Sunday, November 15, 2015

Guilty yet again - reAwakening with Dr Divya ji

It was a chance meeting with Dr. Divya (fondly called as chechi).  She stays in art of living ashram @ bangalore but was on a friendly visit to Ragini's house post our volunteer's meet.

Bala insisted to take a quick shower and come into volunteers meet post Guru Puja.

What unfolded was unexpected, pleasant and shocking? A path resetting exercise if you wish.  We had rare opportunity to hear Chechi/Ragini/Pawan in unison in Guru Puja followed by heart rendering bhajan from Ragini.

Dr Divya ji spoke at length and here are some drops of knowledge for you too. Its not verbatim and some interpolation and extrapolations are there too.

The reason we are born again and again is because we have this belief/thought or संकल्प  that "its not ok". Whatever is not ok happens in next lifetime. It could be stuff like

  1. how can they get divorce?
  2. how can he be killed in car accident?
  3. how come material things don't attract me?
  4. how come I am not a successful businessman?
  5. how come i don't have work life balance?
  6. how come I am not perfect in relationships, in business, in work, in society etc.,
And as outsider we see it happening and wonder on the imperfections and get stuck and keep them in some corner of our mind jut to be reborn with the same intention. 

So to break this recycling of human birth we need to believe in the "infinite organisation of this supreme intelligence" that "its ok". Trust that. Faith that. Believe that even if you are in mess till the end , its ok. You are taken care. Undoubtedly. 

The impersonal intelligence jut tunes to the frequency. Unless intervened by a personal Guru you are dragged into the mess, which could be a guilty trap. 

Like "I am not being able to do as much for the family as my better half." The guilt will rip you and grow indefinitely unless rain drops of knowledge dawns despite cyclone in Bay of Bengal.  Thank you Dr Divya. 

It will grow because nature only grows where you put your attention to. 
So its in your best interest to avoid the guilty trap or blame game or any other negative incline you chose to slide. Else your fall is certain. 

You are privileged to do seva. Initially it could be to stoke your ego. People are benefitting because you are reaching out to them. But as you do advance programme or part 2 the ego melts, slowly allowing doership to sink into oblivion and letting the real you surface/manifest.

Your family will benefit in the short and long term by your participation in seva. Your time away from family is in reality for their progress/growth. It does not in any way mean to shirk family responsibility. It only means find the balance, the middle path in which they don't feel the distance nor you are stuck with guilty consciousness.  

The knowledge, the practices, the master is all perfect, is all the best. When you have the best then why do you hesitate to share the love that you got so easily. Why are you ashamed and not proud of your association with all of the above?

People may disagree. But you are not here to arrange the clouds. You are here to share. If they catch the rhythm then dance else move on. Do not waste time in convincing people around on the returns on investment for being on the path. If they catch the frequency they will resonate else it will be noise. No point contributing to the noise, there is enough already in the society. 

The art of living happiness program is gateway to part 2/advance course. There you go deeper into meditation and increase your probability of leading a more meaningful life. The range of experiences in advance courses are as myriad as the the number of participants. Some experiences in advance were responsible for the setting of my path too.

Seva is art of allowing surrender to happen.
In kaliyuga only sanghachadwam can see you through. So build the group energy and then get onto the seva bandwagon. Its for your evolution that you are on the path. Its not for some little desire that you have come on the path, something like "become best teacher in world" or "become richest man on earth". They too will be fulfilled but you would have lost the time you had with a living master. A living master is your contemporary and you have to reap its benefits. Don't lose this once in many a lifetimes opportunity. 

Build the group energy, then the center will grow. Then take on the city/the state/the country/the universe...

Be free. Yes, In this lifetime only. 
Put effort.
Move On.
Its OK.

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