think?
Before I leave you,
Do not buy LG washing machine from Vivek's on Friday or holiday that is close to weekend and even if you do obtain in writing from them or leave some money to be paid at home and which will be done only after they do the installation?
Secondly, LG customer care is 24/7 but their technicians do not work on Sunday so they will entertain you on weekend but your work will not be done.

Friday, December 25, 2009

Stages to manage mental blocks

A typical scenario at workplace. You believe your progress is hampered by your superior. He is stopping you from getting promoted. What will you do in this situation?
You will fight and feel the weight and hurt of banging against stone wall.
You will  give up and allow your self-esteem to dip and accept your defeat. There is not much you can do because the other person has been in organization for a long time and any word against him would lead to your losing the job.
There are four stages when we have to address situations like these in our lives

  1. Obstruction  - A person or event or comment disturbs our mind. We feel stuck. There is no way to go around. There is no way to go through. You have to face the situation.
  2. Instruction - You either tell your mind "This person is in my way" OR "This person is the way". The first will leave you frustrated and second will create a positive perception. You are glad that through this person you will learn more. You will go deeper in your awareness of your capabilities, your talents.
  3. Construction - The positive perception will lead to construction of a new learning in your life. The learning about how to handle a situation or person of this kind. Were you able to handle it with your strength (affirmation/acceptance/thankful) or with your weakness (anger/talk behind back/search for ears who only hear). 
  4. Destruction - Your old perceptions, defeatist attitude or collision particles will wither away.

The same is true of gossip, either in office or in neighborhood. लोगों की सड़ी बातें सुनकर उन्हें अपने संस्कार बना लेना भी कुछ कला है क्या? यह व्यर्ध के संकल्प हैं. यह तुम्हे समर्थ नहीं करेंगे. यह सिर्फ तुम्हारी आत्मा पर वजन हैं, उसे भारी बनाते हैं. आत्मा मैं भारीपन होने से शरीर कैसे हल्का रह सकता है. इसलिए शरीर का भी वजन बढता है.

Realization is personal responsibilty

An important step towards self realization is to go inwards. As long as the focus is outwards and on other person you will not be able to attain inner peace. The peace comes from self , within not without.

A software engineer doubts his spouse and appeals to a spiritual organization to call and correct his spouse.
A person who doubts is a person who is weak, who is low on self-esteem and who is already hurt and suffering.

On top of that if you add the weight of your anger, what will happen to your partner/friend/relative. Do you think your destructive approach, driven by your selfish ego will benefit the relationship. Are you sure you care enough to restore the dignity and peace in relationship?

You need a positive and peaceful environment for healthy relationships to flourish. If you have toxic thoughts what will happen to the organic life in spillage.

Why is it easy to accept people with physical handicap as they are? Is it easy for your ego to see the handicap and feel grateful that you are helping out the other person, or is it genuine concern thats reaching out in form of love.
Why is hard to see the mental handicap? A low self-esteem, an hurt ego, low confidence, weak and depleted soul. Why cannot you accept that person as they are? Why cannot you build an atmosphere in which that person gains confidences, builds self-esteem and feels dignified about themselves?

The only way you can do so is through self-realization. Introspect. Reach in. Touch yourself. Know who you are. A thought can shift your perspective.
Encourage positive thoughts. Its not natural for you to be positive in current mess but experiment and have faith. Your belief system and new perspective can do wonders on you and your neighborhood. Allow them. Give them a chance. Positivity is just a thought away.

Source: Awakening with Brahmakumaris - Shivani -
Peace and Purity: The Story of the Brahma Kumaris, A Spiritual Revolution

Buy washing machine in Bangalore Viveks

Vivek's washing machineLG : WM3431HS All-In-One Washer and Dryer TITANIUM delivery service is poor. They took away the old washing machine and left the new one packaged and in living room. When I called up Mr. Narayana of Vivek's JP Nagar 2nd phase, Bangalore showroom, here were his responses

  1. We are very busy these days and it is not our responsibility to unpackage and install the machine at location of your choice in your house.
  2. You don't like the package, Is it not looking good?
  3. I will inform LG tomorrow and they dont work on weekend so they can only come on Monday. They generally respond in 24 hours.
  4. Would you like to buy some accessories with the machine?
So, next time when you buy at Viveks understand their definition of service. 

I saw the LG customer care number 1-800-180-9999 on the cardboard package and called them. He said he was sorry for the inconvenience caused. He did not care to take the details on the dealer and thus I dont think LG has any policy of discontinuing service with a dealer branch if they provide poor service to their end customers. He promised that I will get call from their technical staff tomorrow at 11 AM.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Your soul is the actor, You are act

Your soul is an actor. You body is the costume. You have come to play many roles in this world.
तुम्हारी आत्मा एक अभिनेता है. तुम इस अभिनेता का आवरण हो, तुम्हारा शरीर एक पौशाक है, तुम इस दुनिया मैं कई भूमिका अदा करने आये हो. तुम इस अभिनय मैं आत्मा से दूर चले गए हो. तुमने अभिनय को अपनी पहचान बना लिया है. तुन न तो अभिनय हो और न ही अशांति तुम्हारी प्रकृति है. तुम एक पवित्र, संपूर्ण, सूखी, शांत आत्मा हो. सिर्फ एक संकल्प चाहिए. मन से कहो संकल्प, बुद्धि से कहो मन को समझाओ, सांस से कहो इस संकल्प को अपने कण कण मैं पहुचाये. फिर अनुभव करो और खुश रहो.
Most of the times you get lost in the act and forget the actor. You are actor. You are not the act. Act are transient in nature. They are like sequence of steps in dance. लेकिन तुम्हे तो धुन गुनगुनाना है. You do not get lost in sequence. You are attuned to the rhythm. A rhythm of love, peace and happiness.
You are drifting away from your rhythm. You feel unhappiness, hatred, disturbances are natural. You have drifted from the actor to the act. You have identified with the act. The only way to come back is through regular meditation.
You can be peaceful and you can be ambitious. You can achieve in perfect harmony too. You can create wealth and grow while respecting and loving each other. You do not need to pull down, push hard, create panic, spread fear in name of deadlines. Your environment can choose to do so, you कैन choose to pause and apply common sense. You are scared of loosing job/relationship. So what.
Think of it, How does it really matter? What are you trying to keep? Your are losing your love, enthusiasm,vigor. What is the cost of all this accumulated loss? You only see the obvious loss. How about the side-effects? On your health, on your relationships, on your humanity.
If you cannot be in peace with yourself. If you cannot maintain and sustain certain level of dignity and self-esteem. If you cannot find yourself in crowd. Your life is a waste of your avatar.
Who is inferior? Who is superior? What is inferior? What is superior?
Can you compare soul? All souls are perfect, untouched and pure. By All I mean ALL. Your body is simply a reflection of your mind and your contribution to the karmic cycle.
Your physical assets are temporary. Your winning point is only for the second. Your punch line too has a natural death. How will a promotion help if you cannot remember your kids birthday? How will a team-building outing help if your spouse is drifting away from you? Does it really matter? Your possessions, your costume.
Play hard. Play in peace. If you cannot enjoy the game, don't play it.
If your belief system is bound to negativity. If you think you can perform by creating disturbance, then don't participate. Be audience. Retire. Find your cave. You are only good to clap and cheer. Leave the field to the peace loving and blissful souls.

Main idea - Shivani from

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

How to manage change? How not to worry?

Life will always present situations. You can call them problems. You can call them hurdles. It all depends on your english/native  vocabulary.
A divorce, bad boss, job loss, change of place, relationship breakdown, spoilt kids, demanding parents, forceful spouse, the list is endless. Name them and you have them. But what to do with them?
The only thing common amongst all three is CHANGE. We are cuddled in our comfort zone. It may smell of sweat and snores but you learn to adjust. Change is demon that must be avoided at all cost. Thus we choose to forego all learning from newer challenges.
You will only move when the earth below moves and your feet have nothing to hold on to. But you do move, A loss of any kind cannot stop you from living. You simply cannot waste the life force within.
You cannot create a rule of denying yourself of happiness, just for a loss. A loss is part of game as much as gain is.
The change mostly comes from external circumstance, external person and sometimes from within. Despite the origin, its upto you to make it good or bad and create learning in  your system.
Your belief system will help you tide over the loss or tide under the loss.
You can even choose to worry. Its a very strong belief system that we have inculcated in our society of identifying worry with concern/care. The later is a positive emotion and former is negative.
When in negative you cannot expect others to give back positive. When you worry you release negative energy in your environment and your surroundings will give it back to you. Thus you will deplete your energy reserves and enhance your negative environment.
You can even transform your belief system. Help it  distinguish worry from concern. A positive stimulant from a negative deterrent. A small test could be "How do you feel when you think about someone/something?" Do you get a tight pit in your belly or do you feel feather-lite?
When your spouse is late from office, तुम अपनी चिंता को चिता तक ले जाते हो. अब मेरा क्या होगा, अगर उन्हें कुछ हो गया तो मेरा ख्याल कौन रखेगा, मेरी परवरिश कौन करेगा, मेरे बच्चों  की पढाई कैसे होगी, घटना घटित हुई नहीं लेकिन तुम घटना स्थल पर पहुँच गए और क्रिया कर्म भी कर दिया. क्यूं इतना डर? वह है न ख्याल रखेने के लिए. 
And when your mind is relaxed you will find a way out, a solution, a job loss could be a temporary situation, a death, hunger and intensity of the moment can suck you and blur your vision. Rub your eyes and notice. Its just another day to play your role.

God gives problems and makes them obvious to your senses. He also packages solution in a gift wrap. Strengthen your faith through meditation and conversation, to discover the packages. A day will come when the solution will present itself before the problem becomes obvious.

Content Source, Shivani from

Saturday, December 19, 2009

तुम इतने परेशान क्यूं हो?

माया की सौ बातें, परमात्मा  की एक बात. माया कहती है, कहाँ? कैसे? क्यूं? किसने? कब? ऐसा क्यूं किया? मेरे साथ ठीक नहीं हुआ!, उसने ऐसा क्यूं कहा? परमात्मा कहतें हैं की सिर्फ मेरा नाम लो, मैंने तुम्हे इसलिए ज्ञान दिया और अछा अच्हा कहा की तुम दुनिया के काम आयो, इसलिए नहीं की मुझे तुमसे कोई उम्मीद है, लोग अक्सर अछा अछा बोलतें है जब उन्हें आपसे कोई काम निकलना होता है , लेकिन परमात्मा की मनसा ऐसी नहीं है.
जब ज्ञान लिया है, ध्यान  किया है तो परीक्षा तो देने ही पड़ेगी. यह परीक्षा साल के अंत मैं नहीं आएगी, बल्कि हर दिन और हर पल ऐसी परिस्थितियाँ  आएँगी  जो तुम्हारे ज्ञान का  खरा परिक्षण लेंगी. अगर तुम्हे लगता है की अछा सोचने से और इश्वर का ध्यान करने से ज़िन्दगी आसान हो जाएगी , तो ऐसा नहीं होगा. बस तुम्हारा नजरिया बदलेगा और तुम पर क्या असर होता है , वह बदलेगा.
बाकि तो तुम्हारा बीता हुआ कल और पराये लोग और उनके विचार तो हमेशा रहेंगे. अपने भूत काल को आज मत बनायो, नहीं तो वह तुम्हारा कल बन जाएगा. भूत को भूत मैं रहने दो, भविष्य को भविष्य मैं, खुद को खुदा मैं.
ज्ञान की बातें लो और उन्हें दोराहो, तब तक जब तक वह तुम्हारी आदत न बन जाए. मुरली कहती है की "इस नाटक मैं जो हो रहा है वह ही सत्य है ", तो आज दिन मैं जो कुछ भी हुआ हो उसे सत्य समझ कर, उस  कर्म का अंत वहीँ कर दो, उसकी अर्थी बना कर अपने साथ नहीं खीचो. उससे सवाल मत करो और न ही उसे समझो, उससे सीख लो और परमात्मा  की एक बात मैं खो जाओ.

Source: Awakening with Brahmakumaris, 7:10 PM Aastha channel, with दादी जानकी और शिवानी.

Monday, December 14, 2009

How to get rid of unnecessary metrics in Google Analytics?

  1. Create a custom report and include the metrics you are interested in say "visits". This will remove the most popular calculated metrics like "bounce rates" etc., Save report as "mycustreport"
  2. Create an advanced segment and specify your criteria like "page exactly matches '/mypage/my.html'. Save it as "mypagesegment".
  3. Go to your custom report section. View "mycustreport". Choose "mypagesegment" from top right hand corner and uncheck "All visits" from default segment.
  4. Voila, you have a custom report that only shows the metrics you want (visits) and data that you want (which page of my website had how many visits).
  5. Use the Export/Email/Schedule option on top left hand corner and set up/share the report with your customers.
How simple was that?

How to sort your mind and clear way to beauty and love?

How do you start clearing your accumalations in the memory, your storage from this and all past janmas? You sort. You open door. You keep outside. You only keep the learning. You only keep the knowledge. Then in your silence, you will have interactions instead of monologues.

You tell your children to clean their room and pack their things in order. Do you tell yourself? You know that sorting has to be done. Why don't you begin? There is so much clutter and so many thoughts coming from so many directions. How can you maintain your inner peace when there is so much violence within?

There are deeper levels of consciousness within. You can reach them and touch them, only when the roads are clear. How can you expect to appreciate the beauty of a city when you cannot release the tension in your leg tha is holding the clutch for first gear?

Your thoughts create a chain reaction. You had a bad day in office. You had chain of thoughts. The thoughts led to a feeling of hopelessness and irritation. You come home. You are with loved ones. You have the baggage of feeling too, although unnoticed. You shout at your kid, react wildly to your partner, you dont know why you are behaving like this?

Could you have replaced the original thoughts with positive ones? What directions would have your feelings taken if you could do that just at the moment they appear? What platform would it set for you if start your day by regular creation of such thoughts? Can you do a traffic control of your thoughts?

Situations come unannounced and they are always testing your patience and staying power. If your feelings are anchored in singular truth of atman then you can witness and get over them quickly. Otherwise you will simply flutter and wither away.

There is always a higher state of being, further from your ego, short sighted and immediate objectives. Find the balance. A trapeze artist knows how much to swing left or how is just enough for right, for outside world he may be rocking uncontrollably but deep within he only knows his balance.

Content Source: BK Sister Mohini ji and BK Sister Jayanti ji
Photo Origin :

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Think no evil

See no evil, Say no evil, Hear no evil. Have you considered "Think no evil".
Thoughts build destiny. Do you want to build or drive full blood with empty hopes?
Your morning should have a dose of spiritual intellect. Post meditation, it will be your guiding light, north star, for the rest of the day.
Thoughts have iron clad gloves to wrench you and squeeze the life out of you if you don't "Let Go", "Forgive".
People tell one word and go away to do thousand different things in their lives. You hold on to that word and make thousand versions/evils out of it. This is unhealthy and utter waste of your life-force. We go to ten people to validate our angry thoughts and justification. Is it required? Why don't you let healthy thoughts occupy you instead?
The only way is through love. There is no other way. Every other way might look to accomplish something temporarily. Create a purpose in life to "full it"

  • from peace to peace-full
  • from happy to happy-full
  • from energy to energy-full
  • from love to love-full
Imagine your FULL being. How beautiful and nourishing, both for yourself and for others in your vicinity? Fullfill your existence.

संकल्प कर्म इन्द्रियों से आते हैं या फिर आत्मा से आते हैं. हमें दोनों के प्रति सतर्क रहना है. दोनों की सुनो. आत्मा तीन रूप मैं प्रस्तुत होती है,

  1. मन - संकल्पों की शूरुआत येहीं होती है. कर्म इन्द्रियाँ या फिर हमारा निश्चय विचार लाता है.
  2. बुद्धि - विचारों को रखती है या फिर मन से कहती है की यह तुम्हारे लिए ठीक नहीं. कई बार हमें पता नहीं होता है की सही क्या है और गलत क्या है? हमारा विवेक साफ़ नहीं होता है. यह वक़्त है की अच्छे  संकल्प विचार धारा  मैं लायें.
  3. संस्कार - विचार जब बुद्धि से निकल कर कर्म बन जातें हैं तो फिर वह अनुभव हमारी आत्मा मैं एकत्रित हो जातें है. हमें कभी कभी भारी लगता है क्यूंकि हम अपनी आत्मा को नकारात्मक संस्कारों से भर रहें  हैं. 
हम निर्णय ले सकते हैं की हमारे मन मैं कैसे संकल्प आयें. कुछ आठ - दस संकल्प हम निश्चय कर लें जैसे की 
  1. मैं एक आत्मा हूँ. 
  2. मैं अजर, अविनाशी हूँ. मैं न जन्मी हूँ और न ही मेरी मृत्यू हो सकती है.
  3. मैं आनंद स्वरुप हूँ
  4. मैं शांत स्वरुप हूँ.
  5. मैं शुद्ध हूँ, निरंजन हूँ.
  6. मैं एक बिंदु स्वरुप चैतन्य  शक्ति  हूँ.
इन संकल्पों को दिन मैं बार बार लायें. यह संकल्प फिर हमें अपने आप परमात्मा का अनुभव कराएँगे.

Content Source. BK Sister Mohini ji . 

Thursday, December 10, 2009

dsteps image

How does your body feel from within?

If you are feeling lighter than before. If the problems seems to getting resolved by themselves. Do you feel, sense there is a hidden scheme thats supportive and clearing the ways for you. It could be a sign that God is working hard to strengthen your soul.

But, if you feel heavy. There seems to a weight that you are carrying within, it could be a sign that विस्मृति हो गयी है और वक़्त आ गया है की स्मृति हो आत्मा की. Its a simple game of forgetfulness and remembrance of soul consciousness.
Your body consciousness leads to heaviness and soul consciousness leads to lightness. The principles are simple. How to reach out to soul is also simplified? Your purpose of coming here is also well defined. God has not pushed you out of your abode nor does he want to enjoy your pain. He has sent you with a specific mission एक विशेष लक्ष्य  and it has three purposes to fulfill

  1. Your soul is an actor. It needs a stage to perform. यह सृष्टि वो रंगमंच है जहाँ तुम्हे अपनी कलाकारी करने का न्योता मिलता है. इसे हमारे कर्मों ने दुःख रुपी बना दिया है, लेकिन अगर हम सोचें की जिसका सृष्टि कर्ता सुख का सागर है वोह दुःख का रूप कैसे बना सकती है. सोचो ?
  2. By sharing, the quantity of qualities of your soul grows. You share your qualities with God. But then he wants you to gather more, to expand. अपनी अनुभुतीओं को बाटों. आपके ही स्वरुप का विश्तार होगा. आप जो सुख के स्वरुप हो, प्रेम के स्वरुप हो, आनंद के स्वरुप हो. परमात्मा तो इन सब का सागर है. तुम उसका अंश हो. इस स्वरुप से ओर आत्माओं को अवगत कराओ. शूरुआत लेकिन आत्म स्मृति से होती है. 
  3. Show His mercy and bring back the rememberance that, He exists and He takes care. परमात्मा की भी चाहतें होतीं है, जब तुम उससे बात करते हो तो उसे भी बोलने का मौका दो. वोह सिर्फ येहि चाहता है की तुम उसको याद करो, याद रखो, उसकी स्मृति मैं ही तुम्हारी आत्मा की स्मृति, तुम्हारे परमधाम की स्मृति है, तुम्हारे स्वरुप की अनुभूति है. 
You may feel that god is not listening to you or not responding to you. But have you been considerate to his thoughts and actions. In meditation you go through following four stages
  1. Self-talk- => अपनी आत्मा से बातें करो, आत्म स्मृति करो. You need to talk to yourself first, listen to your concerns first.
  2. Talk to God => Then you talk to him. There are certain DOs and DONTs.
    • Do not ask him about materialistic goals like partner,house,car,job. DO thank him for whatever he has given you to enjoy in this materialistic world.
    • Do not seek forgiveness. He will forgive you. He can see your mistake. DO pray and take a resolve that you will not repeat your mistake. You will not be angry, hurt or harm others. 
    • Do not ask him for power and strength. You will get. Its your right from him. तुम्हारे पिता से तुम्हारे अदिकार हैं. Just thank him.
    • Do not ask him to punish others. Do tell him that they need his attention and provide them so.
  3. concentration - You listen with focus. He will communicate and transfer his energies. You get the charge.You feel his presence and power.You get the energy. You feel your depletion fulfilled.
  4. realization -  You experience his power through your expression in your environment. परमात्मा से तुम्हारा योग इस अवस्था मैं होता है.
Which stage of meditation are you? How does your body feel from within? क्यों वह तुम्हारी सुनता है?

Most of content is derived from BK Sister Sielu talk on Aastha Today between 7:10 to 7:40.

Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Does darkness has source?

Light has got a source. You can turn towards light.
Darkness does not have source. If you face your shadows you will be in dark.
Light fills darkness. Shadows disappear. Could be fear. Could be mind.

Intellect causes visualization. Mind follows visuals. It runs after them.

Intellect is like a big brother who is nudging small brother the mind to come out of Mama's protection. Mama is holding the small brother, struggling to keep him in the kitchen and forcing him to sit in one corner. But ignoring the Big brother.

Learn to turn intellect towards God during your conversations with Him in Morning Meditation. Rote and repetitive mantras in ancient language may not help. Its simply unidirectional monologue.
It is natural for mind to have a steady stream of thoughts flowing. You cannot force it to stop thoughts. Forcing always has destructive consequences. Its like constructing a wall in middle of stream, someday the force of water will tumble the wall and then you will have to witness more rumbles from the mind.

Today had the good fortune of listening to Sister BK Usha ji.
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Saturday, December 05, 2009

Spiritual being on human journey

We are spiritual being on human journey. We are not human being on spiritual journey. Spirit does not need a journey. By its very nature, its pure, truthful and embodiment of happiness. There is nothing to be accomplish there. Its already in state of being that is untouched and unperturbed.
It takes human form to take it through his human journey. There are certain acts to be performed , certain responsibilities and certain interactions that you just can not ignore. While doing so you may hurt the body now and then, mostly through external sources but you will keep the hurt in your memory museum.
Its like playing a team game like football. Sometimes you hit the ball. Sometimes the ball brushes against you, whiz past you or comes in front of your nose with full force leaving you bleeding and pleading. Remember its only a game. It happens.
As long as you have the soul perspective आत्म  स्मरण and continue to play your roles while respective the roles that others play like bosses,spouses,children,relatives, parents,friends. You need to know that deep within, no one can disturb your spiritual being. In every journey there are interactions. Treat them at soul level एक आत्मा का दूसरी आत्मा के साथ संवाद. Respect the role. Lose the fear that comes of degraded belief systems. जजमान से मिलते हो तो खबराहात क्यूं होती है, अद्यापक से डर क्यूं लगता है, बीवी के फ़ोन से क्यूं डरते हो , अपने आप से दूर क्यूं भागते हो.

Today heard BK Sister Janaki. The spectacular thing about Brahmakumaris is all speak the same language and they do not have a single face or superhero. It could be because of their foundations and belief system. But its simply amazing to hear an organization where the most senior to early adapters all speak the same language.
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Thoughts, visuals, experience

आत्मा does exercise its power. It instructs the mind to create thought. Then intellect creates visualization of the thought and body experiences.
आत्मा  मन के द्वारा विचार प्रकट करती है, बुद्धि के द्वारा हम विचारो को देखतें है और फिर शरीर उनकी अनुभूति करता है. 
विचार, देखो, अनुभूति |
Thoughts, visuals, experience 
Imagine you think about your child. The image of your child comes along with thousands of related memories. Now, suddenly if the thought of your mother comes before the "visuals" of child and related memories come. Your visual will get shifted to your mother. 
How many memories and visuals do you have of परमात्मा/ God? Now, when the thought of lord comes, how long will it sustain? There is hardly any related content to support the thought and then you move on to next one. The next thought is from corporeal world, more physical, more can be seen, more can be touched/smelled kind. You hang on to it for dear life as reality. 
That is why Brahmakumaris have clearly and distinctly defined God (परम पिता), his abode - a place beyond universe/space/time shanti sagar , his visuals-bright reddish brown light-energy , his frequencies - beyond physical, his nature - peaceful+happy+friendly, complete storehouse of energy.
They have also define you to be शांति स्वरुप, निरंतर सुखी, ऊर्जा की बिंदु.

Now where is confusion. Will your mind still travel during meditation? 

Let be, Let go

Let be.Let go.
Let your sorroundings be the way they are. Do not interfere in others life. Interfere in yours, if you really cannot live without it.
Let go of your attachments at physical level and reach out to them at soul consciousness level. With body you limit your reach and depth in relationships. With soul, there are no boundaries, there is no end. It's boundless,pure and enormous.
Do not control others, sorroundings or situations. You will be led to frustrations. You are not here to change the world, control the world. Can you influence by shouting? Influence happens. You cannot enforce it.
You will wonder "Why does not my child listen to me anymore?". Think of the moment when she started to drift away and reduced sharing. As kids, we share everything with parents. Its a beautiful exchange. But as you grow parents impose the right way and my way. You say "I will find my way". And then one day there is surprise for everyone. Drugs/Murder/Suicide/Mental illnesses,low self esteem etc.,
Accept your child the way they are. Then only good energy will fill your home and your children may continually share with you. WIthout acceptance, only resistance takes over the reins.

Is God a friend?
He accepts you unconditinally. That is why you reach out to him and offer him all your sharing/shortcomings/concerns. It is a relationship of equals but to sync up to his frequencies you have to make effort, go beyond the confines of your body consciousness to soul consciousness. He will not take a body and come in any form to you. He is energy and can connect with your root energy. Then you automatically gets charged. Till then you wither and wane and seasons dont seem to change.

What is the purpose of your life?
To nourish all lives that come to you and that crossover you. Its like the river. No matter what you are it will serve you water, you could be an insect, a root, human being. It does not matter to her. She simply provides nourishment and that is her true nature. And whenever she goes out of her way and try to extend beyond her regular course , there is flood and destructions.
So be in your path and nourish souls that touch you, reach out to you. Till then, wait and nourish your self to reach a state where you can relentless give. You should have enough energy in your soul to be able to give so much. If you yourself are drained out sponge then how can you expect to soften others.

Pass on.
Do not hold on to knowledge, skills, talents. They will only make you knotty. You will be entangled in false sense of superiority. Pass on unless you want to be tight inside. Pass on if want to learn more, new. Water does not learn by melting alone, it has to move, create way if none exists, cut stone, be lonely for hundreds of miles but move nonetheless.

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Thursday, December 03, 2009

Talk less, sweet and slow

कम बोलो, मीठा बोलो, धीरे बोलो
Can you do the above for a few days? See if your thoughts slow down the rampage. Observe the change. It does not mean that you have to suffocate yourself if you have a strong urge to speak. Do not muffle. Shuffle with the experiment for few days and see.

See if you can collect wasteful chatter that you were spilling out in anxiety/anticipation. Drink the words.

People will not fritter away when you don's speak. Anyways, how many days you have for this tongue to unleash? Do not assume that by speaking you are helping others. Essential talk is must and is good for relations building. Wasteful talk is loss of energy. Conserve.

Everybody here is for themselves. Its not selfish but true fact of living. You may have assumed that you are doing this for that or them. But deep within, its your desires that are getting fulfilled. Your destiny is in your hands. Again?

Your mind goes out and tries to hang on to outside events and people, hoping they will help him cross over to the other side.
When you slow your mind, it will be confused for few days but ultimately it will realize that peace and happiness are not results of great gold rush. They align and go-together well at an easy pace and rhythm. Can you feel that rhythm inside? You can if you slow your words, they lead to thoughts and ...

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Chanting Pranayama and relationship

Chanting will divert your mind and will keep it engaged till the time you chant. You will receive positive energy that the sound brings, words like ॐ are very powerful energizer. What happens once chanting stops and you come back to the world, your कर्म क्षेत्र?
प्राणायाम is also good for the physical body. It will bring peace to the body when you are doing it. The peace will be at peak in the beginning. Its a surprise to the mind, it does not like thoughts stream to slow but when it does you gain the benefits. What happens say after a week or a month? Your mind gets used to it. It starts to wonder again, forget about the day, in the morning too when you are doing body योग और प्राणायाम. Mind gets bored with routine, very easily. 

Relationships go through multiple phases and essentially are of four types. 
  1. परिचय -  Lets say you want to organize a birthday party for your kid. You will have to make efforts to remember all those whom you want to invite. You will be worried if you forget somebody. The relationship requires efforts.
  2. प्राप्ति - When you are expecting something from somebody like in a business deal when you are expecting for customer to pay on a particular evening. You will wait for him for entire night even if he does not turn up. You will be disturbed till you get the money. Once you get the money the relationship dies. It is based on receiving something.
  3. सम्बन्ध - A girl who reaches age of marriage. She starts to imagine about her would be husband. Everything is in her mind. Once she finds someone who proposes to her or through her parents and or relations/friends efforts. Now she has associated her imagination with a human being. The relationship has found depth and is stronger. 
  4. स्नेह   - Relationship between a child and her mother. The mother does not need to make an effort to remember her child. She always is worried about her. Even if they live far apart, she can read her voice more than what she says on the phone. The relationship is effortless and is very deep rooted.
What is your relationship with परमात्मा?
ध्यान मैं ध्वनी होती है, तुम्हारे ध्यान मैं किसकी ध्वनी है!
Mind like conversations. Conversations build relationships. It could be a superficial Hi! How are you? और सब बढ़िया है| And then you move on and walk away. Or it could have more depth where you don't have to ask but realize the state of being of other person. The more you converse the more you exchange ideas and better is your sharing. In sharing we bond. Bonding leads to stronger relationships. Does it smell like attachments?
In meditations you converse with GOD. Its a two way flow of ideas.In prayer you TALK to GOD. Its a one way train.
The basis of strong relationship is thus LOVE and it leads to RESPECT. First you have high regard for your state of being and then you can carry that respect around. If you self-esteem is low and dying for attention and acceptance then your respect is in shadows of fear. In India, we have been told to Respect elders, teachers along with a warning that "if you don't then I will" type. Its a deep rooted fear that we have been hiding it and naming it respect. Come out.
You can dismiss the above as another belief system. Or you can make it your belief system.

Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Where is home?

Who are you?
A sparkling dot of light called as soul or आत्मा
Who is your father?
Another sparkling point of light called as supreme soul or परमात्मा
Where does he stay?
Beyond space and time in a place which is full of unconditional love, silence, and peace. A place of reddish brown light?
What is basis of your relationship with HIM?
Love not fear. How can a soul immersed in ocean of love punish you/ become angry with you? Its HIS nature to be loving and he ONLY gives unconditional love. The ONLY one in whole universe where love comes with no expectations attached.
Who claim fear as basis of relationship?
The one who wants to exploit your fragile state of being. His only GOAL is for you to KNOW YOURSELF and come back to your TRUE NATURE. No amount of stones, rituals will happen as they are always external to your state of being.
Where is your home?
It is same place as of your father/परमात्मा.
Why do you come on this physical world? This is our workplace/कर्म क्षेत्र. It is like you stay in apartment on 5th Floor. You are a small child and you see kids playing in park from balcony. You go and tell your Father that you want to go down and play. He says Okay but take care of yourself, Don't get hurt. You enjoy for few hours and then you get tired, you are mocked by some, you are bullied by some, you are spirited by some. When you are hurt and tired you LOOK UP. For a moment you lose the pain and get strengthened and go back to play. But then comes a time when you can take it no more and then you go back UP, take rest for a while and then come back again next day. The nature of आत्मा is to work and this world is your workplace. But even while doing so you can maintain and restore your inner peace and happiness. You will be able to perform your कर्त्तव्य responsibilities with more vigor and love.

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[Content Inspiration] - Awakening with Brahmakumaris on Aastha Channel at 7:10 PM and 10:30 PM

You dont own feedburner's feed

Blogger introduced adsense in feeds and the same is available under Monetize link in second tab. I clicked and it said that you will have to remove the feed address in Settings| Site Feed as I do not own the feed.
So I went to the settings and removed "".
I went back to Monetize page and Google happily went ahead with the customization process. I went back to see the feeder link and Google had internally created my old feed link with nice name to something that was cryptic and machine like
I changed it back to old feedburner link and again the Monetize tab was smart enough to tell me that I did not own the feed.
I lost faith on my memory and went to Feedburner. It is now integrated with Google and does not require a separate login otherwise I kept forgetting my password and stopped going there. So I went along and checked whether I really owned the feed or not. And I did and along with my nice name feeder link was another created that Google created and which it judged to be owned by me. Both sitting in the same list, just above and below each other.
I guess their migration forgot something fundamental.

Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Experience to Expression

In the morning you meditate and generate power to handle the day. The day will progress and will give you situations. You can be detached in the events. You can be passionately involved too. The choice is yours. If you get involved you lose trust in meditative power. Next day too you meditate but with lesser assertion. Slowly you wane away and drift towards old habits.

Every situation can be a reason to learn. Your thoughts shift from logical justifications to applying your sanskaar. When people expect aggression, anger ; Give them love and respect. Anyways, its for the eternal soul that your energies are now directed and focused. Both for yourself as well as for the world. The more you apply the stronger you make them.
Assert("I am peaceful soul. I am happiness. I am peaceful. I am pure.").
Regular Assertion is a reminder to ourselves as to who we really are. When you lose faith, you describe the assertion as hypnotism. God has to be a personal experienced. Knowing yourself is really about yourself. Both are highly personalized and customized solution.
It is your responsibility (Ability to Response) to create your destiny. Be your destiny. Live your destiny. When you hold the world responsible, you give the creation of your destiny to the world, to the people outside and then you dance and tremble at their whims. Spiritual organizations can facilitate but cannot substitute your efforts. The will has to come from you, the drive will have to be owned and then experience has to be personal. Expression has to be for the world. You will never be able to transform the world nor expect it run according to what you think is right. You will have to let go this disastrous assumption.
Meditation gives you glimpses of God. Extend those little experiences by expressing yourself. When you express it gains momentum and transposes your old nature. So you turn inwards. Turn and Shift.

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Monday, November 30, 2009

Who is God?

Is nature creator? How can creation be creator?
Can the painting be painter?
Can the pot ever become the potter?

क्या आत्मा कभी परमात्मा हो सकती है? और अगर हुई भी तो क्यूं सारे दुःख दर्द उसे होते रहते हैं| आप समंदर की लहर हो , क्या आप समंदर हो सकते हैं? दुनिया मैं कितनी महान आत्माएँ आयीं और चली गयीं. सबने अपने अपने नज़रिए से भगवान् का व्याख्यान  किया.
You can listen to every illustration of them but can you associate with it. You will feel good in the moment but then you lose it. You cannot lose the meaning untill you have had personal experience with him. You cannot till he himself comes and defines himself.
Because he knows himself best. The same way as you know yourself best. Your friends can describe you. They can come close in description of your characteristics but they can never be 100% accurate.
You know yourself best. Unless you answer Who Am I?, your spiritual journey will stagnate. The effort will have be yours. You can go to a आश्रम, you can visit ऋषि, मुनि, लेकिन जब तक अपने अन्दर झाँक के नहीं पर्खोगे के मैं कौन हूँ तब तक परेशान रहोगे, निराश रहोगे और भटकते रहोगे. The message of the God has to be personal experience. And to obtain that personal touch you have to change your belief system.
The shift has to be on multiple fronts.

  1. Bliss is not to be seeked outside. It is inside. It is always present. 
  2. Fear is your creation. Do not blame creator for that. Its origin are in your attachments- to your body, to your possessions. Ego thrives on fear. 
  3. Stress is not natural. It is byproduct of fear. It is your conditioning of your body. 
  4. It was meant to be a beautiful existence. The corruption is your creation. 

कोशिश आपकी होगी, करिश्मा वह दिखायेगा| उस रिश्ते मैं सिर्फ मोहब्बत है, कोई उम्मीद नहीं, कोई दिखावा  नहीं, सिर्फ इश्क है, सिर्फ प्रेम है| आप उस राह पर नहीं चलोगे क्यूंकि वह बहुत आसान है| It sounds so unreal, so out of world that you may as well not experience it. You have lost him. You will have to find.

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Stress is unnatural

We have been made to believe that stress is natural. All recent literature and conferences illustrate that stress is always there and has to be managed. Theres a huge market and courses for stress management.

Is it external or internal phenomenon? The stress.

It will always be there in the outside world, we can easily see it and can associate with it. Thus, we identify with it and buy the book, attend the course, and disparately hope that now I can be blindfolded for stress. But does it go.
What happens outside, happens externally and goes away. Its like the spec of dust that is flowing around you. If you are lucky you can see it floating in front of your eyes. If you decide and do not close your eyes then it can come and reside in your eyes. You will be irritated but then you will presume the whole world says its natural to be irritated by a spec of dust in your eyes. You rub your eyes. If you are lucky it will simply disappear but if you are not then it will make an impression on the beautiful white of the eyes and will last forever.
It is an art to learn to close your eyes to external phenomenon and leave them in their natural abode. The situations are for the surroundings.
Once you decide to make the situation or event as part of you then they get internalized. You shift their natural abode and create a playground inside you. You allow events to drive you made. The words would have disappeared in thin air, but in your heart they remain forever. You relive the distress because you are made to believe that is the natural thing to do. You allow the impression to thicken and get attached to it till eternity.

Creator has given you the discretion to distinguish between what has to reside outside and what goes inside. The choice lies with the individual. You choose and strengthen what ever you chose. The cycle is recursive till you realize there is will power.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Shivani, Brahmakumaries and Aastha channel

She comes twice on TV from 7:10 PM to 7:40 PM and 10:30 to 11:00 PM on Aastha channel. The spiritual channel story in India is on same lines as that of Aaj Tak, which was run by local ads before the big boys put ads on them.

Today Shivani, a Brahmakumari mentioned that 99% of the cause of anger and frustration is elsewhere, it is not in the spur of the moment, when you hurt somebody or get hurt by somebody. Instead of reacting instantaneously , or pestering the reaction in the mind post the incident till eternity , can you wonder "Why is that soul so angry, what is bothering her?

I am sure there is something more than what she has told me now?". The chain of thoughts that emerge lead you to compassion, releases love vibrations into the air.

Love has a very subtle medium to reach out. You cannot yell and throw around love and claim that you are helping somebody by your love. You have to surrender to love and let love take over. You cannot correct the world. You can only prepare and nurture yourself.

The thought that shows error in world is corrupt. It suggest that you are savior. Realize that as long as you will see mistake in other people, they will ignore your corrective measures. It will only affirm their hatred to them.

A mother-in-law anger gets amplified by her family members who get edgy when she comes around. They all release negative energy in the air. It is full of anger, yes even the anticipation of anger. She WILL have to become angry. She is waiting for somebody to make the first move, reach out with unconditionally, then love takes over.

Ego stops us from bending. Shiv baba tells us to bend and say hello and allow hatred to evaporate. Bending is gainst Ego. Talk first, no harm. Its more harmful in mind, it takes more effort to worry, it takes little effort to reach out and say hello and shake hands.

Sanskar although name of another competitive channel is also the archive for atma that it obtains from parents,  environment, past life, will power and its original nature. You may be angry all day but you want to have a peaceful evening.
Your natural tendency is towards peace, love. You have to reiterate it whole day because body consciousness is blinding and takes over the reins, displacing the power from soul consciousness into worldly matter. Only blessing and immersion in ocean of love can save the day for you.

You are creator of your pain and suffering. You carry the impression and reinforce it. You suppress your true nature. You create thoughts. Thoughts create actions , leave body and soul in painful state. Intellect can only take you so much far but ultimately its your will power that can merge the newer impressions while ignoring the older ones. Old impressions cannot be deleted, they just merge and get lose focus.

What is this weight in the chest and tightness in the stomach? Who has created it? Who is cause of it? What are you running away from?

A bad relationship can have cluster effect on current and future well being of self as well as people who come close or near us. You can smile but you cannot hide the vibrations, you can notice it when and how people react to your presence.

Keep a Reminder on the phone for every hour which will run a jingle "I am a peaceful soul. Om Shanti Om. यह ध्वनि , मंगल ध्वनि है, ॐ शांति ॐ "

PS NOTE: You can read all articles based on "Awakening with Brahmakumaris" by clicking on the label "brahmakumaris" below or in the right side label cloud.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

A hooked fish

A fish in pond freely floats and drifts along. There are hooks floated from outside with baits. Many hooks of different sizes and shapes, with different tasty baits. The hooks waits patiently. It knows that fish will come. Fishes enjoy freedom. Hooks are tempting. Sometimes they fall for it, or most times they do.
Human spirit loves to float freely. There is something though that is always attracted by negativity and gets hooked. Its subtle and reigns supreme. Thoughts strengthens the hook, mind generates attractive visuals and the movie is replayed again and again.
How many times the fish will die before it realize that its a trap?

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

human adequacy ratio

Chanda Kochar mentioned in NDTV profit interview yesterday about capital adequacy ratio as being most critical for the survival of the bank. What is most critical ration for your survival? Human adequacy ratio? How full or complete do you feel or How empty can you be? When will you feel adequate? When will you be still and balanced? When will your economy of affairs be steady?
How will you define adequeacy? Will it be adequate if you quiten your mind, no-thought, no-mind, feel the moment and chill out?

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

birth certificate - BBMP

She was very helful. Her hindi was broken. She was patient with my queries. She works for BBMP in their birth certificates section under Ratnamma. I forgot to ask her name and I am sorry for it.
Ratnamma had not yet arrived. I was not even aware of her existence. She gave me the form. She showed me the columns which I needed to fill with the details that was expected from me.
The room must have been 3*4 feet and into the corner of the last building beyong Aiyappa temple in Madiwala on Hosur Road in Bangalore.
The buildings belonged to BBMP on left hand side after the signal. The road takes you to inner ring road. I mistook it for Sarjapur and missed the first right turn but on second right turn I persisted going straight through Jakkasandra I joined Sarjapur road.
I parked the car in front of shop to ask for directions. It was a medical shop. The person outside directed me to the one inside and he would simply nod his head his negation. Poor frustrated unhelpful cleanly dressed guy. The shop is at the corner.
The cycle shop helper gave me the nut for free as he could not find a matching nut for my daughters's skates. Amazing.
Ratnamma came and sat in her chair and simply had to only utter, Fees. I handed over Rs 100 for two certificate and she confirmed the dates on the return slip and said it was done.

I was not carrying the writing pen and the staff lady searched and obtained one from closed almirah and gave me to fill the form. She explained to me that fees per copy of birth certificate is Rs. 50.
The corporation office for respective constituency is also located in BDA Complex in Jayanagar 4th block. Coming from cool joint side you reach first floor towards Krishi restaurant. Their on the steps they have directions for constinuency office. If you rove your eyes a little you will see a paper printout stuck on left wall saying birth and death certificate.
The helpful staff sits on the right and he will answer to your query as "For Sagar Apollo you need to go to Madiwala office, Do you know where is Aiyappa temple in Madiwala?" You can nod and say Yes.
It was totally unplanned as I thought this would be a rendouvouz trip to find out and know the procedure and then followed by few more trips for finally obtaining the birth certificate. I was surprised to see the staff working around 10 in morning and answering and helping me with my query.
They take about a month time and you have to go and collect the birth certificate.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Yellow is beautiful

She was beautiful, to say the least. She was yellow. She was gorgeous. She was in vision for a split second. She came in with the wind and went out. And for all my bias, she may not be she.
When you drive past the madiwala lake in BTM 18th cross, you get through a slum and bang on the BTM road that connects with silk board. The road was pristine and I could see that its made of tar. On most days its a carpet of vehicles and exhaust.
Today morning is when festivities start for diwali. Actuallly since yesterday, as it was DhanTeRas, the day you need to buy steel items or gold/silver coin.
Even after silk board the road was smooth and I was riding high but for a cab driver who was happily chatting on his mobile and came and stood across me at a crossing. Another Qualis came from front on other side of the road who wanted to take a right. The cab wanted to take left and I was to go straight. He was happy on his mobile until I gave a full blown horn and he thought its time to back up and he did. But still hooked onto his mobile.
Who was she? She made my day. She created a moment of ecstasy in middle of BTM road. She was supposed to belong to pure nature. What was she doing in middle of this concrete jungle? Her flutter could not be heard here.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

A Deaf and eunuch

The lunch is generally done in office on Neelkamal plastic chairs and tables. Post lunch everyone either walks in corrider or goes out for cool drinks/ Cocunut water/ paan / smoke. He generally explores the neighborhood. He saw a man coming through the greens on other side of outer ring road in HSR Layout, Bangalore. He thought there must be a way from where the man was coming.
He started to walk in that direction. He saw the first eunuch chitchatting with someone who was transporting freshly cut green grass. Both looked happy and smiling. He was missing his heartbeats. His initial reaction was to abandon the direction of walk He kept the fear with him and kept walking towards the eunuch and grass cutter on other side of road. He acted ignorance while he walked past them and towards the direction from where the man with umbrella came, who looked like a government employee.
Generally people come out of thick green areas after answering nature's call, so he was not sure. But his legs kept moving and he saw two small पगडण्डी  (thin walkways created in grasslands by continual human/animal walk). He chose the left one. His heart was thumping by now. His mind was travelling wild. His spirit was welcoming the adventure. He wanted to look back to see whether that eunuch would come and ambush him, he did not. He wanted to be assured that there were others around and to his dismay there was none.
After few seconds that looked like millennium, he saw few boys playing cricket. They looked normal so he started becoming normal. Still, if someone would have done a simple भऊ he would have run like angels fly in sky. But his confidence was growing as he saw some more people at distance going towards the other side of grassland towards   sarjapur road.
The lake kept growing in dimension as he neared it. He was happier now and brought out his mobile camera to take few snaps. Initial hesitation was there as to if someone would snatch the camera. He saw a big stick move near the lake. His curiosity took him towards the movement. He saw two men holding onto fish line and waiting patiently for their catch. At distance further away there were people swimming and taking bath. There were many more fishing in the thick grass beside the lake and suddenly the place seems to come alive. He was happier now.
He saw them sitting under a thick bush. They looked at each other. He was gesturing with his hand and body movements and she/he was nodding in affirmation. There were no words that were spoken. He was deaf. He stopped his expression when he saw him. He acted ignorance. He neared them and the understanding eunuch spoke "bartini" and he gave a simple "hoon" as if to share "Please dont bother me, I am already scared." and left them in their peace. But to his dismay he saw a pagdandi towards left and the better walkway to his right. He stopped for a moment and continued on walkway that had nice green bushes on both sides.
Finally a small thick, rusted iron turnstile showed him the way out back on to the outer ring road. There were autos and bikes parked into the grass. A auto had a couple. He moved onto the road and back into the routine.

Friday, October 02, 2009

when second child is girl too

close friends - Its all God's wish. What can you or we do?
another friend - Initially its shock, but you will get used to it. See, how I got used to it?
relatives from Bundelkhand -

  1. और एक भतीजी?
  2. चेक क्यूं नहीं कराया? - multiple times from multiple quarters.
  3. Is she better than previous one?
  4. Is she more beautiful than previous one?
  5. Is her rashi better than previous one?

Thursday, October 01, 2009

Saree store, auto and hospital

What will all three have in common?
First talk about credit card handling charges?
If you make payment then Sagar hospitals in Bangalore will charge you 1.5% extra, I dont know what do they handle. I enquired and the cash clerk says only the management knows. If you can handle cash then card is simpler I guess especially when you are dealing with gross money.
The small saree shop or hosiery shop in Jayanagar will easily accept the credit card without any handling charges and they deal in petty amounts as compared to Sagar hospitals.

Then lets move to paying extra for availing services at odd hours?
Bangalore auto wallahs will charge you 50% extra for going beyond 10 PM. Its a different matter that they begin at 9PM itself and they dont charge extra on public holidays or weekend. The management of Sagar hospitals think differently on this too and better the autowallahs. They charge 40% extra both on Sunday as well as on public holidays and their room rentals start inline with hotel timelines like 12 Noon to 12 Noon. So even if you land up there in middle of night, it will not matter and you will have to pay for previous day too.

Can you co-relate Healthcare with transportation services or Textiles? Who cares? The hospitals?

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Do you have change of 20?

Location : Lift of Sagar Apollo er now its Sagar Hospitals in Jayanagar, Bangalore
Actor : A security guard speaking fluent Tamil, a nice expensive watch on wrist and a cool mobile phone
Activity : He sits on stool whole day long, pressing the buttons on the lift side and in bad mood starts pressing questions on visitor passes and in good mood is hooked to the phone and cares little.
Act : He was chit chatting with him as he does with most security guard and then on one such trip he popped the question. Do you have the change for Rupees 20?
Fool : The Guard is well dressed and looks to be a nice guy. He promptly opens his purse and brings out two sharp 10 rupee notes and hands them over to the Guard.
Final say : Sir, I dont have twenty rupees now, my man has gone to bring it and he will get back in half an hour.
Futile follow ups: Every next trip , the same kind of responses. He never got his twenty rupees back.
Benefits: A visitor couple came with their infant and he did not take them up on two counts, one no visitor pass and second they were carrying an infant. They called him up and he came down. He asked for twenty rupees again and same story and then he told him he has visitors. The poor guard forgot his role and responsibility and only cared for which floor the bunch of passengers were going too.
Lesson for you: If you think the benefits weigh more than the taste of getting fooled then carry two ten rupees otherwise keep your purse strings tight.
After thought: Same hospital. A sister helps expedite the process of discharge for him and takes the sharp rebukes from a set of Doctors who shout back at her saying "We dont have any other things to do other than attend the patients??" The second part was mine. He stood there and heard and felt sorry for her. At final summary from sister he offered her money saying "Do you accept money as gift?" She was shy to even respond to such silly question and could only mutter, "Theres a feedback form, please provide your comments there" and rushed out. For you who are unaware of Indian custom and culture, its a standard practice to tip people who provide you service as they are lowly paid by their employers , both private and government. Sometimes its called as बख्शीश , bribe if you may.
Conclusion : Same hospital , different set of staff with different sets of values, a true reflection of life.

female infanticide

She was born to the proud parents. The parents belong to region better known as Bundelkhand. Jhansi being the main activity center and hub of region. A town with medical college, engineering college, tonnes of English medium and Christian missionaries schools and latest in real estate and epicenter of national highway construction.   
It also has chains of clinics with Ultrasound scanning facilities which disclose the sex of fetus to would be parents from remote villages. These parents are mostly educated or have advisors who are educated. One such family has two elders who are both teachers employed by state government for many years and who have loads of sons and daughters. When she heard the news about the birth of a girl child she congratulated the father but questioned the mother with "Check नहीं कराया क्या? "
A disgusting question. Why did not you get it checked? Roughly translated it meant "Why did not you kill the child before she was born?" Her only fault, being a female. She being a lady herself. Would she be able to pose this question if she too would have been killed in her womb? 
She is not the only one. Another wife of another relative questioned the grand mother of the proud mother. "Check नहीं कराया क्या? " 

a new life is born - side talk

It started post midnight. I was wrapping up with TV viewing and a cricket match and settled on to some net browsing when she came and said she was worried. I said "Can we wait till morning?". She said call the Doctor its not stopping. It was 12:30 and Dusserah had already begun. I did not realize the celebration but who could guess the almighty designs.
I gave in and SMSed the doctor but no reply, she came back and asked "Did you call?". I did then and there. There was a calm Hello from other side as I explained How sorry I was to be disturbing this late in night. The second part of explanantion involved about who the patient was. It was Saturday night and we had met the Doctor on Friday morning but still the memory can get weak with age.
She said Oh She, I said Yes, Can you talk to her? Both of them talked for 25 seconds long and Doctor said pass the phone to your husband. She did and she said "Please take her to hospital". There bag was not ready. You know the preparation kit when you are rushed to hospital at odd hours in case something starts. We managed to put the Hospital files into a single polythene bag and sat in the car. Only the dogs and few cabs were enjoying the traffic free night streets of Bangalore. The driver was enjoying the cool winds, unaware of what HE was planning.
Quick shift to the labor room as the night duty doctor started composing the report with the same series of questions that we have been answering in every visit. The duty doctor sent him to admission with a slip admitting to labor room.
The guy went to the admissions and the poor girl was sleeping there who was there for the night shift. She adjusted her hair, put on her clip, got up floor and turned around to open the glass door and the door hit her feet as she winced in pain. He showed apologetic face and she said "Theres no patient so I slept , I am sorry". She sent to billing section to pay.
The guy was all ready with devotional music and switched on computer and said 20K advance, no charges for cash, extra 1.5% for credit card payment. He wondered, even the small saree shops take credit card payment with no extra charge and this huge hospital is extracting money on card payment too. Sagar hospitals , an erstwhile Sagar Apollo has designed more ingenuity into commercializing child birth care. They charge 50% extra if your child decides to get born on Sundays or other public holidays. The doctor consultations are different by almost 40% as you move from general ward to semi private to private rooms for post delivery care. What does Doctor's fee do with type of room you choose to take? Who has time to argue or figure out when your wife is in labor and you give in and move on?
He went in search of ICU lounge where the on duty doctor promised a place to relax. He went to admissions, the girl slept again, woke up again, hurt her feet and directed to billing. The billing had disappeared by now. He went back to girl who was you know the same admission story. He insisted that he be helped with ICU Lounge. The girl decided to walk and reached billing and in fact the guy was not around. She found his mobile around and said he would be here only as his mobile was left there. He knew not what to say and said thank you and quietly sat on iron chair.
The billing guy did appear alongside security and murmuring "payment is done, what does he want now?". He uttered ICU Lounge and he said there are airplane like seating on fourth floor and if you like it then you can come and pay 100 for same. He did go up. The security was sleeping in the lift, not the first time. He pressed 4 and came out of lift, searching for VIP Lounge, and found a narrow alley leading to Toilet and Lounge. His heart was thumping as he knew not what would spring up. Yuck, it smelled medicines, the room was dark and indeed the seating was airline style and there was noone. He quickly went back to the solace of lift and went downstairs and walked past the billing glasses. The guy was settling into his slumber and seeing me thought to make his 100 bugs, I quickly waved NO NO, and went on the other side where there was empty sofa where he tried to settle down and catch some sleep. The night duty doctor and sisters had taken his mobile number and promised to call him. He really believed them.
The smell of hospital returned in the close area with no AC and no circulation and he chose to walk out to his car parked outside before the next wave of nausea struck. He pulled back the driver seat and the dogs barked outside, his heart went thumping as he could not close his eyes properly. He dreamnt that his car would be hit from behind or thugs would crash in or ... He got out and saw a Maruti Van on the other side with open doors, slowing waiting for two young guys in white kurta get in, the driver stared at him.
He quickly locked the door and went back to inside of hospital and settled on an open wooden bench with iron clad arms and tried to settle below the moving clouds, the stench still remained but he ignored.
It was about 4 and he was uncomfortable with his idea of catching a wink and went and stood in front of labor room, peeped in, there was no one, a sister came out and he asked about her and she said she is taken inside and baby's heartbeat was being monitored in NSD?? and she had lost 3 cm of fluid. She went away in rush. He knew not what he heard but settled on a chair . Another sister or probably Doctor came out to collect breakfast for somebody and seeing him asked him to wait outside.
He went out and after a while a male doctor entered. He kept on sitting on stairs. The gyneac came and he wondered what was going. He just went back to his clouds, all the side benches had people sleeping and there were some on floor too. Even some sisters slept with their hands down. He did not know that when most world was sleeping she would be in labor pains. She endured and delivered and his heart quickened and anxious. The Doctor was generous to allow inside and have a peak at her, she has withstood the nature's pain and the baby was being tossed around by paediatric. The doctor was betting on her weight.

a new life is born

She chose to come in Brahma Muhurtam just before the Rudra Pooja was to start in the ashram and the nine days penance for Devi Durga was ending leading to Dusserah, a festival of victory despite odds and evil. September 09 has been a month which brough in Lord Krishna and Ganesha and Rama and Duga ji together through multiple festivals. She too decided to come to this world during culmination of this celebrations.
The initial signs started post midnight at start of english dusserah day and end of navratri day (Hindu calendar).
A new life was born before 5 and gave darshan to his father who was outside on steps knowing not what was happening inside. Doctor said, she had delivered and he could only mutter "Can I come to see?".

The eyes were wide and had started recording the worldly events. He did not know what was happening. Gods miracle were in full display. Another life had blossomed.

Friday, September 18, 2009

lucky escape

The actors were the same
Bangalore Auto,
Bangalore Roads,
Bangalore Traffic,
Location - Priya bakery turn coming from 18th Main, BTM side. An anxious auto wanted to sqeeze from left. He failed on first attempt, but succedded on second. I let him in. On the turn he went to extreme left and then plunged back into right towards road divider. Another of his kind was in front. And a car stopped suddenly, I never know why. The second auto went into the right rear of the car and another one who plunged in went behind into the second auto. My genes had settled by then and I survived going into the auto and car behind me did not get into me.
The autowallah went to the car side and started crying, must have been hurt by the impact. I went past slowly and seeing not much damage moved towards the silkboard junction, another tipping point.
Its a bad day as another auto has removed the paint and exposed the left rear door joint with body. I was trying to get into the left side and he made an impact with a toink sound. I ignored thinking it would be little and went by. He was eager to catch up and told me few things along with the passengers in the auto. He was also carrying a cylinder but I was not in mood for round table conferance so just kept looking at him as he drove near my window. All this live on Bannerghatta road between the expensive hospitals and prestigious management school.
In office the customer sent a feedback for delivery that was not well tested and you know when you ignore testing and trust too much you have tomotoes on your face.

Friday, August 21, 2009

icici bank - phishing email - DONT CLICK THE LINK

A perfectly normal email with bank logo etc., I fell for it the first time around but Firefox was smart enough to warn me in time. Look for the link by hovering your mouse on the link even though you find this as an email coming from bank itself. Please send it across it to ICICI too as i could not locate their kind of address.

Dear Customer,

ICICI is constantly striving to provide you with more convenience, control, and security to assist
in managing your finances.

As part of our ongoing efforts to make it easier and more secure for you to use our online services,
we have upgraded the ICICI E-Sign Consent and Online Access that you reviewed and accepted
when you began to use ICICI Online® Banking service(s).

To upgrade your Information, please visit our secure server webform by clicking the link below...
Upgrade My Account Security.

This alert relates to your Online Banking Profile only.

Thank you for your cooperation.

ICICI Internet Security Team.
© ICICI Bank Ltd. All rights reserved.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

gold silver and taxsmile

I desired to go online to file returns. Its a very funny process. The government has already deducted the tax at source. Your employer has all your tax inputs. Still you would go through the process of collecting Form-16, file returns, print out form-V acknowledgement, send it back to Income tax. Every year, year on year. Is there a better way to optimize this mess and save some taxpayers money to reduce IT staff and this silly process?
I put the request on Brigade Gardenia Yahoo Group and promptly neighbourhood responded and urged to go for taxsmile. I did.
I tried to go through their demo, but even with BSNL broadband they were slow. Gave up. Registered and chose Gold. Realised that only additional benefit in GOLD plan would be they sending the ITR-V on your behalf instead of you sending it to IT department directly. In both cases you would need to courier either to Bombay taxsmile address or IT Bangalore address. I thought Bangalore would be a cheaper option. This was on saturday.
There was no option in website to change Gold to Silver. No one came up in noline chat help. Telephone call would only play the plan descriptions. Could not get a path to talk to someone. Sent a email to their helpdesk. Got a reply on Sunday afternoon.
Taxsmile said it cannot be changed and I had to chose to another user name.
Chose another username and selected option in which you select "taking help from taxsmile in filing returns instead of eMudra or none".
Data entry was smooth except in the end they told me I need to pay some tax to IT whereas FORM-16 said IT had to pay me as my previous employer INFOSYS had collected more tax from me on behald of IT.
I called up helpdesk and this time I could get through. You need to choose option wherein they say you are an existing Taxsmile customer.
The agent helped me with the process and pointed out the error that I had refill my tax savings instruments once again under various heads like pension etc., I did and the return was in negative and they asked me for my bank account details.
It was time for payment and lo and behold it showed Rs 450+taxes. Surprise.
I went to their main site and chose Silver trial from the beginning. Came in and checked for payment option first. It said Rs 250+taxes. Refilled everything.
Saturday, Sunday, Monday.
Userid1, Userid2, Userid3.
Rs45(you only get CD), Gold blunder twice, Silver success

Sunday, July 26, 2009

dominoes for free

It was 12:10 PM.
It was a typical Sunday afternoon. Some habits die hard. Even though every day is Sunday, you still believe that Sunday is "good old times Sunday" which used to be a day on weekend.
We have had a series of dal-chaval and roti sabzies for many days now. Dominoes sent SMS a few days back with a coupon code stating "Anniversary.Celebrate with us.Buy 1 get 1 free, Valid till 26th July". I generally don't deny participation in times of celebrations.
The temptations ran high and for sometimes later went "dry". The urge to order a pizza sitting on a lazy bangalore afternoon on a "typical sunday" took over. I made the call to 08044448888. He thanked me calling and asked me the area of my residence. The call was redirected to another outlet in Bilekahalli. The lady could not hear my voice. Yes, my sweet humble sound of murmur. The first signs of frustration appeared and I thought of switching providers.
Anyways, I called up again and requested him to take the order as my voice was not going through after call transfer. He said that was impossible and was about to redirect the call again when I asked him for the direct number.08026860133. The person said he would call back. The order was placed and he promised it would be delivered as soon as possible. I did not know how far that soon was just then?
We waited for 30 mins and like in the commercial TV I jumped and danced. Now it would be free and hoped the door bell to ring. It did. But it was housemaid.
After 45 mins, I called back and talked about bad service etc.,. He said the pizza boy would be there any moment now. He could even be at my door steps. I said it crossed the 30 min mark. He said, call him again once the pizza boy came. What for?
Time flew and stomachs started aching. Chocolates and bananas were gulped to postpone hunger.
After one hour, I had to call back again. My fourth call to participate in dominoes anniversary celebration. The guy asked me hold on.I could hear him shouting at his staff as he was getting to know the status of my order, he had to use few bad words too. I wanted to use a few too. He came back and told me he would call back with status. Was it that difficult?
Dominoes called back. Their second call, first to take order and second after 1.5 hours to let me know the status. "My pizza was delivered to somebody else in Brigade Gardenia and he would be sending another very soon". I was cursing myself and thought this was the last call to dominoes.
The pizzas did come, in case you were wondering that we went hungry on a cloudy Bangalore afternoon. The delivery boy was asking about bill and I asked him to talk to his bosses. He gave me the receipt. What for?
The pizzas were really good. Too much cheese in Veg extravaganza and paper thin crust thin of peppy paneer. Ofcourse, I had asked for them in the original order, they were not because they goofed up, BIG TIME. They disappeared in no time.

It was 3 PM.

Monday, July 20, 2009

pay bbmp property tax online 2009-10

A neat way to pay property tax online if you have a property in bangalore. As launch offer BBMP is not charging extra on credit card payment.
You can go to
and choose form IV or V depending on whether there has been any change in your property from last year.
You will need
  1. Application number from assessment year 2008-09. The number on top right corner of pink form. If you are lucky to have saved it to your files. Not the white receipt.
You will reach a pre-filled form which either you can print to pay in nearest BBMP center or if you have started to trust online gateways and carry a credit card then choose to pay online.
Remember to note down the new application number NOW. You never know when you will need them.
Online option will lead you to IDBI gateway and there you need to have your credit card handy, your tax details comes pre-filled.
You are done with the payment in your cosy little bed.

Time for the receipt. You have still not invested in printer. Okay, In save as option choose print to file and if you are lucky there could be pdf option. Select that. Your receipt is ready on your computer and you can send it across to your friend circle to boast early payment and having availed 5% discount. You can comment about your experience in this blog too and I will take it to BBMP on gold plated appreciation shield.

You can always go back to same site and reprint receipt. Or else if you have forgotten your new application number then we are birds of same feather. I noted down their contact details and promised to call them during the day
(between 10:30 AM to 1:30 PM
and 2:30 PM to 6:00 PM)
Phone No: 080-22247629

After some time I realised (realization always comes later) that I had saved the file. The new application number was there, bang in front, on top left side corner. Now armed with old application number and new you can reprint receipt as many times as you want.

The origin of this information is rooted at
You may not be able to see the message if you are not member of vibrant Brigade Gardenia yahoo group at JP Nagar. Thanx to the active folks there, specially Bama.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

jhansi to bangalore

Rajdhani express leaves Jhansi at 01:20 towards Bangalore. I saw my ticket a thousand times and wished that it was really 00:20 or 23:20 or 22:20. My uncle and their family was kind enough to entertain me till about 23:00. Then the power and mosquitoes took over the reins of mind and allowed it to lose patience. He asked me "Why are you so uneasy?". I gave a lame "I dont want your night to be wasted because of me."
We went to Railway station and I found a cybercafe offering Rs 25 per hour. I said "I want for 10 mins, Will you reduce the price? There is noone inside, atleast it will give you some business." He was adament and said "It will not be compromised. You will have to pay in full, in advance" and he showed me the notice that said "Even if there is a link failure your money will not be refunded".
I checked email and forwarded the BSNL bill copy to my brother so that he could go to BSNL office and show it to them as proof of me having paid the bill. They were aggressive on the phone 1500 to my wife saying the bill is indeed pending.
Unemployment and misdirection is a problem that is eating the fabric of society as more and more people are engrossed in super standards prescribed by society but no means to achieve them. Thus creating a gap.
The person said in the darkness of the coach "She was heavy, so can you adjust for berth and take the centre one.". I said of-course I could, rich from the experience of onward journey in which a sick family and its members pestered all in neighbourhood so that their dispersed family could sit together and drool. Unfortunately they got into the train from kopargaon after visiting the holy play of Shirdi. May Sai Baba give each of them a little tolerance to respect the peace of neighbours.
He was a commercial officer with Indian Railways who was taking his daughter for CET counselling, full of stories and love for Kishore Kumar, scotch and roasted chicken.
He was an accountant who was with HLL for over 20 years and did not want to leave Bareilly so late in career and quit, knowing not what to do. He was clueless for 6 months till his wife said that she did not like him staying in house for so long. He started going out and became a successfull LIC agent 3-5 years later. The time he said is required for maturing your business. He heart had 25% blockage and his kid wanted him to be operated in Bangalore.
The songs played were slow and sweet and there was somebody in other side who was playing ISKON musicals.
Another person was a marketing officer with a fitness company who could easily tell a story while he was handling a crisis on the phone, seamlessly.
The jungles before Nagpur were dripped in Monsoon rains and land was green and muddy. The fields were pools of water and paddy was spreading its little blades of grass in the fields.
A bridge had no iron extensions and you could jump and easily fly to touch Godavari.
I saw Railway mixed high school, lallaguda, Secunderabad after ages and it looked the same as in memory.
Secunderabad station is grand and spacious and the place was very windy.
Rajdhani gives good food all the time and they also clean the place. The staff remains the same as I saw the ticket collector being the same person all through.
The eyes were heavy with sleep but Singh Sahib was on with his fraud stories. Finally night fell and daybreak was in Bangalore.

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