Monday, November 30, 2009

Who is God?

Is nature creator? How can creation be creator?
Can the painting be painter?
Can the pot ever become the potter?

क्या आत्मा कभी परमात्मा हो सकती है? और अगर हुई भी तो क्यूं सारे दुःख दर्द उसे होते रहते हैं| आप समंदर की लहर हो , क्या आप समंदर हो सकते हैं? दुनिया मैं कितनी महान आत्माएँ आयीं और चली गयीं. सबने अपने अपने नज़रिए से भगवान् का व्याख्यान  किया.
You can listen to every illustration of them but can you associate with it. You will feel good in the moment but then you lose it. You cannot lose the meaning untill you have had personal experience with him. You cannot till he himself comes and defines himself.
Because he knows himself best. The same way as you know yourself best. Your friends can describe you. They can come close in description of your characteristics but they can never be 100% accurate.
You know yourself best. Unless you answer Who Am I?, your spiritual journey will stagnate. The effort will have be yours. You can go to a आश्रम, you can visit ऋषि, मुनि, लेकिन जब तक अपने अन्दर झाँक के नहीं पर्खोगे के मैं कौन हूँ तब तक परेशान रहोगे, निराश रहोगे और भटकते रहोगे. The message of the God has to be personal experience. And to obtain that personal touch you have to change your belief system.
The shift has to be on multiple fronts.

  1. Bliss is not to be seeked outside. It is inside. It is always present. 
  2. Fear is your creation. Do not blame creator for that. Its origin are in your attachments- to your body, to your possessions. Ego thrives on fear. 
  3. Stress is not natural. It is byproduct of fear. It is your conditioning of your body. 
  4. It was meant to be a beautiful existence. The corruption is your creation. 

कोशिश आपकी होगी, करिश्मा वह दिखायेगा| उस रिश्ते मैं सिर्फ मोहब्बत है, कोई उम्मीद नहीं, कोई दिखावा  नहीं, सिर्फ इश्क है, सिर्फ प्रेम है| आप उस राह पर नहीं चलोगे क्यूंकि वह बहुत आसान है| It sounds so unreal, so out of world that you may as well not experience it. You have lost him. You will have to find.

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