Thursday, November 29, 2007

ruralzing the concept


Create a sustainable brand that can be easily trusted by both urban and rural fraternity. Leverage this brand to build rural centric sustainable business models.

a) Build
  1. the brand – initial vehicle is tourism
  2. the trust – extend team to be all inclusive
  3. sustainable business models – offshoot of growth and ideation by rural india
b) Grow
  1. number of villages and participation within villagers
  2. number of urban tourists and participation amongst them
  3. network of educationists/NGO’s and government officials
c) Develop and nurture
  1. Savings habit in rural india.
  2. Make them aware of their rights
  3. Enable them to highlight their problems and seek its solution through our network.
What we are not
  1. Advisors
  2. Know-all experts
What we will not tolerate
  1. Insensitivity to either urban or rural folks pride/dignity/culture.
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