Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Death and mud

mind tries to reflect upon the power of death and trivializes mundane life

Death and mud

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

12:19 PM


After the last breath is released only body remains. The breath is given back to the winds. The body is burnt and the water goes into the clouds through the fire that facilitates burning. The remains are mixed with the soil and are offered to the river to meet the oceans.


Can you sense that energy when these elements interact with you in your surroundings? The air you breath, the water you drink , the soil on which you walk and the sun that gives energy. They mix and form and give birth and then they disintegrate and are returned back to nature. And it happens with everyone. No one is spared death. It is a certainty and the only certainty. Rest all comes and goes but death persists. The death is release of energy in environment that you can subscribe to and build on.


When everyone is mud then why do we have opinions? If you have the resources then why don’t you simply share it. Are you bounded by life and freed by death? Or are you free for life and after too. Go melt everyone and see the sand and walk over, fear is simply a perception, a feeling to guard against harm. And what harm can a piece of mud do to another?


Nature is free. Life is free. Death is certain. Die when you have to or die every minute before you have to. The choice is actually not a choice, one thing is certain and other is free to take and embrace. Or you can choose to embrace certainty before you have to and just because you are afraid of exercising your freedom. Shout, scream and shake or simply play and enjoy the game of life.

You don’t die after each good or bad experience, you come out shaken or thrilled but alive. Events are like moves of the games, some move could be to partner and some could be to opponent and some could be simply out of play but the sequence continues until the game ends. You can learn from the game and play the next one better or you can die with each game and forget about the rest or better wait for death.

You are born, you are alive and then you die.

You cannot choose when to be born or die but you can choose to live and be alive.



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Friday, May 25, 2007

मुश नानाजी और internet

अभी मैं मुश्कान के नानाजी को इन्टरनेट कि खुबियोँ के बारे मैं बता रह हूँ। झाँसी का नक़्शा भी दिखाया और बताया कि एसे हिंदी मैं भी टाईप कर सकते हैं। और आजकल समाचार भी हिंदी मैं देख सकते हैं। अभी हम क्रिकेट के बारे मैं विचार विमर्श कर रहे थे और परेशां थे कि दोनो ओपनिंग बल्लेबाज चोट के करना आराम करने क्यूँ चले गए। आज शाम के उन्हें कर्नाटक एक्सप्रेस से वापिश जाना हैं

Thursday, May 24, 2007

from malu, my college mate

My current strengths are in operations/execution and most notably in team building and technology management. Given an opportunity I am able to break it up into manageable pieces and assign it and empower people to deliver on time. I am not averse to research during analysis phase.
The weakness is in terms of specialization in technology but the strength is no technology is daunting or causes fear of embracement.
I have personally participated in projects that have scaled to monolith size and also to college type experiments where in the size is small but turnaround time is minimal.
The weaknesses are in sales, marketing ,finance, customer and social network management. How to sell to customer who will bluntly ask you " what is the specific solution that you have for me? I need to get more exposure to customers who can stump me and I need to learn to respond appropriately.

Build Case Study
I need to build a convincing case study for successful product lifecycle with appropriate references. Also few forceful business cases that can have disruptive effect in the future of the company.
Currently the KPO are structured into analytics, market research, patent, legal and financial engineering. Analytics involves analysis of data ie., data crunching and making sense about of it. Finance is different from accounts and could involve risk management etc.,
BTW Veg Extravagenza at Dominoes with Cheese ?? Is an excellent pizza. The cheese simply drips and you are left licking your fingers.

Sunday, May 20, 2007

mginger -custom ad model

a neat way to view what you like to see ads for

orkut - Dhaval's scrapbook: "
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Monday, May 14, 2007

education online -- saves cost

We have enough content to create a university out of it. This content is locked and is available for internal consumption only.
What if this content is exposed to outside world in a selective and gradual process? We will have enough Indians exposed to quality education material. This material is relevant to current context in which we operate and the students will be up to date with what we are teaching.
We can have a selection filter in place that would certify that these students have absorbed and understood the materials and can apply them to practical problems. Their application and logical reasoning can also be tested. We need to find the cost of deployment of such infrastructure. This should be also compared to the side effects that are created when such infrastructure is freed up.
The expenses on training can be saved along with the lodging and boarding costs. The time and the resources can be diverted to more productive usage like creating specialists and technologists who are passionate about their domain or technology. This way we can mobilize greater force into innovation and enable passion to flourish on a sustained basis

Sunday, May 13, 2007

on mother's day

it's turning into a beautiful love story, we are separated by distance but can chatter along for long, she asked me "Am i well?" and told that शीखा मौसी was not well and had fever and vomitted. she wondered that it had been so many days since she was away "one two three years, एक महिने से ऊपर हो गया ना, मैं कल परसों और कल आ जाऊंगी , मुशे तुम्हारी बहुत याद आती है, i love you papa and i said i love you darling and she went around saying that to the whole house that papa said i love you, darling, she came back on line and said "but i love you papa",
i asked to wish her नानी , दादी और ममी "happy mothers day" and she did so promptly and even her दादी भी काफी खुश थी कि उसने अपने आपने आप कहा , बिना उनके बताने से , मैं चुप रहा क्यूंकि अगर मैं कहता कि मैंने मुश से कहा था तो शायद उनकी ख़ुशी कम हो जाती
her voice is so clear and words sound so mature that it is hard to believe she is so young and in लोवे थें थे डाक्टर ने कहा था कि बचे प्यार का मतलब नहीं समझते हैं , i dont know how much of that is truth
मेरी माँ बहुत खुश थी कि वोह रामोजी स्तुडोस गए हैदराबाद मैं और मेरे पिताजी को टोपी लगायी तीन सौ रुपये की , लेकिन वोह काफी खुश थी और वहाँ पर दिन भर घूमा , यह ट्रिप उनके लिक्ये काही अचि रही क्यूंकि उन्हें पूराने दोस्त मिले और स्री सैलम भी देखने को मिल
हम लोग मात्र दिवस का इंतज़ार क्यूँ करते हैं अपनी माँ को याद करने के लिए

Monday, May 07, 2007

Understand the underlying current

Understand the underlying current before commenting or giving a generic recommendation. Like for example, someone ask you for direction and you start by saying that you should find out what you like to do, what is your passions, follow your heart etc., I guess instead you get beneath the question and understand what originated the question. Find out why there is need for change, what is causing change and why is the person uncomfortable in the present situation? That could address the specific situation and then apply a generic solution. You can customize to individual needs.
If management comes out with something that differs from your point of view then absorb their point of view and then only highlight your point of view. Do not be defensive but be assertive in your approach, it might help to park your ego to have a open mind during and after the discussion too.
If friends have drastic view or have unreasonable expectations than try to know why is it so? Do not shun friendship just for the fear that you may be used. It is okay to be altruist. It is okay to get up at odd hours and give your car key to a friend. It is okay to ask and be asked. This is age of collaboration and not lonely warriors. Expand your individuality to be inclusive.

Are you a knowledge worker?

Are you a knowledge worker?

A person who can think, interpret trends, visualize existing scenario and predict future. Data is just a number like population of india is 2 Billion. Information can say 75% are youth. Knowledge compares this with rest of world and says developed world will have 75% old age population.
A business man sees a opportunity and finds ways how to tap this youth say analyses this youth data, finds their current skill sets and matches that with market trends and comes out with a business plan that will train these youth to be ready for the next wave of outsourced work.
A normal lead is normally sandwiched between his subordinate aspirations and his superiors deadline driven approach and is reduced to a mere taskmaster and facilitator. He needs to be persistent in delivering same message again and again to his subordinates and also endure for small failures that might happen during the journey.
In a work environment that is exploratory in nature there should be encouragement for creativity and innovation, emphasis on fun during exploration and celebrations on small successes.
He should be able to focus on senior management vision and do activities that will lead the company towards realizing that. In the nitty gritty of daily operations he may lose on the vision and may take drastic decisions that could negatively affect his career.
He should be able to project the benefits of current activities in language that CEO understand namely shareholder value, non-linear growth, solutions for next disruptive technology/business model.
He could learn about market trends,business case and business plan etc., and translate and merge his small technology work into managements vision.

small player vs big player

What can a novice player bring to market that a established player cannot?
There are four types of player in the market. The vertical/horizontal player, technology provider and service provider. The fourth is the small player.
The vertical player has employees, management and customers. Its employees follow processes to satisfy customers and internal housekeeping driven by the vision and directive of the management.
Information flows from management to employees and back, from employees to customer and back and sometimes from customers to management and back. There are also industry analyst and market trends that influence decision making capability of management. Also there could be innovation that could come from anyone of them that could influence disruptions in current processes or business models.
The technology provider are also similar to vertical player except that their customer are vertical player/enterprises or consumers. They need to maintain a product portfolio in line with market trends and customer current and future needs. They could also influence decision making of their customers using industry data and mapping it to their product portfolios.
Then there are service provider who have one or both of above as customers. Their employees are mostly well qualified and well trained knowledge workers. They need to fill the gap between the above two. Sometimes it could be system integration where they integrate diverse systems of vertical player using their diverse pool of skilled knowledge worker. They could support technology provider with support and development. Sometimes their vision can be aligned and they could partner on equal terms.

The small players have the speed and focus into growing into any one of above. The key is identification of niche market that is untapped and provides growth opportunity.

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

path clarity;energy;ego bashing

The objective should be clear. The roadmap should be in sight and best practices along with the set processes should be in place if one needs to seriously pursue one's dream.

Apply the principles learned in books and internet. Find the gaps and strengthen them. Don’t get into the habit of simply learning and getting thrilled. Learn to burn rubber on the tar and feel the heat.

Lets take example of any of the idea conceived in the past. Where do they stand in terms of progress? Do you simply want to be a idea generator and feel good about it? Where is the process of taking these ideas to market or to repeat a process if one comes out with newer ideas?
Innovation is a repetitive process and to put it into practice you need well defined process. You need learning's of past captured as a best practice so that you reduce the effort of future.

Unless you act you will simply be where you, cuddling in your comfort zone.

Saints say that you are the energy. I am energy and it is upto me to disintegrate or construct using the same. Just keep saying "I am energy". It could be the mantra that will awaken you, that will possess you and that will shake you out of your slumber. You have been dragging this for so long that it comes naturally to you. To break a habit you need the will. The will to change. You need to change before the world can be corrected of its shortcomings.
You are the source of energy and so is everyone around you. It is upto to you to tap into this source and create or question/doubt to disintegrate and extinguish. It may have something to do with trust and how you respond to low energy and high energy. Both are different and must be handled discreetly.

Ego bashing requires a villain. You boost your ego by destroying the behavior of other in your mind. It disturbs your mind. You lose peace of mind but it feeds your ego and then you glorify it. You fan the fire and the negativity collects. You wonder what is wrong with you as your behavior with the people you care also gets affected. You do not feel that you are building a character that is self-defeating and defensive.

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