Thursday, November 29, 2007

ruralzing the success story

A trip was organized by for Bangaloreans to visit HaleNijagal on Tumkur road on 25th November 29, 2007.There were 14 individuals that turned up through either our network or website ( Few were on complimentary passes. Everybody paid for the food/guide and transport cost.


There were from diverse backgrounds but all were urban dweller eking out a living in urban Bangalore. They were our guest for the day. The age group would start in twenties and go in early forties.

Everybody had a fun-filled day and they left the day wanting to have it started a little earlier. The breakfast, lunch and snacks were prepared at host home. The guide and rural games were organized by the Host. It also included a eco walk through village and its fields and it temples. We met many interesting people enroute and there was lot told about village history, rituals and flora and fauna.

The host hospitality was well appreciated and even at the end of tiring day their were only smiles to be exchanged.


We hope that this fun exclusive trips would someday turn into educative and developmental nature.


We need your support to extend this concept to your neighborhood. Please connect us with educationist/industrialists/politicians/government officials who like to enable and transform rural India.

ruralzing the concept


Create a sustainable brand that can be easily trusted by both urban and rural fraternity. Leverage this brand to build rural centric sustainable business models.

a) Build
  1. the brand – initial vehicle is tourism
  2. the trust – extend team to be all inclusive
  3. sustainable business models – offshoot of growth and ideation by rural india
b) Grow
  1. number of villages and participation within villagers
  2. number of urban tourists and participation amongst them
  3. network of educationists/NGO’s and government officials
c) Develop and nurture
  1. Savings habit in rural india.
  2. Make them aware of their rights
  3. Enable them to highlight their problems and seek its solution through our network.
What we are not
  1. Advisors
  2. Know-all experts
What we will not tolerate
  1. Insensitivity to either urban or rural folks pride/dignity/culture.

Monday, November 26, 2007

Launch trip to halenijagal

The squirrel was basking in the sunshine. My hands were tightly tied to the body. The chill was nail-biting. The time was 7 in the morning. I called all and gave a enthused GOOD MORNING.

I was waiting. There were multiple points and the Tempo traveler (TT) was doing its round.  And it was a long wait because with one smart move I had to further wait till 8:40 to get into the car that was carrying a family for the visit. We went out using the NICE road that exited on Tumkur road. The TT was left behind.

We had tea and nariyal-pani at roadside dhaba and coasted along NH4.

After crossing Dabbaspeth we saw a tractor with trolley and our entourage romping up and down on it on seeing us. We reached the host house and had a unique form of rice item as breakfast.

People were inter-mingling and getting to know each other. We began our eco-walk through village. There were curious onlookers and a nice group followed us too. We chatted with few on before reaching the place where capsicum grew.

We took a long halt at school premises as most of us played gilli-danda, kanche/goli, chauser and the rope broke in tug-o-war.

Another temple visit and some more historical insight into the village, we chatted along and plucked fresh sweet beans from fields and had coconut water without straw. The host mentioned he required no money and that it was due to love (preeti). Another halt at a temple and there sweet songs and melodies before we came to host house and had lumpsome lunch.

The host was coming back from the field with a bundle of dried ragi sticks and a cow and a calf in front and behind. We thanked him for hosting us as he smiled. We allowed the TT to take us to the hillock temple and get a view of tank.

We returned singing and having fun as one by one they all found their way and walked away. I could only thank them for having spent a day of their life experiencing what we promised to be a memorable experience.


Saturday, November 10, 2007

What is the objective? Why is angst anti-objective?

A simple question. Few complex answers. It is easy to list the questions. It is difficult to explore answers. Therefore I will list only and allow you to explore.

Why do I randomly browse Internet? Is it to kill time? Is it to learn?

What do I want to achieve in the next 2 hours? Or can I simply attempt to do something with focus and attention and in order to meet an objective?

Why does the mind scheme, calculate and nurse a hurt? What is the objective in getting back at someone with equal animosity and hurt-back?

Why are hurt resident and creativity non-resident in mind?

Why did I walk at 5 AM on a Saturday morning?

Why do I give so much attention to my child and why is it only sometimes?

Why do birds sings, winds blow in face and the nature is scenic spot?

Why don’t I buy gold?

Why should I give back to society?

Why should I live?

Why should I die?

Why should I participate in this cycle of life?

Guruji says "Angst is due to thoughts. Thoughts of past or future." Can we have thoughts of present. Not possible. Present is an experience. Each experience has a location, interaction. Each experience creates feelings. Feelings form impressions. Mind is a battlefield to fight impressions using armory of thoughts.

Personal hurt can take away life from you and you would not even know about it.You can change your objective and decide not to focus on them instead.

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