Monday, November 30, 2009

Who is God?

Is nature creator? How can creation be creator?
Can the painting be painter?
Can the pot ever become the potter?

क्या आत्मा कभी परमात्मा हो सकती है? और अगर हुई भी तो क्यूं सारे दुःख दर्द उसे होते रहते हैं| आप समंदर की लहर हो , क्या आप समंदर हो सकते हैं? दुनिया मैं कितनी महान आत्माएँ आयीं और चली गयीं. सबने अपने अपने नज़रिए से भगवान् का व्याख्यान  किया.
You can listen to every illustration of them but can you associate with it. You will feel good in the moment but then you lose it. You cannot lose the meaning untill you have had personal experience with him. You cannot till he himself comes and defines himself.
Because he knows himself best. The same way as you know yourself best. Your friends can describe you. They can come close in description of your characteristics but they can never be 100% accurate.
You know yourself best. Unless you answer Who Am I?, your spiritual journey will stagnate. The effort will have be yours. You can go to a आश्रम, you can visit ऋषि, मुनि, लेकिन जब तक अपने अन्दर झाँक के नहीं पर्खोगे के मैं कौन हूँ तब तक परेशान रहोगे, निराश रहोगे और भटकते रहोगे. The message of the God has to be personal experience. And to obtain that personal touch you have to change your belief system.
The shift has to be on multiple fronts.

  1. Bliss is not to be seeked outside. It is inside. It is always present. 
  2. Fear is your creation. Do not blame creator for that. Its origin are in your attachments- to your body, to your possessions. Ego thrives on fear. 
  3. Stress is not natural. It is byproduct of fear. It is your conditioning of your body. 
  4. It was meant to be a beautiful existence. The corruption is your creation. 

कोशिश आपकी होगी, करिश्मा वह दिखायेगा| उस रिश्ते मैं सिर्फ मोहब्बत है, कोई उम्मीद नहीं, कोई दिखावा  नहीं, सिर्फ इश्क है, सिर्फ प्रेम है| आप उस राह पर नहीं चलोगे क्यूंकि वह बहुत आसान है| It sounds so unreal, so out of world that you may as well not experience it. You have lost him. You will have to find.

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Stress is unnatural

We have been made to believe that stress is natural. All recent literature and conferences illustrate that stress is always there and has to be managed. Theres a huge market and courses for stress management.

Is it external or internal phenomenon? The stress.

It will always be there in the outside world, we can easily see it and can associate with it. Thus, we identify with it and buy the book, attend the course, and disparately hope that now I can be blindfolded for stress. But does it go.
What happens outside, happens externally and goes away. Its like the spec of dust that is flowing around you. If you are lucky you can see it floating in front of your eyes. If you decide and do not close your eyes then it can come and reside in your eyes. You will be irritated but then you will presume the whole world says its natural to be irritated by a spec of dust in your eyes. You rub your eyes. If you are lucky it will simply disappear but if you are not then it will make an impression on the beautiful white of the eyes and will last forever.
It is an art to learn to close your eyes to external phenomenon and leave them in their natural abode. The situations are for the surroundings.
Once you decide to make the situation or event as part of you then they get internalized. You shift their natural abode and create a playground inside you. You allow events to drive you made. The words would have disappeared in thin air, but in your heart they remain forever. You relive the distress because you are made to believe that is the natural thing to do. You allow the impression to thicken and get attached to it till eternity.

Creator has given you the discretion to distinguish between what has to reside outside and what goes inside. The choice lies with the individual. You choose and strengthen what ever you chose. The cycle is recursive till you realize there is will power.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Shivani, Brahmakumaries and Aastha channel

She comes twice on TV from 7:10 PM to 7:40 PM and 10:30 to 11:00 PM on Aastha channel. The spiritual channel story in India is on same lines as that of Aaj Tak, which was run by local ads before the big boys put ads on them.

Today Shivani, a Brahmakumari mentioned that 99% of the cause of anger and frustration is elsewhere, it is not in the spur of the moment, when you hurt somebody or get hurt by somebody. Instead of reacting instantaneously , or pestering the reaction in the mind post the incident till eternity , can you wonder "Why is that soul so angry, what is bothering her?

I am sure there is something more than what she has told me now?". The chain of thoughts that emerge lead you to compassion, releases love vibrations into the air.

Love has a very subtle medium to reach out. You cannot yell and throw around love and claim that you are helping somebody by your love. You have to surrender to love and let love take over. You cannot correct the world. You can only prepare and nurture yourself.

The thought that shows error in world is corrupt. It suggest that you are savior. Realize that as long as you will see mistake in other people, they will ignore your corrective measures. It will only affirm their hatred to them.

A mother-in-law anger gets amplified by her family members who get edgy when she comes around. They all release negative energy in the air. It is full of anger, yes even the anticipation of anger. She WILL have to become angry. She is waiting for somebody to make the first move, reach out with unconditionally, then love takes over.

Ego stops us from bending. Shiv baba tells us to bend and say hello and allow hatred to evaporate. Bending is gainst Ego. Talk first, no harm. Its more harmful in mind, it takes more effort to worry, it takes little effort to reach out and say hello and shake hands.

Sanskar although name of another competitive channel is also the archive for atma that it obtains from parents,  environment, past life, will power and its original nature. You may be angry all day but you want to have a peaceful evening.
Your natural tendency is towards peace, love. You have to reiterate it whole day because body consciousness is blinding and takes over the reins, displacing the power from soul consciousness into worldly matter. Only blessing and immersion in ocean of love can save the day for you.

You are creator of your pain and suffering. You carry the impression and reinforce it. You suppress your true nature. You create thoughts. Thoughts create actions , leave body and soul in painful state. Intellect can only take you so much far but ultimately its your will power that can merge the newer impressions while ignoring the older ones. Old impressions cannot be deleted, they just merge and get lose focus.

What is this weight in the chest and tightness in the stomach? Who has created it? Who is cause of it? What are you running away from?

A bad relationship can have cluster effect on current and future well being of self as well as people who come close or near us. You can smile but you cannot hide the vibrations, you can notice it when and how people react to your presence.

Keep a Reminder on the phone for every hour which will run a jingle "I am a peaceful soul. Om Shanti Om. यह ध्वनि , मंगल ध्वनि है, ॐ शांति ॐ "

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Saturday, November 14, 2009

A hooked fish

A fish in pond freely floats and drifts along. There are hooks floated from outside with baits. Many hooks of different sizes and shapes, with different tasty baits. The hooks waits patiently. It knows that fish will come. Fishes enjoy freedom. Hooks are tempting. Sometimes they fall for it, or most times they do.
Human spirit loves to float freely. There is something though that is always attracted by negativity and gets hooked. Its subtle and reigns supreme. Thoughts strengthens the hook, mind generates attractive visuals and the movie is replayed again and again.
How many times the fish will die before it realize that its a trap?

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

human adequacy ratio

Chanda Kochar mentioned in NDTV profit interview yesterday about capital adequacy ratio as being most critical for the survival of the bank. What is most critical ration for your survival? Human adequacy ratio? How full or complete do you feel or How empty can you be? When will you feel adequate? When will you be still and balanced? When will your economy of affairs be steady?
How will you define adequeacy? Will it be adequate if you quiten your mind, no-thought, no-mind, feel the moment and chill out?

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