Monday, October 28, 2013

Learnings from Life of Pi and Yeh Jawani hai Deewani

Yesterday was a grand treat of movies and after a very long time had the patience to sit through 2 of them.

Life of Pi

  1. Goodbye - When what is close goes there is everything else but no Goodbye. When Anandi went there was no Good bye and when Richard Parker went there was no Good bye. 
  2. God - the stories of God are unbelievable, spectacular. God stories are not trivial. The journalist started to believe when he said "I prefer the story with the Tiger and floating island". The same was true about Japanese investigators of shipwrecked company.
  3. Hope - Above all , never lose hope. Living with God is edge of seat adventure and if you give up it will be ordinary life. 
  4. Communicate - If you have to share a boat with tiger then learn to communicate in a language that is known to tigers around you.
  5. End - Its your story now, give it whatever end you want.
  6. Surrender - Don't wait for a shipwreck to surrender to the higher master, do it in good times.
  7. Why do many go away in a shipwreck and only few survive? Why does God play survival games only with selected few? In the desert, on a moutain, in the oceans, the stories of survival over period of time keeps the hope alive.
  8. Doubts are there to check the Faith. Faith is there to enrich lives.
  9. It happened. Move on now. 
Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani
  1. Live your dream 
  2. Invoke confidence
  3. Encourage life - the world is imperfect , show the perfection around. Encourage to let the spirits rise. 
  4. Use supporting words
  5. Be sensitive 
  6. Lose something - you will not get everything in one lifetime. Prepare to lose some. Be lost in what you have. 
  7. Presence - Sometimes the presence of near ones is more enlivening than the pace of life.
  8. Halt - hold on to a view till the sun sets , don't rush off to another view. Let one sound and light show sink in before moving to another.
When the roller coaster ends, its back to routine. Find thrill in walking in freedom, rather than strapped and tied to the roller coaster cars.

Look for values in the glamor and shipwrecks of life.

Love is all that God has , other things are accessories.
Don't be lost in the side view, play the main ACT. Its never too late , to come back.

How did your weekend go?

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