Monday, December 14, 2009

How to sort your mind and clear way to beauty and love?

How do you start clearing your accumalations in the memory, your storage from this and all past janmas? You sort. You open door. You keep outside. You only keep the learning. You only keep the knowledge. Then in your silence, you will have interactions instead of monologues.

You tell your children to clean their room and pack their things in order. Do you tell yourself? You know that sorting has to be done. Why don't you begin? There is so much clutter and so many thoughts coming from so many directions. How can you maintain your inner peace when there is so much violence within?

There are deeper levels of consciousness within. You can reach them and touch them, only when the roads are clear. How can you expect to appreciate the beauty of a city when you cannot release the tension in your leg tha is holding the clutch for first gear?

Your thoughts create a chain reaction. You had a bad day in office. You had chain of thoughts. The thoughts led to a feeling of hopelessness and irritation. You come home. You are with loved ones. You have the baggage of feeling too, although unnoticed. You shout at your kid, react wildly to your partner, you dont know why you are behaving like this?

Could you have replaced the original thoughts with positive ones? What directions would have your feelings taken if you could do that just at the moment they appear? What platform would it set for you if start your day by regular creation of such thoughts? Can you do a traffic control of your thoughts?

Situations come unannounced and they are always testing your patience and staying power. If your feelings are anchored in singular truth of atman then you can witness and get over them quickly. Otherwise you will simply flutter and wither away.

There is always a higher state of being, further from your ego, short sighted and immediate objectives. Find the balance. A trapeze artist knows how much to swing left or how is just enough for right, for outside world he may be rocking uncontrollably but deep within he only knows his balance.

Content Source: BK Sister Mohini ji and BK Sister Jayanti ji
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