Monday, May 14, 2007

education online -- saves cost

We have enough content to create a university out of it. This content is locked and is available for internal consumption only.
What if this content is exposed to outside world in a selective and gradual process? We will have enough Indians exposed to quality education material. This material is relevant to current context in which we operate and the students will be up to date with what we are teaching.
We can have a selection filter in place that would certify that these students have absorbed and understood the materials and can apply them to practical problems. Their application and logical reasoning can also be tested. We need to find the cost of deployment of such infrastructure. This should be also compared to the side effects that are created when such infrastructure is freed up.
The expenses on training can be saved along with the lodging and boarding costs. The time and the resources can be diverted to more productive usage like creating specialists and technologists who are passionate about their domain or technology. This way we can mobilize greater force into innovation and enable passion to flourish on a sustained basis

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