Monday, January 21, 2013

Where to pay BESCOM electricity bill in RBI Layout?

BESCOM (The electricity utility service provider for Bangalore) has recently changed policy to receive the bills. They have a full fledged office behind Brigade gardenia where they were receiving electricity bills till November 2012.

I stood in queue to pay bill in December 2012 for more than an hour. The electricity was not there (Yes, in the electricity office ) and therefore the queue was not moving. They did not have backup power to run a simple computer to receive bill.

Finally, when my turn the lady service agent, smiled and said, we don't receive bills anymore here, you have to go to their base sub-station provider namely division S6. So the 1000 plus households of Brigade Gardenia and many more in neighborhood now have to go to JP Nagar 1st phase office or seek alternatives.

I went to their recently launched website which asked for account ID on BESCOM bill, I found none so could not register and pay online.

So, my research into a local ATP began. I knew there was one somewhere nearby but not sure where. The closest direction came from direction service.

Today, morning I went on the discovery. It is located between Brigade Millennium and Puttenahalli Temple.
Here are the photos.

 If coming from Brigade Millenium then look for Sarovar hotel on right side. Then take the right into the road as shown in the photo.

Find an opening in the building on the right side. In the photo it is in beside the dog, after the location where Maruti Van is parked.

I was standing right in front of it and could not locate it. A gentleman who was standing nearby helped. The BESCOM ATP was empty and a small door ajar in the side. The good gentleman said the person was inside. I then knocked heavily on the door. Only then did he come out and promptly helped me with payment of bill.

How has been your BESCOM Utility bill payment experience in the last few months?
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