Sunday, December 27, 2009

Buy washing machine in Bangalore LG Service

Viveks personal had given up and said the LG technician would only come on Monday. I decided to try my luck with LG's customer's care service. I called them yesterday and they promised the technician will call me today at 11 AM.
It was obvious that the call would not come. I gave a grace period of a hour and called them at 12:30 again, empowered by the complaint number. The lady said she has already informed the technician and he would have called by now. I could have said Pinch me to believe that.
Again I held my sanity till 5:30 PM and called them back. Now showed some impatience and anger. He gave me the technician number and said he would come by 6 and that he would call me back now. I gave 5 mins grace period now and called back the number provided. You guessed it, the phone was busy.
I started to believe's Vivek's prophecy as they would know LG better.
To my surprise the technician did call me at 5:50 and told me he was at Marathahalli and would take about an hour to come.
He did come around at about 7:20 PM and can you believe it I got a call from Vivek's PR named himself as Dinesh wanting to know my feedback. I started to give my feedback and he jumped in with wishing me happy christmas and happy new year. He sounded blissful but in his happiness he forgot to take the complete feedback and all he understood was that "in exchange they should not take away the old washing machine until new one is installed either by them or LG". He said he would be sending the LG guy on Monday. I thanked him for doing so. Who would tell him that the technician has already begun his job.
The technician was more interested in selling the accessories like trolley stand and cover and presented a case in their favor. This was similar to the passion of the Vivek's salesman who wanted to push for accessories and did not care about installation. I guess LG does not leave enough margin for both of them and they have to make money on accessories. What do you think?
Before I leave you,
Do not buy LG washing machine from Vivek's on Friday or holiday that is close to weekend and even if you do obtain in writing from them or leave some money to be paid at home and which will be done only after they do the installation?
Secondly, LG customer care is 24/7 but their technicians do not work on Sunday so they will entertain you on weekend but your work will not be done.
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