Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Volunteer for a Better India

Volunteer for a Better India (VFABI) is a project for making a difference to our neighborhood, our country and above all to one's self. It is a Citizen's Action Plan. Old and young, rich and poor, urban and slum dwellers, school/college students, Corporate and Business Community, NGOs, RWAs, Hospitals, Leaders from Art, Culture, Music, Literature, Theatre would have an opportunity to participate.

This initiative invites you to Give 1 Hour to the Nation. Choose any Activity that you think will make a difference, under any of the 6 Themes - 

  1. Environment, 
  2. Education, 
  3. De addiction, 
  4. Girl Child and Women's Safety, 
  5. Senior Citizens and 
  6. Good Governance/ Voice against Corruption.

VFABI is officially getting launched on 3rd feb in Delhi

You can register online at http://www.vfabi.org
via SMS 
SMS to 8080801010 vfabiEmailNameSurname
and like this page on facebook.

enjoy the theme

satsang syncs both sides of brain

Q> What is satsang?
Left brain is logic. When people ask questions and Guru replies knowledge then it exercises the left brain.
Right brain is thought. When people sing the same single song together as a group, a union of emotions and rhythm happens which lifts the spirits, makes you feel lighter.

Sometimes the energy takes over. भाव मैं ऊर्जा भावी हो जाती है और वातावरण मैं तरेंगे उत्पन करती है, कुछ लोग कुछ अवस्था मैं बैठ जाते हैं जो समझ मैं नहीं आती है, यह उनको भी पता नहीं होता की उनके साथ क्या हो रहा है।

Q> What would you be if you had not started Art of Living?
If I were a cook then I would give 100% to it. Whatever else I would have been I would have given 100% to it. Be it any profession. Whatever profession I would have been I would have given 100%?

Q> I want to acquire all knowledge in world. What is the best way?
You cannot get into depth of all. You cannot know Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, and all at the same time in depth.

It is not possible for us to get knowledge of everything on earth, we can only do justice to one profession at a time. Pursue your profession with the enthusiasm and give it 100%. But, with meditation, breathing techniques, you can develop your intuitive power which is at the core of every knowledge.

Impromptu - Sri Sri waved a bhajan in full swing to pause to give the meaning of the song.
यहाँ आकर , यहाँ की सरलता देख कर , सहजता से, मेरे हाथी जैसे अहंकार को बकरी ने खा लिया। ऐसा एक कन्नड़ के भजन का अर्थ गुरूजी ने बताया जो की एक अफगान से आये सूफी संत ने कई सौ साल पहले कहा था जब वह कर्णाटक मैं आकर गुरु गोविन्द पाद का शिष्य बना था।

Q> How to get across your point of view? How to explain so that people understand?
Some get it by words,
Some by a little gesture,
Some by vibration

कुछ बातों से समझ जाते हैं
कुछ इशारों से
कुछ विचारों से
कुछ तरंगों से
जिन्हें समझना होता है
वो समझ ही जाते हैं
बाकि नासमझ रह जाते हैं

Impromptu - When questions started losing the quality, this is what Sri Sri suggested to relook into.
There are five types of questions that people ask.

  1. In  disease and hopelessness . They are not interested to get your answers. They are only keen to express their pain.
  2. In anger and frustration. Nothing will go into their heads too. 
  3. In order to check your knowledge. They think they know and want to know if you know or not.
  4. In order to make their presence felt. They want to sound/look intelligent.
  5. Sincere and meaningful question. A sign of seeker who knows the question is bothering him and he has total trust in the ability of the person whom he asks question that he would get an answer.
The first 4 above will not need your answer so save your energy. The 5th come from space of genuine enquiry. Honor their question and give them sincere answers.

Q> Why do good people have to do sadhana साधना to reduce the probability of doing a bad act, whereas to do a bad act you do not have to do any hard work or maintain any discipline/routine/practice?

It is because of bad company in the past that in the present you have to do sadhana. Pranayama are known to erase the ill-effects of past actions and to prepare for a cleaner future. 

Gratitudes to +Sri Sri Ravi Shankar ji for allowing me to be part of satsang on last sunday at Bangalore Art of living International Ashram from 4:30-6 PM

Monday, January 28, 2013

Surya, the baby elephant

His neck was bruised
with all night struggle

He ignored the pain
to break the bondage

futile attempts
to set him free

he was taken away
from his mother

they said he was infant
easier to separate

his eyes filled
with tears
eyelids had
dried tears

with humans around
now he will only
develop fear

thick rope in neck
pains his hurt

only stays there
trunk stretched to be
fed by mahout hands
washed and bathed
in the Tunga
visitors take photo
kids say he is cute
pity his conditions
wonder his blood clots

rest of Suryas family
stood there near each other
as exhibits in museum
with name and age
to disclose to curious visitors

To pass some money
from visitors to mahout hands
in exchange
put trunk  on their heads
apparently a blessing
from the cursed elephants

for humans only
care to domesticate

the beast of wild freedom
now slave to human brain

Met Surya at Sakrebyle Elephant Camp, Shivmoga, Karnataka.

Will YOU do something to STOP infant elephants from being separated from their natural rights to receive their mother's love?

Intense eyes

With a cushion in hand
slipping below me
As I squatted
bent down to sit
my eyes went for HIM

HE was in nadi shodhan
The other eye covered
in the shadow of palm
the one eyed SAINT
looked deep into me

HIS eyelids fluttered
eyes rolling up
the look pierced
through me

My movement stopped
my glance was stuck
HIS eyelids shut

My eyes closed
the rudra puja chantings
had already begun

Body lost
Mind went down ages
Outlines of emotions
people and situations

the sam veda chants
took consciousness
further away
uncharted territories
sometimes familiar

om namah shivaye
brought back the life
to its present moment
monday morning blues
were set to begin

Eyes went locking HIM
with stare
Every movement noticed
Every gesture followed

And then the eyelids
seemed to move
opened to give a glimpse
the intense look
sharpened something within

just a fraction open
with immense power

HIS eyes went shut again
Opened and closed a few times
now only looking in front

HIS hands were offering
flowers to rudra linga
aarti performed
gratitude expressed
via vibrations

HE must have glanced at time
Wrapped up puja
the smile opened up
and the look went across
Vishalaksi mantapa
touching all longing hearts

HE stood and flew
into a distant dream...

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Art of living part 1 course, 21-26th Jan

We are concluding another art of living part 1 course at RBI Layout, center.

Thank you, one and all.

I will be updating this blog with more updates, so keep coming back.

Here are some videos.

Here are some photos.

Enjoy Sudarshan kriya. Have a fulfilling life. 

Friday, January 25, 2013

the rush of the routine - जल्दी करो

जल्दी उठो
जल्दी हगो
जल्दी मुंह
साफ़ करो

जल्दी स्नान
जल्दी कपडे
पहना करो

जल्दी नास्ता
जल्दी बस्ता
भागो नहीं तो
गाड़ी निकल जाएगी

जल्दी बदलो कपडे
जल्दी खाओ कुछ
जल्दी जाओ खेलने

जल्दी ट्यूशन
जल्दी होम वर्क
जल्दी रात का खाना
जल्दी सो जाओ

कल फिर जल्दी
उठना है

जल्दी मरो
जल्दी जिन्दा
होना है

इस भाग दौड़
मैं फिर चूहा
बनना है

Heads on - brain dead drive

Swerving left
swinging right
sometimes down
sometimes high

the swift on
four wheels
was flying high

even at eighty
it seemed a stroll
we were all eager
to reach home

the sun was hiding
slowly on the horizon
on my right

open fields
clear blue skies
endless sight

then the road rise
on an incline
no vision of
other side

from the corner
of my eyes
Saw him sitting
as if beside
focused only on overtake
two cars on my right

stunned, i gasped
how did i miss
the heads on collide

then on on every high
with no vision on other side
I was honking mad
to discourage
ugly overtakes

grateful to the grace
of the divine
the family survives

another reason to be
on art of living
the path kept us alive

Monday, January 21, 2013

Where to pay BESCOM electricity bill in RBI Layout?

BESCOM (The electricity utility service provider for Bangalore) has recently changed policy to receive the bills. They have a full fledged office behind Brigade gardenia where they were receiving electricity bills till November 2012.

I stood in queue to pay bill in December 2012 for more than an hour. The electricity was not there (Yes, in the electricity office ) and therefore the queue was not moving. They did not have backup power to run a simple computer to receive bill.

Finally, when my turn the lady service agent, smiled and said, we don't receive bills anymore here, you have to go to their base sub-station provider namely division S6. So the 1000 plus households of Brigade Gardenia and many more in neighborhood now have to go to JP Nagar 1st phase office or seek alternatives.

I went to their recently launched website which asked for account ID on BESCOM bill, I found none so could not register and pay online.

So, my research into a local ATP began. I knew there was one somewhere nearby but not sure where. The closest direction came from latlong.in direction service.

Today, morning I went on the discovery. It is located between Brigade Millennium and Puttenahalli Temple.
Here are the photos.

 If coming from Brigade Millenium then look for Sarovar hotel on right side. Then take the right into the road as shown in the photo.

Find an opening in the building on the right side. In the photo it is in beside the dog, after the location where Maruti Van is parked.

I was standing right in front of it and could not locate it. A gentleman who was standing nearby helped. The BESCOM ATP was empty and a small door ajar in the side. The good gentleman said the person was inside. I then knocked heavily on the door. Only then did he come out and promptly helped me with payment of bill.

How has been your BESCOM Utility bill payment experience in the last few months?

Saturday, January 19, 2013


You come to me to say
You lost the fire
You lost the zeal

You forgot
Deep within
the fire is eternally lit

covered in ash
our visions are blurred
what we grab
just burns

Some satisfy the
fire of taste and touch
fire to see and hear
that does not last long
as you have known
from own experience
and history

Greatest of all is
the fire to dissolve
the desire
the lust
the fury
may look difficult
to achieve

pause to see
in meditation
you can feel,  touch
breathe, smell
gently as you
become the fire
your destiny

deep within
the fire is a
soft melody

let the wind blow
away the ash
of ignorance, ego

for the fire will glow
forever and more

You are fire
a lamp long lit
feel the warmth
get insight
what you see is not
what you have become

You are fire
Move like one
Dissolve differences
burn small egos
let all the selves
you touch along
enlighten, enflame
in pure love
unconditional, grace

Friday, January 18, 2013

How to become Art of Living teacher?

Many have asked how to get the long sudarshan kriya tape. 
Many want to blossom in this lifetime itself.
Many want to know their true potential and self. 
Many simply want to give back to society.
Many just like to give.
Many want to get enlightened.
Many ask what sudarshan kriya is.
So, if you are one of the many then follow the guideline below

This is a 18 step guide.
  1. Do Sahaj Samadhi meditation course.
  2. Do a Art of Living Part 1 course.
  3. Practice Sudarshan Kriya regularly followed by Sahaj Samadhi.
  4. Do a Art of Living Part 2 course.
  5. Practice Sudarshan Kriya regularly and keep applying locks and Sahaj Mantra.
  6. Do a Art of Living DSN (Divya Samaj Ka Nirman) course.
  7. Listen to Ashtavakra knowledge tapes/CDs from +Sri Sri Ravi Shankar ji (Guruji).
  8. Listen to Patanjali yogasutras knowledge tapes/CDs from Guruji.
  9. Listen to Narada bhaktisutras knowledge tapes/CDs from Guruji.
  10. Attend weekly followup regularly at a art of living center close to you. 
  11. Volunteer and organize courses in your neighborhood. You need the energy of others who come into the path DUE to you. Its a subtle recommendation engine. 
  12. Regular means just that. If you miss a day, then the process begins anew :).
  13. Do a Art of Living Part 2 course, again. Yes, if you are lucky few bursts of energy here and there would set the path right for you. Now, for me the Art of living is the only WAY. For you, you have to discover. Keep meditating.
  14. Do Sri Sri Yoga part 1 and or part 2.
  15. Do pre-TTC (Teacher's Training Course). A chance to renew your seva energy and a glimpse into your capabilities.
  16. If you are lucky, you may qualify for TTC.
  17. Do TTC. You will undergo processes that will bring out the best that is needed for you. You will also learn the secrets of So Ham सो हम. You will also learn what is sudarshan kriya सुदर्शन क्रिया and what it is not?.
  18. If you are lucky, you may qualify to become teacher. The roller coaster begins.
If I have over-stepped or have gone undercover then please highlight the misses or simply throw some kudos. 

If you are overwhelmed, Nevermind. 

You want to go to Mt Kailash because you know the magnanimity of Himalayas. 

Welcome home.

water problem in JP Nagar 7th phase, Bangalore

Where is all the water going?

Today, saw tankers lining up in front of Brigade Gardenia, an apartment enclave in JP

3 waiting outside gardenia
been there for a while
another has been releasing water for a while now
another comes in from nowhere
What can you do to bring back water back into your life?
How have you misused and wasted water today?
How have you used the water today?
Water for your children.
Who cares?

Payback and future bazaar point redemption service

Story begins in 2012.

Payback will expire your accumulated points if unused for three years. I learnt it the hard way. So you better know it.

Around 20th Dec 2012 , we decided to redeem about some points. After years of regular credit card billing and petrol pump updates we had some points to boast of.

I thought of gift to the spouse, when you gift with points you don't peel the pinch of money leaving your wallet. The idea was good and the intention was right. Christmas and new year were on the horizon.

Payback site has limited options for duvets, initial choice. Then we searched their partners and found futurebazaar.in interesting. So, redeemed the points for a Titan watch.

Christmas came and went.
New year came and went.

Now lets talk about 2013. Roughly, around 7th January.

I called payback.in customer center to have an idea of what's happening. They take the mobile number during the call and then ask for verification again. I argued why you were wasting time with verification so many times. He was insistent. Then I gave name/address/mobile number again. He listened to my angered outburst and asked me to wait for a while.

After a while he said there is not much he could do and I had to call futurebazaar.in. I said why do you have a service if you cannot address the complaints of transactions. After asking me to hold for a while, he said he will transfer the call to his superior. Even he had no clue and said I will get the product in another 10 days. He said he will lodge a complaint with futurebazaar.in.

I was browsing through the futurebazaar.in site and could not locate the transaction. After some struggle found it in My settings or somewhere. Finally, there were the details of the order. Now with order number in my custody I had the courage to call futurebazaar customer service.

I requested them to cancel order if the watch did not come in 3 days, she said fine. After 4 hours she called back to confirm that product was not available so it could not be delivered. (Then why was it visible on the site). The transaction was reverted.

After 3 days, I called back payback.in and keyed in the payback number along with date of birth in the IVRS. The customer representative greeted with "Thank you for verifying using our IVRS, what can I do for you?" I said the points have not come back into payback from cancelled order from futurebazaar.

Interestingly, when I asked him about the status of complaint, as you have guessed correctly, he had no clue.

I said, forget about the complaint, I have cancelled the order. He said it will take 7 days for points to reflect back.

I am still waiting.
My spouse is still fuming, no gifts on christmas and new year.
Life is moving on.

BSNL landline and State bank of india bill payment service

It has been a collaborative effort from both  BSNL(Government led telecom giant in India) and SBI (State Bank Of India) to cause hassle to pay their landline and broadband bill.

SBI had a nice feature to make online payments for utilities like electricity and phone. I was using it for a long time. Once they delayed payment of electricity bill (BESCOM) and BESCOM promptly cut the electricity disregarding years of timely payments and loyalty.

Anyways, with lot of effort and a little pain the BESCOM guys did turn up late in night at about 11 PM to fix the line, I ended up paying the bill three times over three different mediums. On top of that, they were asking money for chai-pani , a common term for corrupted officials to get extra payments. Recently, the their office in RBI layout has stopped taking payments from 1000 plus residents of Brigade Gardenia. They were able to take payments till last months, now we have to find the nearest Bangalore one center or go to BESCOM office in JP Nagar 1st phase.

Initially SBI had issues for not allowing delayed payments, I raised a ticket and over period of time it got resolved. Its like post-dated cheque wherein you pay your bill just before the deadline. I was happy and was sincerely using their service till BESCOM incident and then stopped paying it from them since then. Their online as well as telephone support was clueless and of no help.

For past six months, BSNL is not updating their landline bill on SBI online payment site, or its other way. Whatever it is, it is pointless calling BSNL because I have already given a written complaint and their telephone support is non-existent. So, I was pinning hope on SBI but here's the snapshot of their "Customer care" service .

Nature of issue Unable to Pay bill
Ticket logged on 07/01/2013
Status In Discussion
Remarks The BSNL Bangalore bill is not presented since september. I have lost connection because of delayed payments.
Solutions and Discussions
From Dated Solutions
Customer Support Team 07/01/2013 We thank you for banking with us. The issue has been taken up with our concerned team. We expect to resolve this issue at the earliest. We regret for the inconvenience caused to you.
my comments 08/01/2013 Do you have a timeframe for earliest because I do not want to be disconnected this month also?
my comments 15/01/2013 can you explain what is "In Discussion" status of issue? Its been almost a week, do you want me to use your billing services or not? I have stopped using it for BESCOM and will do so for BSNL too because its becoming increasing unreliable.
my comments 17/01/2013 10 days in discussion, what is the use of this ticketing system if you cannot update it in real time. Will you hassle with BSNL if connection is dropped off this month also. Looks like bill payment is becoming a useless service too. Need to get more reliable alternative.
Your Feedback

Its been 11 days now, status is still "in discussion". Wake up before your customers start dumping you for alternatives...

How have your experience been with online payment services?

Walking on the street

Trees are moving
gently to the breeze

Chairs are waiting
for parents to seat

Playground's corner
is marked in white
a sports day of
local Montessori

Traffic is rushing
left right onto the street

Towering eucalyptus
going into the sky

big apartment complexes
covering the blue sky

A city landscape
is more and more
buildings and streets

Teachers are beaming
waiting for games to start
little toddlers coming
in caretakers arms

Parents have already
said Goodbye as
Papa has business meeting
Mama needs to treat the house maid

The Aya and the kid
will only be on the sports fields

listen to the first cut

Monday, January 14, 2013

पूजा और भगवान् - Prayer and God

भगवान् को पूजा की
जरूरत नहीं

उसने तो बहाना
दिया है तुम्हे
दिया जलाने का
माहोल बनाने का
घर संसार मैं
उत्साह उमंग
लाने का

तुम्हारे घर उसके
चित्रों की प्रदर्शनी न हो
ओर ऐसा भी न हो कि 
घर मैं स्थान ही न हो
बस एक दो ही सही
स्वछ और सुन्दर
स्थान पर हो

ऐसे भी नहीं की
सिर्फ दिवाली को
दिया जले और
दो इंची धूल साफ़ हो

घर मैं दिन मैं
एक बार दिया जले
तो संस्कार बनते हैं
वहाँ बच्चे भी
गुणवान और उत्साहित
हुआ करते हैं

आने जाने वाले भी
एक वीरान घर मैं नहीं
एक उत्सव मैं रुका
करते हैं

एक दिया की दिवाली हो
कुछ फूलों की माला हो
हलकी सी रंगोली
जीवन मैं रंग
और उमंग
भरती है

ध्यान सबसे बड़ी अर्चना है
लेकिन थोड़ी बहुत पूजा भी
घर मैं उत्सव बयान करती है


Inspired by talk by +Sri Sri Ravi Shankar  ji during satsang at +The Art of Living  international ashram at kanakpura road, bangalore on 12th January 2013.
Every day we have satsang from 6:30-8PM at ashram except on sunday from 4:30-6PM

पंडित - Pandit

किस मन्त्र का 
कब कहाँ और कैसे
उच्चारण हो
यह जानना जरूरी है

आजकल तो
शादी मैं श्राद का
श्राद मैं शादी का
मन्त्र पड़ा करते हैं

यह पंडित
यजमान के
schedule मैं  fit
हुआ करते हैं

नारी को नर का
नर को नारी का
गुण बयान करते हैं
ऐसी शादियाँ और शव
इन पंडितों से
भगा करती हैं

तुम भी थोडा
शरीर हिलायो डुलाओ
न ज्यादा अल्सायो
हर उत्सव या गम मैं
सही मंत्रों वाला पंडित
ढूँढ कर लाओ
आर्ट ऑफ़ लिविंग की
वैदिक पाठशाला मैं आओ
और देखो
पंडित कैसे बना करते थे और हैं

खुद भी थोडा सीखो
थोडा सबको समझाओ
अपने मन को भी
मंत्रों स्नान कराओ
जो समां है
उसके भाव मैं जाओ 


Inspired by talk by +Sri Sri Ravi Shankar   ji during satsang at +The Art of Living  international ashram at kanakpura road, bangalore on 12th January 2013.
Every day we have satsang from 6:30-8PM at ashram except on sunday from 4:30-6PM

साधना - Sadhana

तुम सद्गुणों की खान हो
दुर्गुण तो सिर्फ राख है
जो ऊपर से तुम्हे ढंके हैं

निरंतर साधना फूं करती है
राख उड़ाने को
फिर तुम्हे दिखाने को
वो छिपे अंगारे
जो हर दिल मैं
छिपा करते हैं

बस थोडा सा ध्यान
थोडा सा इंतज़ार
निरंतर , रोजाना
थोड़ी सी सेवा
थोडा सा सत्संग
सफा करती हैं
दुर्गुणों की राख को
बयां करती है
सद्गुणों की दास्तान

जैसे हवा तो सब जगह होती है
पर आश्रम मैं वातानुकूलित होती है
ठंडक देती है
ठहराव देती है
कम्पन घबराहट को
रोकती हैं बेचैन मन को
दिशा देती है भावों को
केन्द्रित करती है
देती स्फूर्ति हमें

साधना आश्रम मैं कभी कभी
साधना संसार मैं रोजाना
खुदी को खुदा तक
स्वार्थ को अपनेपन तक
मुर्दा को जिंदा तक
धीरे धीरे मिलाया करती है

साधना मुझे मुझसे मिला रही है
कुछ कुछ ही सही
पर रोजाना

Inspired by talk by +Sri Sri Ravi Shankar ji during satsang at Art of living internation ashram at kanakpura road, bangalore on 12th January 2013.

volunteer for a better India

A thread that connects
makes me universal
and universal mine
is +The Art of Living

but for many its
alien concept
so we bring
all isms
volunteer for better india
volunteer for your neighborhood
volunteer for better america
volunteer for better australia
volunteer for better africa
now you too can become
a nationalist, localist, anylist

a chance for you
to stretch your hands
clean your lands
address the issues
that bother humanity
at ground level

you change
you take responsibility
to make current affairs issues
a reality of past history

all you need to do
is give one hour
instead of gossip and despair
touch hearts and uplift lives
it really takes very little
to make a landslide

so go out
reach out
shake off your fears and now
shake your hands
with your neighborhood

The official site is http://www.vfabi.org/ , do not get carried away by spammers with similarly names sites like volunteerforbetterindia.com etc., You have been warned.

Saturday, January 12, 2013

उनके लिए तत्पर - longing for the divine

भगवान् आंगन मैं
बंद हैं पट

खोलो झरोखा
देखो मन

आने दो हवा को
सींचे मन

पलट के नज़रें
देखो मन

इधर उधर नहीं
भीतर  अन्दर

झुकी नज़र
उठती पल

सामने बैठें हैं
भगवान् अन्दर

फिर क्यों
खोजे हैं
भटके मन

गुजर न जायें
बीतें पल

सारे के सारे
बिखरें क्षण

एक मिलन
की आस मैं

बैठें हैं लेके
भीगी पलकें
बेचैन मन
हर पल

तत्पर तत्पर तत्पर

I can breathe - Tribute to Sudarshan Kriya and Sahaj Meditation

So much have passed
So much have happened
Life has been a routine
running through
thick and thin

Time has flew
Moments have passed
I was glued
to events outside

Ignored the rhythm
closed the heart
searched for fun
spent outside

Another day of great rush
Why dont you try?
Learn simple breathing
and meditation techniques

Interrupted, paused
a soft rhythmic breath
sudarshan kriya
blew me apart
unlearning had begun

She touched and whispered
gently from the heart
I am evernew, ancient
here and now
flowing through
in and out

Notice me
and you will see
deep secrets
life mysteries
unravelled, revealed

Another Sahaj Meditation sitting
created moments to
marvel and intrigue

flowing with gentle stream
on gentle adventure
jolts of energies

A vacation
of bliss and rest

courtesy my simple breath
I can breathe

Life is no more
a full stop

Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Praying mantis - acrostic

praying mantis - [Source ]

Ping pong ball
Rising across green
Attacked or defended
Yielded sometimes
Into the middle of bat
Not going anywhere
Good match

Mesmerized, the swinging head
Anticipating the next swing
Neither defense nor attack
Till the last point
In win or loss
Stood like GOD

How to feed a 3 year old? 1

Sing along
with plate full of rice
a little spoon
and 100% smile

chew chew chew
mama chew
pari chew
papa chew
chew chew chew

open your mouth
spoon full of rice
floats on the tongue

chew chew chew

mama chew
pari chew
papa chew
chew chew chew

open your mouth
spoon full of rice
floats on the tongue

chew chew chew

mama chew
pari chew
papa chew
chew chew chew

repeat - till you are satisfied that the child is overfed !!
have a glimpse of rendition - I know your  attempt will be better than mine

Monday, January 07, 2013

How to meet Alok Kejriwal?

Its simple.
Just work on your संकल्प शक्ति ( roughly translated as thought power).

I know you got it.

Now, How do you develop your संकल्प शक्ति?
Its simple.
Just get into a spiritual path and focus on it, single path, single vision.

Now, you would want to know which path will cross lines?
Its simple.
+The Art of Living

Now, they say success is not overnight. It took 10 years to reach the morning when overnight success happened.
So where do the 10 years of life go. Here's the step by step guide.

  1. Do a Art of Living Part 1 course.
  2. Practice Sudarshan Kriya regularly.
  3. Do a Art of Living Part 2 course.
  4. Practice Sudarshan Kriya regularly and keep applying locks.
  5. Do a Art of Living DSN (Divya Samaj Ka Nirman) course.
  6. Listen to Ashtavakra knowledge tapes/CDs from +Sri Sri Ravi Shankar ji.
  7. Attend weekly followup regularly. 
  8. Volunteer and organize courses in your neighborhood. You need the energy of others who come into the path DUE to you. Its a subtle recommendation engine. 
  9. Regular means just that. If you miss a day, your thought power degrades by a month.
  10. Do a Art of Living Part 2 course, again. Yes, if you are lucky few bursts of energy here and there would set the path right for you. Now, the Art of living is the only WAY. For me, not sure about you.
  11. Listen to Patanjali yogasutras knowledge tapes/CDs from +Sri Sri Ravi Shankar ji.
  12. Listen to Narada bhaktisutras knowledge tapes/CDs from +Sri Sri Ravi Shankar ji.
  13. Do pre-TTC.
  14. If you are lucky, you may qualify for TTC.
  15. Do TTC.
  16. If you are lucky, you may qualify to become teacher.
  17. Wait for a "International Bloggers Conference" to be organized by +Khurshed Batliwala and team.
  18. Spend the whole day wondering. What is going on?
  19. In the evening, the REAL Alok Ridinghood Kejriwal makes appearance. Looks a normal guy with t-shirt and jeans. You don't believe it until you hear and than the wooing begins. 
  20. You wish you could go beside and talk to him. 
  21. Sessions are ON and you don't want to be seen rude. So you bid your time and say Good Bye
  22. Have dinner at Annapoorneswari (Ashram Kitchen). Yes, the mind is tired and just want to get out and go home. Hold on. Just go have food.
  23. Coming out, you will see Mr. kejriwal and his beautiful wife. 
  24. You want to talk about a world changing idea but tummies around are mild. 
  25. You will most likely get "It will be a honor to hear about your app, do send me an email".
  26. After a while, you realize. You forgot the email id.
  27. So back and repeat few more steps above so that next time the awareness is Himalayan high. 
Inspired by speech by +Alok 'Rodinhood' Kejriwal given yesterday as part of International bloggers conference wherein he mentioned about addressing user's problems with open mind and soul.

Aadhar Card Enrollment drive at brigade gardenia

Thank you Brigade gardenia apartments owners association and officials from BBMP for organizing the Aadhar Card Enrollment drive at brigade gardenia. I think you can also request them to do same at your apartment enclave or layout.

Its free unlike the time when the drive to collect property tax is organized by some officials BBMP wherein they collect self-service fees.

Day 1
I went there in the afternoon. There were few people in the queue so took the form, asked a few as is this the only requirement and they said yes.

Then in the evening, armed with filled forms entered BMS hall (where the drive is currently stationed), the verification official said I needed a token. I stood in the queue from 4:45PM and this was told at 5:10PM. Went inside requesting for token. Another replied in Kannada, I said please explain in Hindi/English. He passed on the enquiry to another. In sincere, broken Hindi he said token cannot be given as it was already 5.  Then he said you also need to fill small form. He brought some from inside. They were in Kannada. He marked the places where the following needed to be filled

  1. Gas supplier name like HP/Indane
  2. Gas agency name like SLV enterprises in case of HP
  3. Gas connection number 
  4. Signature of owner
You need the form for each member of family who is applying for UID even though they may not own gas. Yes, even your 2 year old. 

A little fumed, got ready for the second day. A Saturday.

Day 2

I was there and sported the token with a serial number. The rules had changed. Now it was first come first serve. The poor token went into the dust bin. 

Heard stories of inefficient machines and staff. In average it took 30-40 minutes per person. Rest of the family was in and advised them to go back and come after 3 hours. 

There was a bulky guy with lots of ideas and voice. He came up with idea of new set of tokens that would be given to people sitting in queue for photo and a smile. I asked whats the point? He said it will help people at back to know when their turn will come. 

Suddenly the queue started moving briskly. All 4 machines seemed to start working and it suddenly looked like a breezer of a wait. After a pause came my turn. Done with mine came the turn of rest of family members. The guy at counter said take all your family members to laptop where my data was collected. I said why? After a hassle he relented and continued with the data entry of wife. 

Now the fun begins.
Since your wife does not have a address proof in her name you have to get it verified again from verification officer quoting your EID application number as proof. I said what about the kids. Its alright they dont need verification again.

I went outside. Now the verification officer had a smaller desk and was kept at the door entrance. After a little hassle and sense of superiority displayed in true government style he relented and signed.

I came inside. After the wife was done they said even the child has to be verified. Hmmm...

I came outside. By now the verification officer airs had risen several times high. The queue was large and kept displaying busy. A few active queue guys said why dont you join the queue. I said I can but their process sucked and I am only going inside and outside. He gave up. Meanwhile the verification officer was moving his table more inside the hall. And I was ignored. The inside guys got impatient and sent the same guy with supervisor looks (yes, with lots of belly and calm outside). He urged me to finish off my work. Finally, he did. 

I came inside. and so on and so forth. 

In about 3.5 hours, we were done with the application. With all the automation and laptops. There were lots of congratulations as we came outside. 

Few learning from the exercise of Aadhar Card or UID application process.

  1. Take the single page form in English (UID) as well as the small one in Kannada for gas for all.
  2. If you bring bank statement then get Bank Manager's seal and sign on it. 
  3. If you dont have address proof for children and spouse then 
    1. You get your UID application done, ask rest of family to wait at the same computer where your data was entered or ask them to come another day.
    2. The above decision is based on the menace of the verification official tantrums. 
    3. Get all dependent's form verified at the same time after your UID application.
  4. Do all family members data entry at the same laptop. You may wonder with 4 machines 4 people can efficiently do all family members at same time. NO, the operators search for keys and have to make correction in Kannada with each entry. So, at the same laptop common details are cached and are prompted by computer, so it becomes more efficient.
  5. If you have kids then take lots of snacks/milk/water chocolates.
  6. Take newspaper/books to read. 
If you are lucky ones who is done with application then put your relief comments down under. If not, then do share your angst.

learnings from #AOLIBC international bloggers conference

Whenever you go to a conference you get doubts. Questions like the following arise

  1. Will it be worth the drive?
  2. Will I learn something new?
  3. What will be the quality of speakers?
  4. Can time be spent in something more useful?

 But still the open mind pushes you along and tells
Just go and chill
If nothing more you will breathe the ashram air
So I do arrive on a beautiful Sunday morning wading through the kanakpura traffic.
There were few traffic snarls as one bully mini-truck brushed the back of a poor motor biker.

At the ashram gate, waving the teachers card, swooned inside.

After lots of pain and with support from spouse and kids I found the printers power cord. The invitation to the international bloggers conference was printed.
At Vishalaksmi Mantap, the reception simply ignored the printout and waved for me to jump in inside.
+Khurshed Batliwala (Bawa from here on) was already on the stage. I just dropped the body and glued my eyes and ears to his presence.

The kindergartens were to have session at ground floor and pro would go to Mahaveer hall. I thought for a while and marched on the steps and took the two floors flight.

A part time diamond merchant, full time Google super user (apparently got a tablet from Google to try) was struggling to go through without the slides. Bawa was reading out the points and he described, a truly humble sight. His recommendations were to

  1. group blog
  2. join and create presence on gang of 4 (Twitter, Facebook, Google and Youtube). Youtube is catching up with Facebook with over 800 Million users. So if you don't then do #videoblog.

Then came entrepreneur from UK who gave tips on blog monetization. The points from his talk

  1. it takes atleast 18 months before money starts flowing in
  2. try different advertisers, learn online terminology like CPC/CPM/lead generation and use Google Analytics.
  3. if you lose the #1 in organic search then it takes atleast 18 months to get it back. He narrated Groupon's loss of number 1 spot and its desperation to regain it and Google penalizing it for the same.
Slipped away to Mahalxmi Kalyan Mantap's to congratulate Richa on her marriage. Thank you Hunar for making me feel at ease. 

Came back from another delight from Bawa. He played 
  1. United breaks my guitar that caused United Airlines to lose almost 180 millions (that could have effectively bought 51000 guitars in replacement if they had acted in time)
  2. a+b whole squared video that went viral. He had given more interesting talks of Guruji knowlegde but this video was posted on an urgent request from +Dinesh Ghodke who wanted something to be up on Mathmagic before his session in Hyderabad.
The whole point is that your voice will not get unheard. Even a silly video, a little tweet can dislodge the best of system and corporate if the voice echoes across the social media. You don't have to depend on newspaper or Television to get insight into what is happening outside.

Off to Sunday afternoon treat at Annapoorneswari (the ashram kitchen). Got beautiful insight from Mahima on

  1. Dairy milk contains blood and pus from cows udders as they use machines that can pinch and wounds that dont heal
  2. chemical trails kill natural seeds
  3. every art of living part 1 project should take up a project to save a desi cow
  4. the desi cow licks the hands of human and grazes the relevant herbs to cure them when they drink the milk from the same cow
She got her insight from Dr. Velkov and is creating a website for her initiative on raw vegan food.

Then came the afternoon. 
With meals in belly and no inspiration to write 
found a little shade and eyes closed 
looking at vast empty skies

Over Heard the security talk. A couple with two kids was talking in kannada and broken English, the security in broken English was asking them to leave ashram. When I spoke Hindi, he released 
यह लोग आश्रम मैं आने के लायक नहीं हैं, वहां पीछे बैठ कर गलत काम कर रहे थे। 
And I was aghast. With two kids you come to ashram to nuggle. Some more samples of sick minds. 

After a long time sat in the front row in open air amphitheater to witness satsang with Gurudev,
An evening of pure delight
melodies from sahil
body had to get up and dance
little nuggets of advice
from your very own and mine
Off to bloggers conferance to hear that +Alok 'Rodinhood' Kejriwal too was into meditation and +The Art of Living  and even he yearned to meet Gurudev as anybody else. Some insights from his talk
  1. Problems are game
  2. open mind - if people copy game it means its popular, re-invent 
  3. measure - found that at level 7 of parking frenzy
  4. All active - be proactive, reactive and above all hyperactive - always respond to your listeners and online/offline community. A 13 year old game player asked him what CEO was when he tweeted to her he was? 
  5. use JGD to greet on birthdays, when people ask then redirect them to the grace of Guru.
  6. write post like "how to meet Guruji" and say when the soul beckons he will meet. The post is number 1 on Google search.
  7. Describe T-shirts and why they are worn when he meets Guruji.
Then something on 2+2=5. 
A beautiful song from Bhanu didi and few feautiful tips

  1. be responsible and make a positive impact with your post
  2. write often and tweet more
A lovely questionnaire from Gurudev post awards ceremony. Few tips from the master

  1. focus on the positives
  2. spend time with the face behind the book 
  3. God has books of all the faces
  4. moving children from violent games
    1. create a company which welcomes and respects them, make your presence more beautiful then the computer screen
    2. kids in america do not know the difference between shooting in video games and in real life. there are more gun shops in America than grocery stores.
  5. chorus against alcohol  

Witnessed the historical moment when Gurudev (+Sri Sri Ravi Shankar ) launched his personal blog

Please add on the above if I have missed any (I know its MANYiess :))

In the new years morning

When the world sleeps
snoring in contrast to
the chirping birds

with tonnes of alcohol
down the throat
giving excuse of
new years eve

drunk and lost
some in gutter
some on street
some good souls carry them home
some ugly ones
get together and gang rape

the refreshing new year
sun's rays seek sober human souls
They can only trickle
through rotten streets and
curtained window panes

only the rarest few
are up and awake
embracing the sun
soaking in the fresh morning chill
in the new years morning

inspired by HH +Sri Sri Ravi Shankar during the interaction at


in response to his poem THE NEW YEAR.

Thank you @ijustconnect #AOLIBC

Friday, January 04, 2013

The venom dance

Even the snakes
have tongues
to spit venom
lure  lust

The snake hood
flashes in the eyes
before the blink
strikes and blinds
taking away the moment of life

In some lifetime
when he had pride
oozing with venom
spitting left and right

now the cycle reversed
pride crushed
by recurrent moments
when the chest goes tight
throat chokes
navel wrenches inside
to cause him
tongue tied

Even the नील कंठ
has venom
that neither goes to heart
nor comes out in words
is eternally held back

Some days the mind is light
and the sun is warm
he raises the hood
and slithers outside
wading through green grass
bathing through melting dews
with human name and might

A dead wood falls
simply from the sky
his head sinks into the dirt

another moment of
disappearing life 

Shades of smiles

One smile

Some smile with insight
lost in their world

Some smile with out-sight
wondering at the world around

Some smile to pinch
Some to spread pure delight

Some just smiles
known sometimes as
mysterious smiles
hidden smiles or
crazy smiles

An expression of God
is just a smile


Its only when you
hold it back
that fist clench
and jaws jam

let it flow
so that you glow
in serene basking
the warmth of smile

Thursday, January 03, 2013

Sirimane waterfalls

Pure white
the water falls
near sringeri
in the western ghats

the road is thin
the scenery is thick
lush green tropical

sometimes engulf
sometimes on right
sometimes on left

sometimes the plains
stretch on both sides

Few little steps
take you near
loud noises
and lots of cheer

Your heart thumps to
हर हर महादेव !!
बस शिव की पुकार
हुए जाये बारम्बार

The white spread
inviting clear
the clothes drop
shamelessly the body rushes
civilization just crushes
embraces the mighty waterfall

Thundering on the back
a gentle massage
few trickles
pour into the mouth
divine taste

The hand on eyes
protecting the shine

as eyes go up
to catch a glimpse
of all whites
roaring streams of waterfall

What was perceived as
cold and calculated
is utter bliss and delight

the body soaked
the mind clear
the steps are heavy
as you clear
away from the waterfall

A longing look
dragging feet

another glimpse
heart stops
moment still

Its all white
Its alright
A divine delight

The painted wall

In the beginning
there was open space
open air and clear eyes

Then the mud formed the bricks
the bricks stacked
first in front
then on all sides

Vision blurred
Ugly walls needed cover
an idea called paint was born

The muddy bricks, hid
only the bright colors, lit
The imagination was happy

She worked hard
toiled day and night
held the family threads tight

He was overboard
pointing mistakes, galore
The lights are not off
The remote is on sofa
The tap is leaking
and faking colors
as his protectors

I am white and spotless
proclaimed he.
You are tainted and unclean
I am sensitive and sensible
You just live in your own world
endless tirade , went on for a while

Until the head banged the wall
removed the paint and exposed the wall
the bricks were his and
were hardened stone
He paused and gained insight

Into the world of walls
that he had built
separated and aloof
cornered and tensed
his nerves convulsed
searching for the Master
He gained some strength

Some bricks fall by
Some need divine intervention

He learnt to wait
for patience has a goal

Wednesday, January 02, 2013

A colored life

He said yellow
She said no
She recalled something some years ago

He tried to build a relationship
between that and now
He said white
She said no
She smirked and smiled

He felt dumb
said a little prayer
He said violet
She said no
She got up and went to other room

He thought hard
Put on a simpleton smile
and gathered courage to
say, Is it black?

By now the eyes had welled
and request to leave alone
was floating in the air

He was clueless but he cared
He scratched the corners of his brain
to find something new
and came out with blue.

Her body shivered
The convulsions real
She went to the restroom

His heart fluttered
wondering about the next moment
What could happen?
What could not happen?

The darkest hour and half
felt like eternity
His heart was heavy and
still there was no clue

The guesses were over
the restroom was over

now was the time for silence
a little introspection
a little ignorance

two worlds in between the same walls
painting to put on the color
that nobody knew
nor had any clue

Tuesday, January 01, 2013

A new beginning - 2013

The night went by
The dances subside
The ear deafening
loudspeakers went quite

Only few plates
chairs and the stage
leftovers from modern
civilized enclave dwellers
were scattered around

A loud thud of voice
Coming back with breakfast in hand
I woke up to see
two elderly women
beside the fountain
One hand was up and waving
other was somber and quiet

I followed her gaze
It went past me
sensed two more elderly women behind
They smiled

came the scream
piercing through the wind
a spontaneous smile spread over my wings

The ladies behind reciprocated
to the ladies ahead
They must be in eighties
or could be more
but still they welcomed the new year
with aplomb and gaiety

Each day is a new beginning
for them and us
Sun brings new rays
The wind is fresh
Every moment is born anew
Every moment dies too soon

Does not matter
if we are young or old
we are anew and ancient too

Welcoming you all to a new beginning
2012 did not end anything
2013 only brings new

A lot dies
A lot lives
A lot lows
A lot highs

I just pray
that the whole lot
brings forth
the witness within

inspired by +Sri Sri Ravi Shankar and +The Art of Living 

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