Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Volunteer for a Better India

Volunteer for a Better India (VFABI) is a project for making a difference to our neighborhood, our country and above all to one's self. It is a Citizen's Action Plan. Old and young, rich and poor, urban and slum dwellers, school/college students, Corporate and Business Community, NGOs, RWAs, Hospitals, Leaders from Art, Culture, Music, Literature, Theatre would have an opportunity to participate.

This initiative invites you to Give 1 Hour to the Nation. Choose any Activity that you think will make a difference, under any of the 6 Themes - 

  1. Environment, 
  2. Education, 
  3. De addiction, 
  4. Girl Child and Women's Safety, 
  5. Senior Citizens and 
  6. Good Governance/ Voice against Corruption.

VFABI is officially getting launched on 3rd feb in Delhi

You can register online at http://www.vfabi.org
via SMS 
SMS to 8080801010 vfabiEmailNameSurname
and like this page on facebook.

enjoy the theme

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