Tuesday, January 29, 2013

satsang syncs both sides of brain

Q> What is satsang?
Left brain is logic. When people ask questions and Guru replies knowledge then it exercises the left brain.
Right brain is thought. When people sing the same single song together as a group, a union of emotions and rhythm happens which lifts the spirits, makes you feel lighter.

Sometimes the energy takes over. भाव मैं ऊर्जा भावी हो जाती है और वातावरण मैं तरेंगे उत्पन करती है, कुछ लोग कुछ अवस्था मैं बैठ जाते हैं जो समझ मैं नहीं आती है, यह उनको भी पता नहीं होता की उनके साथ क्या हो रहा है।

Q> What would you be if you had not started Art of Living?
If I were a cook then I would give 100% to it. Whatever else I would have been I would have given 100% to it. Be it any profession. Whatever profession I would have been I would have given 100%?

Q> I want to acquire all knowledge in world. What is the best way?
You cannot get into depth of all. You cannot know Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, and all at the same time in depth.

It is not possible for us to get knowledge of everything on earth, we can only do justice to one profession at a time. Pursue your profession with the enthusiasm and give it 100%. But, with meditation, breathing techniques, you can develop your intuitive power which is at the core of every knowledge.

Impromptu - Sri Sri waved a bhajan in full swing to pause to give the meaning of the song.
यहाँ आकर , यहाँ की सरलता देख कर , सहजता से, मेरे हाथी जैसे अहंकार को बकरी ने खा लिया। ऐसा एक कन्नड़ के भजन का अर्थ गुरूजी ने बताया जो की एक अफगान से आये सूफी संत ने कई सौ साल पहले कहा था जब वह कर्णाटक मैं आकर गुरु गोविन्द पाद का शिष्य बना था।

Q> How to get across your point of view? How to explain so that people understand?
Some get it by words,
Some by a little gesture,
Some by vibration

कुछ बातों से समझ जाते हैं
कुछ इशारों से
कुछ विचारों से
कुछ तरंगों से
जिन्हें समझना होता है
वो समझ ही जाते हैं
बाकि नासमझ रह जाते हैं

Impromptu - When questions started losing the quality, this is what Sri Sri suggested to relook into.
There are five types of questions that people ask.

  1. In  disease and hopelessness . They are not interested to get your answers. They are only keen to express their pain.
  2. In anger and frustration. Nothing will go into their heads too. 
  3. In order to check your knowledge. They think they know and want to know if you know or not.
  4. In order to make their presence felt. They want to sound/look intelligent.
  5. Sincere and meaningful question. A sign of seeker who knows the question is bothering him and he has total trust in the ability of the person whom he asks question that he would get an answer.
The first 4 above will not need your answer so save your energy. The 5th come from space of genuine enquiry. Honor their question and give them sincere answers.

Q> Why do good people have to do sadhana साधना to reduce the probability of doing a bad act, whereas to do a bad act you do not have to do any hard work or maintain any discipline/routine/practice?

It is because of bad company in the past that in the present you have to do sadhana. Pranayama are known to erase the ill-effects of past actions and to prepare for a cleaner future. 

Gratitudes to +Sri Sri Ravi Shankar ji for allowing me to be part of satsang on last sunday at Bangalore Art of living International Ashram from 4:30-6 PM

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