Friday, January 18, 2013

BSNL landline and State bank of india bill payment service

It has been a collaborative effort from both  BSNL(Government led telecom giant in India) and SBI (State Bank Of India) to cause hassle to pay their landline and broadband bill.

SBI had a nice feature to make online payments for utilities like electricity and phone. I was using it for a long time. Once they delayed payment of electricity bill (BESCOM) and BESCOM promptly cut the electricity disregarding years of timely payments and loyalty.

Anyways, with lot of effort and a little pain the BESCOM guys did turn up late in night at about 11 PM to fix the line, I ended up paying the bill three times over three different mediums. On top of that, they were asking money for chai-pani , a common term for corrupted officials to get extra payments. Recently, the their office in RBI layout has stopped taking payments from 1000 plus residents of Brigade Gardenia. They were able to take payments till last months, now we have to find the nearest Bangalore one center or go to BESCOM office in JP Nagar 1st phase.

Initially SBI had issues for not allowing delayed payments, I raised a ticket and over period of time it got resolved. Its like post-dated cheque wherein you pay your bill just before the deadline. I was happy and was sincerely using their service till BESCOM incident and then stopped paying it from them since then. Their online as well as telephone support was clueless and of no help.

For past six months, BSNL is not updating their landline bill on SBI online payment site, or its other way. Whatever it is, it is pointless calling BSNL because I have already given a written complaint and their telephone support is non-existent. So, I was pinning hope on SBI but here's the snapshot of their "Customer care" service .

Nature of issue Unable to Pay bill
Ticket logged on 07/01/2013
Status In Discussion
Remarks The BSNL Bangalore bill is not presented since september. I have lost connection because of delayed payments.
Solutions and Discussions
From Dated Solutions
Customer Support Team 07/01/2013 We thank you for banking with us. The issue has been taken up with our concerned team. We expect to resolve this issue at the earliest. We regret for the inconvenience caused to you.
my comments 08/01/2013 Do you have a timeframe for earliest because I do not want to be disconnected this month also?
my comments 15/01/2013 can you explain what is "In Discussion" status of issue? Its been almost a week, do you want me to use your billing services or not? I have stopped using it for BESCOM and will do so for BSNL too because its becoming increasing unreliable.
my comments 17/01/2013 10 days in discussion, what is the use of this ticketing system if you cannot update it in real time. Will you hassle with BSNL if connection is dropped off this month also. Looks like bill payment is becoming a useless service too. Need to get more reliable alternative.
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Its been 11 days now, status is still "in discussion". Wake up before your customers start dumping you for alternatives...

How have your experience been with online payment services?
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