Monday, November 30, 2009

Stress is unnatural

We have been made to believe that stress is natural. All recent literature and conferences illustrate that stress is always there and has to be managed. Theres a huge market and courses for stress management.

Is it external or internal phenomenon? The stress.

It will always be there in the outside world, we can easily see it and can associate with it. Thus, we identify with it and buy the book, attend the course, and disparately hope that now I can be blindfolded for stress. But does it go.
What happens outside, happens externally and goes away. Its like the spec of dust that is flowing around you. If you are lucky you can see it floating in front of your eyes. If you decide and do not close your eyes then it can come and reside in your eyes. You will be irritated but then you will presume the whole world says its natural to be irritated by a spec of dust in your eyes. You rub your eyes. If you are lucky it will simply disappear but if you are not then it will make an impression on the beautiful white of the eyes and will last forever.
It is an art to learn to close your eyes to external phenomenon and leave them in their natural abode. The situations are for the surroundings.
Once you decide to make the situation or event as part of you then they get internalized. You shift their natural abode and create a playground inside you. You allow events to drive you made. The words would have disappeared in thin air, but in your heart they remain forever. You relive the distress because you are made to believe that is the natural thing to do. You allow the impression to thicken and get attached to it till eternity.

Creator has given you the discretion to distinguish between what has to reside outside and what goes inside. The choice lies with the individual. You choose and strengthen what ever you chose. The cycle is recursive till you realize there is will power.
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