Friday, January 25, 2013

Heads on - brain dead drive

Swerving left
swinging right
sometimes down
sometimes high

the swift on
four wheels
was flying high

even at eighty
it seemed a stroll
we were all eager
to reach home

the sun was hiding
slowly on the horizon
on my right

open fields
clear blue skies
endless sight

then the road rise
on an incline
no vision of
other side

from the corner
of my eyes
Saw him sitting
as if beside
focused only on overtake
two cars on my right

stunned, i gasped
how did i miss
the heads on collide

then on on every high
with no vision on other side
I was honking mad
to discourage
ugly overtakes

grateful to the grace
of the divine
the family survives

another reason to be
on art of living
the path kept us alive

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