Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Reality check from Guy Kawasaki

Guy talks about reality check on what kind of business you aspire to create? Is it for money alone or will it entail a greater meaning, something that will take it to the next curve. A good example in point "Ice breakers to Ice Makers to Refrigerators to maybe biotech" and nobody who was doing the previous business got converted to the next one.
The point in question is, Is your product emotive, elegant, intelligent, deep?

Monday, June 29, 2009

google top searched keywords for this blog

Utilizing the services of google webmaster tools and google charts api the chart alongside is produced for your consumption.
The vertical axis shows the index or the Rank that Google has provided for the keywords and horizontal axis tells the percentage of users who have found it when they have searched for the keyword. For more on top search query refer .

Ofcourse this data is for this blog and if you need similar charts for your website do leave your interests in the comments below. Do you want a similar frame to show off when google organic search displays your blog proudly on its first page?

Friday, June 26, 2009

Just beat it

His cassettes were played first in small 1000 rupees tape recorders. He was often heard on radio as we listened to him in attention. Then EC TV came and he was visible on TV. Once on TV his dance steps became legendary. Break dance was item in most school functions and college festivals. His dance steps were copied by one and all. Now my back is broke and I do not fantasize that one day I will be as good a dancer that has walked on stage. But you break my heart by this early exit. God bless you.
Your songs would be sung by friends in hostel rooms and people will fall over to witness your steps by experts in the field.
His videos and their presentations became a legend and especially early adaptations of graphics technology in one of his song, I forgot the name. Do you remember? Do You?
Just beat it, Michal your image will always stand in the mirror for me. You are not alone, our good wishes and concern will always take care of you, wherever you are and in whatever form.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Smile at elders

She made special efforts to walk and she did succeed. She managed to come to the table close to the cash counter of Augusta Club. She was just catching on breath when she gestured for water. The cashier named Raghu instantly went to the water container to fill a glass of plastic glass for her. She accepted it full of gratitude and placed her order.
I would have brought the water if Raghu delayed. Yes.
I looked at her and smiled after a while. Generally I am private person.

A simple direct smile and she asked me questions. I asked the same questions in return. Generally I am not so creative in asking questions so I mostly get into deadly and fearful silence.

Then she poured out and I listened. Nothing sentimental but general topics. She lost her husband some twenty years back. Her eyes still missed him. Life moves on but some memories stay. They defy the movement.
She blessed me as I collected my pack of brown bread. She enquired about color and when I said brown acknowledged it and was happy at my choice.
Did you smile at a elderly person today? In your apartment complex. In the supermarket. In the temple. I know you had a busy day. I know you are away from your parents . Away from grandparents, if they still long for a single glimpse of you.
But do you also know that one day you will be a an elder person and you will also die for a smile.

Smile connects. Release it.

My most frequent typos

The following has been few interesting typos which have eaten away precious hours of human life ...
1. Using ( instead of { in django. I simply removed one of succeeding endif after reading enough documentation at http://www.djangobook.com/en/2.0/chapter04/ .The paged crossed over from "TemplateSyntax " error and the function bracket was staring in my eyes.
2. Using ##footer instead of #footer, finally firebug console helped me realize the flaw.
3. Using hr in closing angle tag brackets of html instead on h3.
4. Website address as http://carpoolkaro.appcpot.com Instead of "http://carpoolkaro.appspot.com"
5. Forgetting to put in html.

Accordian is accordion in jquery, watch out for there are only O's in correct one.

How do you feel when a typo engages you more than a girlfriend/spouse/sports?

fix for tweetmeme button on blogger

This was the second time when I was pained to locate a proper place to place the tweetmeme buton in blogger. The tutorial has suggested keeping it between
<b:loop values='data:posts' var='post'> and ‘b:loop’.
Also there are two such places where you can place the code. If you place in lower one then it will appear only if ads appear in your blog.

The above has not worked for me and I am not sure about you, do you Meme?.

I searched for a place near the spans at end of post and put it above the below line
"<p class='post-footer-line post-footer-line-2'>
And it seems to work. You can meme below and retweet and check for yourself. Have you been struggling with button placement in blogger?

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Double parking

Do you know what double parking is? It is parking parallel to the road. In this case on the mud between the footpath and end of road in front of Everfine supermarket in RBI layout. I thought the mud beside the road did not come uder purview of traffic cop.
Recently the road separators have been put in place too bang in the middle of the thin roads and they are really broad shouldered. On this particular road known famously as kothnur dinne road there is very little space for single line of traffic and there you have the presence of this great wall of china in middle of road. To increase the woes there is a Big bazaar express coming up beside Spencers to challenge the patience.
We were standing in the queue inside waiting for our turn to pay for biscuits and little home stuff. One of the lady who knew my wife rushed in to inform us. What did you expect?
She came in and told her that the traffic cop is writing something in front of the car. I left everything and asked my wife to handle it and rushed out to see what was happening. The Bangalore Traffic cop was done with his essay and was going away from the car. I did not know what to do. Karnataka state traffic police had written something about my car and I was dumbstruck in awe there.
I decided to run after him and said hello, did you write something about my car? He released the golden words.
You have been fined Rs 100 for double parking?
"But there is no board there saying so.Its afternoon, there is hardly any traffic. I just went inside to buy small stuff in few minute." Mind you there was no traffic congestion due to presence of my car on mud away from the main flow of traffic. Even if you leave my lame excuse aside How on earth would I know without any sign or education?
Anywhere in bangalore , there is no double parking on side of road and we don’t need sign for them He showed me same in his book. There were categories for Single parking, double parking etc.,
{ Meanwhile there were great Indian revelers whom you can find on side of streets, near shops, everywhere in India; always staying close to places of incident and enjoying to comment and bowing and raising the traffic cop on a pedestal with good smart styled Namaste etc., You get the scenarios right and you cannot hurt their sentiments too, its a sensitive matter for youths.}
"If I don’t pay what happens?" The curious me. Always wanted to explore.
You will have to pay in court The great Indian court and I could feel the sweat trickling down every vein of my body. At least it was meant to have similar effect but instead I walked off the conversation.
I went back to car and saw the Bangalore traffic cop had glued a complete receipt on the rear view mirror. You just cannot miss it. Till then I was thinking it was a bluff to extract money but now I knew it was real, so I rushed back to God to save me from travails of court.
I requested him to educate illiterates like us to develop the intellect for generating educated guesses on where the double parking was not allowed. I will check in Brigade Gardenia too as they too don’t have a sign saying anything on type of parking that I have. The cops can come in one day and fine saying single parking is not allowed inside.
Have you donated Rs. 100 to Karnataka traffic police fund for no fault of your? Do let the world know in your comment below.

Auto brushed the car

I was taking about turn in front of Sagar Apollo hospital near Bannerghatta road. I have done so on many occasions and was free of incident. Today unfortunately was a day to obtain content for this article, so listen.
A karnataka state department Jeep with green license board was in front and decided to take the omnious about turn. He could not complete as the HUGE shoulder in middle of road had eaten up 20% of road space. Another 20% was eaten up by car in single and double parking on both side of road. That leaves less than 20% space on a thin and heavily traffic road on each side.
If a person decides to take a U then there is no space for traffic behind to move beside and go by. But this adventurous frustrated dear auto wallah belonged to a different breed that is high on animal instincts. He dragged his auto through and in the process broke the rear side plastic protection (guess the name) and scratched few thick black lines and was urging me to go. The government vehicle in front was struggling to take the U and needed the maneuvering space.So I was waiting and creating business for Mandovi motors repair and servicing arms. They should have cold calls stating "Have you been touched by the yellow bangalore auto? If yes, then please visit us." They could even recruit the autos to brush ten cars a day and provide a commission for same.
Common sense was left behind and flushed away when they got into this profession. Even though I gave two of my favorite abuses to him in native hindi he just waved me to go ahead. I could manage the abuses as I was alone in car. It is generally avoided in family time. One of those rare moments when you are mad and you are fully able to express yourself. I could only thank the autowallah for this opportunity.
There was no question of getting down as I was cosily warm in my seat. It would have built up the traffic and caused lot of pain to already intolerant fellow Indians drivers.
The jeep moved and I moved and "lo and behold" Did you see what I saw? A mature looking person in his mid forties in spotless white uniform and same color motorbike on other side of the road. Yes, you got it. Our dear Bangalore traffic police cop in broad daylight warming and basking in whatever little sunlight Bangalore could give on this beautiful morning. Otherwise I have mostly seen that they suddenly emerge from dark shaded regions or from behind a truck getting hold of poor guys on motor bikes and lunas.

From he was to He is

He was travelling in Indian Auto. He was getting late on an appointment. He generally uses the services of BMTC buses (the most cosmopolitan of buses wherein there is no way for a first timer to know where she is coming from or going to by simply looking at it). He got into a wrong one and then another and lost his sense of direction and could not place himself with known coordinates. Thus the decision was made. He chose to go by Auto.
Michael Schumacher may have retired from formula 1 racing but he has left a legacy with the Indian auto drivers and especially in Bangalore to consider every nook and corner of the city as their F1 track.
On this auspicious day the Gods decided to send a Meru cab coming from opposite direction with a driver somewhere in Koramangala. The driver left his lessons of relative speed in school itself for he chose to take a turn in front of the oncoming rush of this auto.
The miscalculation made the auto on three wheels to touch the back of can and sometimes a slight touch in life can cause you to tumble irreversibly. It is only then you realize that you are a social animal. Till then your independent streak shines through and covers up for your little ego.
The people rushed him and helped the auto to regain its balance. He was hurt and dazed. Some really good souls offered him water and place at their residences nearby to rest for a while. Some offered to take him to clinic. He walked away from the scene of further conversation and sat a little distance away. He managed to get a ligament tear only as Gods decided to have mercy on him
His name is Priyank Sharma and he is embodiment of godliness. He does not pray so leave a prayer for him in the comments below and link this talk for eternity.

Monday, June 22, 2009

What to do with used text books?

Dynamic Buyback ISBN
There are people who are willing to buyback old and used books from you. Simply visit their site and package and courier it to them and you will get your money after successful delivery.
You need to know the ISBN of your book to qualify for the buyback. The number beside the vertical dark coded lines on back cover of most books.
The book could be in used or new condition and your quote will depend on the same.
Enjoy releasing the dust accumalated on your old and torn books eating out your library space. Get some fresh air in.

How will you explain blog to a 5 year old?

Its like your school diary. You share and express yourself online?
What is express?
When you feel something about something than you talk about it. You can also paint to express, sing to express.
{I had edited a photo and put some labels on it and uploaded it to my blog}
Who can see this photo?
Everybody who can access internet.
Even sarah's father , keertana's mother
Yes, everyone who can see it like we see videos on you tube and you play games on uptoten.

Comment on your explanations when you had to explain internet.

How to explain religion to a child?

She-Why do people wear black dress?
I-They are muslims.
She-What is muslim?
I-What is your religion?
S-What is religion?
I-It is a set of rules. What is your religion?
S-I don’t know . Why don’t you give an example and explain?
I-Like we do pooja, go to temple, the way our marriages are held, we pray to Krishna, Rama. Like you go to school in uniform and you have to be there at certain time and you need to follow certain instructions.
S-Like some people can come in color dress only on their birthday or on day when they join.
I-Correct so the set of rules are defined otherwise there will be so much confusion. There is also Christian religion, they pray to Jesus, they go to church on Sundays. They have different food habits.
S-Like Allen goes to church on Sunday.
I-Same way Muslims follow Prophet Mohammad and they have a certain rule on wearing dress called Burkha in which ladies dress in black dress.
S-But everybody wears dress like me.
I-Some people follow rules , some don’t. Some go to temple some don’t. Some wear dress some don’t.
S-Like mama goes to temple everyday with nani and you don’t go

How will you explain religion to a 5 year old.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

label your face

Have you labeled your face? Did you know the labels? Have you identified yet? Do you speak volumes when you are silent? Are you grateful loaded with gratitude? Is life a mystery? Do you you serve your self? Is your life one of service? Are you glad you came here?
Did you simply express yourself? Are your eyes full of words? Did you hide your ears? Are you listening to what I am saying? Can you hear?
I am also hopeful! I am wonderstruck! I am glad! But have I found what I was looking for? Did you?
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Friday, June 19, 2009

some more javascript learning

1. Label : any javascript statement including loops, conditionals, curly brackets blocks etc.,
a. Break:label; will take you to safety of label block
2. The break will bring you out of loop and continue will take you to new iteration in loop skipping the lower block. Continue first goes to increment than to condition statement in for loop whereas in while loop it goes to condition test directly.
3. Scope chain - every execution context has it. At top level its global and if not found object is undefined. In nested it includes the function call objects. The search begins in lowest scope and spreads out.
4. Create objects -- use object literal (comma separated property name value in curly bracket). An empty {} will declare a placeholder for referring object.
5. Object.property=value; is identical to object[property]=value; The first is used when you know name of property beforehand. The second is used for dynamic creation of property names.
a. Use double quotes when naming property inside [].
b. This is called as associative array and is generally iterated using
for(prop in objectarray){value=objectarray[prop];}
6. Create arrays - use array literals (a comma separated items in []).
a. The items maybe arbitrary expressions. They can embed object literals {}.
b. The length property is read(to know)/write(to expand).
7. String functions like sort, concat, split and splice modify array in place. Push and pop work at end of array and shift/unshift at start of array.
8. Nested functions declared using function keyword (statement--> function f(){return;}) can be in main body {} of function .
a. Function literals (var f = function(){return;})can come if conditionals and loop. They are like expressions only and require no name.
b. They can be named too like var x=function f(){return f();}. The reference to function is stored in x but it allows f to call itself by same name.
c. var ten = function(a){return a*a}(10);//ten is number.
d. var ten = function(a){return a*a};//ten is function().

Jhansi and Bundelkhandi music

Jhansi had glorious heydays in time of Bundelas and Chandelas.
There are folklare about Alah and Udal that we heard during our childhood. Then there is the delicious mouth watering Bundelkhandi dishes especially the pakoda studded kadi , "nonian" and all variations of leafy vegetables sabzies.
The language itself is so beautiful and musical. When you get to hear words spoken or song sung in any context you simply want to hang onto them and hope they last for a while.
Anything budelkhandi brings tears to my eyes. Today I searched for bundelkhandi songs and found very little interesting stuff.
This search in google gave me a nice Durga ji bhajan.

A christian missionaries discourse is also available. If you can ignore the religion part and care only about the beauty of the language then go ahead and listen.

Not much beyond that. Do provide links and direct me to efforts which people are putting to bring Bundelkhand online in the comments section below.

Icici prudential health saver plan - Health card

The lady ended the call with "Congratulations Sir!. Maybe we can contact after baby is delivered."

A few days back I had chance visit to ICICI bank branch in Jayanagar to deposit money on behalf of Art of living foundation. I was beyond their time limits but the manager and the staff cooperated and considered my request and served me well.
There I enquired about the coverage of maternity in any of their health plan. The lady across the counter who was done for the day and was helping out the other guy who was serving my request said she could help. She went to few places within the branch and placed a call on her mobile phone to their health agent who had left for the day. He patiently answered my queries.
Yesterday, I got a call from one of their agent (from number starting with std code 040) in chaste Hindi. He was putting ji after my name very frequently. He considerately explained the benefits of health card. He did not mention the word insurance till I prodded him but went along explaining with his routine pitch.
Today I got another call from Jayanagar 3rd block branch of ICICI from another person who quoted the past reference of Richa and explained the coverage of Maternity in their health saver plan through the market linked investment that they have.
The product provides certain percentage of fund that can be claimed under maternity hospitalization. Say you have a plan of Rs 15K then 25% of that goes under direct medical coverage and 75% goes under investment portfolio.
You will need a maturity period of atleast three years for funds to built up and then from third year onwards you can start claiming for maternity hospitalization too. This seems to be unique offering from them.
If a pregnant lady is more than three months into pregnancy then she cannot be covered under plan immediately. You have to wait after delivery for both mother and child to join plan. You can obtain the benefits after 30 days from coverage start time. The bills spent this year can be claimed in the third year as they have a validity period of three years.
Comment below if somebody else is offering a similar product.

Auto drivers parking randomly

The autos are parked outside the security gate on right side of Brigade Gardenia, a residential locality in RBI Layout in Bangalore.
A person went to drop his visitor to the so called visitor parking. The autos had formed a line behind the visitor's car. He screamed at the group of auto wallahs who were whiling away their time, chit-chatting or sleeping in their autos. Generally having a good time.
He thought that they would not listen to his request calmly so he hoped that the shout will work. They started to tease and call the old man whose auto was parked behind the car.
Meanwhile another one commented saying this place is ours and we will park the way we want to. The person asked him what made him think so. The auto wallah said this land belonged to them, this air belonged to them and they were here since their childhood and had every right to loiter around.
The person asked for a government permit to park the auto on this side of the road. Nor he could locate any sign from government saying so. The autowallah said they did not need them.
The person went to the security and he said the place of parking was decided by association so he was helpless.. The person lost his enthusiasm by now.
The person felt bad for the shout and heated argument. He wondered. Is the auto wallah attitude a creation of society? Or is it a reflection of signs of intolerance. Here we are increasing fighting it out for every inch of space in infrastructure? Or is it a simple one off incident that can happen to anyone anytime? Have you had a polite interaction by auto wallahs?

learning and debugging javascript

Debugging Javascript
1. Use Firebug -
a. There is a console output where in you can type statements like 2*3 and press ENTER.
i. "\u03c0" press ENTER and see what comes.
b. Console.log("what ever you want to dump in console") frees you from alert.
c. Once you get a error in console window then restarting firefox helps
2. FireFox - Tools - Error console
a. Repeat 1 a above and click on evaluate.
b. "\xA9" press ENTER and see what comes.
3. Browser window location bar
a. The place where you type http://dsteps.blogspot.com instead try
i. Javascript:10%2 and press ENTER.
ii. javascript:for (i=0,j=1,fib=j;fib<100;i=j,j=fib,fib=i+j){document.write(i+"+"+j+"="+fib+"

Other notable facts
1. Functions are values that can be manipulated like datatypes. Thus they can store in variables, arrays and objects and can pass around as parameters too.
a. var sq = function(x){return x*x};
b. function sq(x){return x*x;}
c. Pont a and b are same.
2. If you don’t initialize a var variable then its value is undefined.
3. If you don’t use var then variable declaration is global even though it may be in function body and may conflict with a global name.
4. Variable declarations are not restricted by block. Say a variable in loop will be visible outside the loop too and is defined for the entire function body. Effectively hiding or masking the global variable with same name. Initialization can happen anywhere in function body with another var declaration and assignment.
5. Reading value of an undeclared variable will cause runtime error as they are undefined. Assigning value to undeclared variable is done by implicit declaration in global scope.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

its pouring ice cold misty drops

It rained and my fingers have shrunk in. I simply stood in the balcony. The rain was as eager to embrace me as I was to her. She heard my prayers from all directions as it came hurtling down from left as well as from right.
The mango trees were still but the water squeezed out between golden magic and jardine on one side and magnifica and carinata on other side. It seemed to be converging inside my balcony as this was the first time she entered through the winds.
The touch is always special as is every drop. You also fear because you know there will be loss somewhere both of life and property with the way cities are constructing and growing these days.
Water was floating above the concrete as it mixed with downpour from above. Never witnessed anything like this.
A mother and child were walking with a weak umbrella getting drenched from all sides. The child was trying to hug close to mother.

It was cold hail drops. It is still pouring now and I am cushioned in the sofa after a warm bath. My fingers are still shaking and my ears are releasing a serene warmth. The rains are heaven and yes they are monsoon. Still the thunder is ON.

a funny ad placement

The ad placement on outside of a train. Is it an unintended design by creator of the ad or is it a deliberate attempt to attract attention of camera clickers to propagate the ad.
From funny ad

Take your call but view it at leisure.

bluetooth not working

I was twitterpic from mayanks tweet and wanted to make a comment on the same and upload a pic of mine. I went to my mobile nokia 5510 express music. Everything nice about the mobile except the songs that they promised will be unlocked once bought are still lying in the DRM wilderness. Very sad. Isn'it?
I clicked on the bluetooth icon in system tray on my hp 540 laptop and it said not working. I went to the control panel to find the isse but clicking on bluetooth again brought me back to same panel. I then thought some service maynot be working well and went to services.msc from my start-->run and there was one bluetooth service but it was running smoothly. I dint want to go to troubleshoot wizard so restarted and checked the status in event viewer which you get from control panel--> administrative tools-->computer management-->device manager-->bluetooth. I could only find the bluetooth enumerator there.
I was called for breakfast and had nice and steaming pohe (rice flakes colored yellow by turmeric, made spicy by green chilly and smoothened by cholestral friendly oil). I came back to my den and looked out of window.
I was willing to give when I realized the wireless button in front of keyboard showing a orange color. I pressed it to make it blue.
Again when yuo go back to computer management you will see "HP Integrated module with Bluetooth 2.0 Technology" right under bluetooth devices.
Have you had any orange to blue experience after having rich POHE( If I was typing from firefox then i could show you this in translitered hindi but this is my latest chrome, a fast browser, not necessariliy a transliterated browser)?

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Total telecom solutions from BSNL

I dialed 1500 and after choosing the language and option 0 to talk customer agent I heard a very dry "All our customer agents are busy". Finally the ringing began and I was up in my seat for I needed to be real quick in query. A further tired hello from other side and my enthusiasm began "I heard about this total telecom solution from BSNL and how do I go about knowing more it".
He continued "Please send SMS ttf to 52295 with ttf".
I "I am already getting discounts in my bill. Is it under ttf or will they all add up? How do I ensure that I am not losing on any other benefits which I am currently getting?"
He continues "Please talk to local account officer."
I "Can you check in your database and tell me whether I am part of that scheme oe which other scheme I am part of which I am not aware of but I continue to get discounts".
He continued "Please send SMS ttf to 52295 with ttf".
I said Thank you and the phone dropped dead.
I sent message and immediately got a reply from BSNL saying "No service specified, Please verify sms code and resend." Prompt but left me further guessing as where to go as I was not prepared to go back to 1500.
How was your interaction with 1500?

iphone application development

For iphone application development you need to develop skillset in objective C which is built over C and is object oriented. You would also require a iphone device along with a Mac machine running XCode IDE for development.
There are also cross-compilers available like xmlvm but they are in initial stages of development and came into existance becasue of Apple's strict NDA for application development for iphone.
Also there are html/javascript/css frameworks like phonegap in place that promises to use the native features like accelerometer and geo-touch but you need to try them before you can commit to them.
Developing it on windows would be illegal although you can use jailbreaks, windowschain and mac on vm to achive the same.
Also the article is well discussed in forums like stackoverflow to have more insight into the question.
So the minimul investment is the device iphone for testing and deployment, a mac powered PC/laptop for develoment and testing and simulating and last but not the least the intricacies of objective C and going back to good old days of memory management.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

search engine marketing

Search engine optimization involves knowledge about multiple factors that include continuous market research. This research involves market trends catering to the domain of your business and its online movement as well as how search engine are evolving. Every search engine is unique in how it ranks pages and manages their movement up and down the ranking.
You also need to learn which keywords take your target customer to your competitor. What is the value of each keyword and what are its market trends for your targeted geography and customers?
Along with the above you need to organize your site structure so that it suits your content campaigns that you plan to launch in coming months to capture a greater share of market.
The links that lead you to your website and that take you out should be related to your chosen path and thus will aggregate relevant users to your website.
Joint Venture and Strategic Partner program for Social Media Magic managed solutions packages.
Above all you cannot deny viral marketing . You need to continuously talk about your brands and the path its evolving on regular basis in multiple online forums and social networking sites. People converge on simple ideas. Maximize through convergence of people's ideas and discussions.
Full Coverage Social Media Marketing Programs which include: Social Media Momentum and Full Exposure Fast Track. Our site specific programs which include: Facebook Program and LinkedIn Program.
You can utilize professional services from social media magic to manage your network and online presence and also learn it through their web based university programs.
Social Media Magic University

Monday, June 15, 2009

india is out of 20-20 world cup

so much for the late nights. so much for the advertisers. so much for the hopes of billion people dreams.
Luckily no more dreamy days and no more experiences of walking like a ghost at daybreak. Your eyes will no more be heavy with loaded sleep.
There looked to be a casualness in the chase. Once win is now for lifetime. I hope we realize that winning is for lifetime. One six is not enough. There has to be many once in a while. When you know that you are wasting the hope on the crease then you should donate your wicket and take a chill pill in the dugout.
A cricket crazy country will need to do a real soul searching to find something more interesting to talk to now.

Friday, June 12, 2009

ऐसे ही बैठे बैठे एक पहेली बन गई

राजा जनक की बेटी का नाम क्या था?
सीता की कितनी बहने थीं?
सीता के पति का नाम क्या था?
राम की सास का नाम क्या था?

नोऊ मैं से दस बार येही उत्तर मिलेगा आपको। कोशिश कर के देख लो?
बीच मैं थोड़े और भी कठिन सवाल दाल सकते हो जैसे
सीता की माँ का नाम क्या था?
मंदादारी के पिता नाम क्या था?
और अंत मैं रामजी की सासू माँ ...

eclipse and google app engine

Eclipse is not behaving properly with regards to saving data to google app engine data store. It struggles with the ports and finally gives a windows error 5 - access denied. 
I though the problem was with aptana installation. Even that does not allow a graceful uninstallation as it greys the uninstall option in software updates. I manually searched and found and deleted each and everything with name aptana written on it from my machine. 
Downloaded the complete version of eclipse and ran again into the same access denied problem. Sometimes it says connection reset by peer, some other process fighting for the same port on windows. 
How do I discipline eclipse becasue the same application works perfectly fine from command prompt? 

vinod seshan is married

He was a collegue in kyocera whiling away his time in IT while feeling strongly for the animal rights. Once I too went alongside him when he went in a mission to give a graceful exit to a dying monkey. As most of us IT was not his calling and he moved over to become and get into the prestigious IAS cadres of India by procuring a rank of 3 before he crossed over the age limit.
From vinod session marriage
Bhaskar planned the trip and I got to meet Subu and Vijay
From vinod session marriage
at Bangalore City Railway Station in prime of night as the chennai mail was to leave at 10:45 PM. We utlized BMTC services, the conductor tried to resell the used bus passes of the day to simpletons but there was no victim today. I met a cloth merchant (haryana handlooms) whom we visited on few occassions in Jayanagar 4th block few years ago. He came over to my side and we had good chat. No expectations just meeting to say. How often does that happens in real life?
The train left on time. All looked same except Vijay who seemed to have blown up and me, a reduced lot according to them. We caught up on lost times and played with the Kyocera phone which had the accelerometer but no appealing application to play around.
The wake up call was a welcome from chenna weather, a warm and sultry touch at 4 AM in morning. Vinod had arranged for a TT and we waited and waited at ten rupees parking outside chennai central railway station. There was an sparkling palm tree.
After few more calls the TT finally took us into its cool arms at over 5 AM and the muhurtam was about 5:45 AM. We were led to a room fully air conditioned which is gived for over 1500 rupees per day.
The pressure did not build up and Subu taught a technique by firmly holding the plams and protrude the fingers outside in lock and release. It worked.
We were thirsty and water was frosty chilled and I gulped it without allowing it to settle on my gums. There was tea coming and we were glad to have it.
From vinod session marriage
The breakfast and lunch was royal and we learnt to blow conch on chennai beach after the Auto driver agreed to take four of us.
From vinod session marriage
Bhaskar's aunty warned of going back in lal bagh express and we were waiting for the lal bagh train experience to materialize.
From vinod session marriage
It unfolded in steps as more and more unreserved people walked in reserved compartments. There were unreasonable movements of blind people. Some selling, some begging and some sitting close to toilet doors and gates. We ventured to the door before it got packed and found tamilnadu to be more green and beautiful than we thought.
From vinod session marriage
There was a muslim lady clad in burkha with scores of kids who decided to stand beside me and her kids used up the space promtly. As I was requesting her to move to elsewhere her kids were spitting on my trousers. She walked away to her source of relataives after a while.
The varieties of food kept coming and finally I gave in to aloo bondas.
I was searching for my bus at majestic bus stand but there was none in sight and every bus seems to be going elsewhere. Finally reached the place where #2 starts and gave up hope of catching #215 series. Fortunately the bus was turning in reverse and did not go the normal way out otherwise I would have definetly missed it. A youngster was playing music loudly from his mobile in pocket. I got down in Jayanagar 4th block with no hope of knowing how will i reach my destination. I checked with an auto wallah and to my horror he agreed to drop me. I had to thank him and pat him on his shoulder when he left me near my residence.

small or medium

How many people would ask you that question? In what context will they ask? Where will they ask? 
I suddenly felt lighter and smoother while the wind smoothen over me. My walk had spright. The breath going out could feel the bottom part of upper lips.
Did I have an haircut today? You bet I did. My arms movement is clean as armpits have no resistance. 
They have an air conditioned one and a normally conditioned one with open doors. I generally go to the AC saloon and today too I went in and sat in amazement as one person was having haircut and another was waiting. There was only one barber. It was 6:30 AM on a friday morning. I was disappointed. I could not sit there for long as person having haircut was familier and after initial lead to embarrasing silence. Second person who sat there looked familier and as always I was confused as to make the first move or not. The room was stuffy as AC was not working. I wanted to tell the guy but simply went out.
Their second place was more conducive as everyone was unfamilier but the situation was same. Then the head of the honchos come and I spread my eyes wide open laying down the carpet of foundation for him to welcome me to one of three vacant chairs. 
He was not pleased and on query ansewered that he was going to devasthanam. I was happy and wanted to wish him happy pilgrimage but he mentioned he was off to Banasanakari temple which was less than 5 kms away. His workplace starts at 6 and he was off to temple at 6:30. God bless him but he ensured that another of his accomplice turn in and start serving the customer. 
And he asked me "Small or medium?"

Thursday, June 11, 2009

social media marketing

The importance of online presence cannot be ignored and companies are increasing finding that they would need to have a profile created and continous maintained at various social networks like facebook, linkedin etc., 
There are companies which have specifically entered and targeting this segment to popularize your product and increase your customer base. 
Please checkout social media magic for their partnership with your marketing effort for a sustained online campaign and profile. Also they have a university program to train your sales team to realize the online potential. 
Are you a company or individual entrepreneur raring for an active internet presence? 

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Doctor and salesman

It was a routine checkup call for the couple. They found a chair at opposite ends with an LCD that was wall mounted on wall. They were glued to the people in the songs doing all sort of suggestive steps with beautiful scenary in the backdrop. I always wished to remove the enactors and only woonder at the natural beauty behind. 
The place had more people with ties and huge leather bag full of assortments, I did not know what. He guessed they would be salesman. They kept pouring in and once in a while one of them will peep inside the half ajar doors of doctor who were supposedly treating the patients. There are more tests than treatments these days. Maybe these sales guys have something to do with that. 
A senior guy of them came around and was cheering them up and suddenly get into face of one of them "Did you check him? , Did you check that doctor?". I did not hear words but they were loud in gesture. 
The doctor was in OT and one of her assistant was asking all sorts of questions and the couple was tired of waiting first for the assistant and then for the doctor. The guy tried to make faces and make her laugh but she was more eager to hear her name called by attendent and almost jumped out of her seat a few times. 
How is your experience in privately owned hospitals in India these days? 

second day at school

The stomach did pain again and bu now she had learnt the art of unbuckling the belt. Fortunately the pain came up just as her father was opening the door. The mother came rushing and wanted to help but the strict father wanted her child to master the art of releasing the belt and walk the distance towards potty on her own. The child did not disappoint and fulfilled the fathers desire in aplomb. to school.
They went to the car together. Poor father carrying the bag full of books and the daughter carrying the empty bag as they were hopeful that something would come back in it from school. As they were moving out of their apartment complex the father eyes turned to the side and saw a lady with more than usual broad smile. He wanted to be the good man and stopped the car. He was sliding down the side window and almost opened his mouth then he heard "Are you going to school?". "Ofcourse, I was with my daughter in the back seat. Where else could I be heading?" The father thought.
The ladies chatted awhile while the father wondered about application that he was preparing for carpooling. One of them knew the daughter well. The father was tensed in his seat belt. As they neared the school they offered to drop the daughter along with the books bag. I quickly said "YES" in mind and "No No " outside. But good sense always prevail and the father queried "How will you guys come back?". They said walk and he said no I will bring you back too. 
The good fortunes of father allowed him to witness another class scene today too. Somebody had put a bag on daughter's designated chair. Remember it was only second day of school and the attachment to the place where you sit. She came to father and the grumpy man said "Its okay, find another place." He ignored the event. She went to few friends and they gathered around the poor little one who had kept her bag there and was made to take it away to another place. All was done with no shouts, fights or bad blood. It just happened. 
The teacher was not around so the father left the bag full of books at her daughter's desk. The lady mentioned that the teacher was in front when she reached the gates. The shy father wondered whether he should say "Ma'am I have kept the bag in front of my child's desk." Ofcourse she could see that when she reached the class.
The father reached school in evening and saw lots of kids coming out and he rushed and ran to reach the school gate, with heart pumping and blood waiting to ooze out. He was so sorry for being late but infact he heard another kids mom say "Today, they left early?". In maze of parents his eyes were searching heard and finally he saw the class teacher sorting kids out to respective parents/ drivers. He could only wave amongst the din and the teacher must have seen desparation in his eyes becasue she uttered after looking here and there and then confirming"She left by van". He was relieved and now ihs steps were slow and confused. Should I go and find her in the van or should I simply exit from this guest appearence. He saw the familier sumo and peeped inside, happy to see her daughter in. He thought for a while and wondered in confusion becasue he was sure his daughter would say that she preferred going by her friends. Still he developed some courage and asked for. By this time the cab driver had smartly shifted her to the near side so the father could not see her. Still then the father persisted and asked her daughter. Lo and behold, she gestured that she would prefer to go with me and I was "Oh! My Gaowd" at award ceremony. 

Google AJAX APIs Blog: AJAX Custom Search Gadget on Blogger

Google AJAX APIs Blog: AJAX Custom Search Gadget on Blogger

feedback on BSNL broadband services - part 2

{Update in the evening of the same day, with the hope that tired staff would be more than willing to give me their ear}
They have a nice music in backdrop, only when its ON there are birds chirping and flute taking you to distance. You can simply meditate on it and forget about why you dialed this number. I had chosen English and they were conveying ads in local language. They also promise that "You will be attended shortly". I desparately needed attention now. Thank heavens, its a tollfree number. Then the music stops. You are in suspended animation till the line drops and you are left drooling for attention. Even the engaged tone disengages itself and there is drop dead silence later.

{update from next day morning}
The jingle urging me to have wide range of entertaining and educating games for me and my family through bsnl gaming experience at bsnl.indiagames.com
I got through as it was early morning again and she asked me which website I went and what error I got? I was so sorry to forget the website and with shaking voice uttered the query "What is the website again, Ma'am?". She dragged the name "www.dataone.in". Again she asked what was coming and I said "Login failed". She put me hold and requested "actually -umm-dont leave the line" - luckily this time the flute was playing. It has been over five minutes now.It is nearing 10 mins and I am desparately hoping to hear her voice again.
I did and I am glad of the service I recieved. She walked me through all the necessary steps required for the changes and explained why the password was not going through?
There are two places where the password is needed. 
  • For your direct internet experience your Modem stores the password at Home-->Setup-->PVC0. This can be obtained from, Once you have changed it there you can check your connection status at Status-->Connection Status and find the state connected. Dont change the username.
  • When you want to access the online portal at www.dataone.in --> administer your account. You use the same password and username as above. You can change the password here too but you need to update point 1 above.
I was scared to death at paying more than the said download/upload limits as my brother had warned me that he had to shell out over Rs 2K for over usage. I kept on searching for my plan and finally found the link at http://www.bsnl.co.in/service/dataone_tariff.htm. Heavens were in place because the limit was 2.5 GB and my usage was about 1.3 GB. I would have had to pay Rs240 if it was 1 GB. They charge 80 paise per MB over usage limits. 
I am satisfied lot with BSNL service even though the turn around time was around 24 hours. I am sure its a systemic problem as systems are overloaded. 
Gods do listen and BSNL too. Do you think so? Have Patience.

Monday, June 01, 2009

first day at school

It was first day of school. The new timing will be from 8:15 AM to 3:30 PM. A full day of school for a student going from UKG to standard I. Everything was set and normal as I neared the school. There were butterflies inside mine and I am sure my daughter's stomach too.
There were few brave souls with handycam in hand. They were the brave ones who sailed through the confused parents and student lots to take a video of the dreaded morning. 
Fortunately, we knew the section but not its location. To my surprise my daughter went across to a lady and pulled me along in the process. She softly asked the lady who I believed was a teached in one of her previous sections. The teacher gave directions with a hand spread out to cover half the earth.
After few wrong classrooms we touched the correct section. It faced the prayer hall and had steps taking you down into the open. My daughters stomach gave in and with teary eyes she mentioned that she had to answer the big call from nature. I pressed her to go to her old known toilet but she refused saying teacher would not allow. I feared the dress would color in the meanwhile.
A nice gentleman with housekeeping written all over him went past with a wiff of wind as I screamed "toilet kahan hai". He gave clear direction and I reached the place. 
There was no marking on the outside. I was about to step into the boys one when a good parent hinted me that the one that she used was for girls. 
We managed to finish the first job well and then I heard Parents please and simply walked out, relieved.
Later in the day was the time to pick up and I reached there at about 3:20 PM. There were columns of vehicle of anxious parents who thought the roads were opened for parking today. It was difficult to walk through the maze and I overheard all walking parents cursing the car and their drivers. Luckily my car was parked on sandy ground away from the road and thus the comments got delfected by my seams.
There were two gates. On one particular gate all parents were ready to crush it and thus I decided to kiss the gate with minimum impact and stood in anticipation. By this time the security hinted enough that the kids would come through my gate and in milliseconds I lost my prime spot and stood somewhere in the corner. 
I saw the standard Ist kids coming and fortunately the teacher took them to other gates. There was sudden chatter of which gate their wards would come through. I did not find a prime spot there and was made to stand on heels looking for a view. The poor teacher would say the name of child and it would be lost in din of parents catching up on more important aspects of life than their immediate concern.
My kid arrived and I took her up and enquired about her day. She amazed me with the range of classes that she had on day 1, dance,hindi and instructions to learn more about computers. 
It was not over yet as I enquired about lunch box and she could not locate it. We rushed back to class teacher. 
My daughter was calmed by the confused walking through the maze of vehicle again after a tearful fear that mother would be mad at her and the people who clean the classroom would take away her lunch box. Parents were going in all directions.  Now even the senior classes were out on the road choking up the bandwidth. 
First stop was class teacher who thought for a while and immediately said "Go ahead and find for yourself". Second stop was a smartly dressed gentleman "Sir, Parents are not allowed". I said "Go fetch me the luch box from her class". Again smart move by smartly dressed gentleman "Ok sir Go ahead". I was hoping for a third stop but the lady ignored me and I was once again in standard I.

feedback on BSNL broadband services

I called up 1800-424-1600. Initial  web search showed number as 1600 424 1600. Did not check on the second number though. The call went through and I could speak to the agent. She told me my username and password on phone. I requested her to hold till I checked the given credentials. She asked me to call back. 
I also enquired about broadband bill not coming and she said its not integrated with the system and I have to go to nearest exchange for same. 
The line was disconnected after getting wishes of a nice day from her. 

I checked the credentials and they failed. Maybe I missed on something. It was about 9:10 in morning and since then I had tried the toll free number many times and I only end up in busy tone or no tone or dropped call. 
I went to the web and found their nearest telephone exchange number at Jayanagar. I called up 
Mrs. Geetha K Adiga
Ph: 26549770. No response. It was about 10 AM on a fresh bangalore monsoon morning.

There was another number 26656700 and the person redirected me to accounts section at 22448184 or 85. He was in rush to get back to work so I panicked and said Thank you. He was responding in kannada and I was querying in English without any standard gateway to translate.
I could not get through accounts section since then.
I had the following queries in mind
  1. Obtain  username and password for broadband connection
  2. Find out why the broadband bill was not coming along with telephone bill.
  3. Why the broadband plan was not changed to new one as promised from 1st of June 2009
Not a big list but I have spent almost 1 hour and I am still inquisitive. How was your BSNL experience?

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