Thursday, December 19, 2013

When will police file compaint?

There was theft in Novadaya Nagar, Kothnur dinne road in IT capital of India, Bangalore. The owner of the house went out between 7 and 9 PM and the thief broke in through the back door, threw all the clothes around and took away a canon SLR camera and projector.

Around 10PM the police control room was called. We had to wait in queue before the call was answered with the option to call few other numbers in rush. Finally, a lady took the call and the complaint. 2 policeman were swiftly in about 15 minutes.

The owner went through the routine of how it might have happened. They kept on insisting that the theft was because there was bike which was not cleaned for many days, and was kept outside house. It has been there for so many months then theft should have happened every day, correct?

We asked them to discuss the matter with the labours who were working in neighbouring site/building. They refused and said first file complaint with Mr Manjunath from Subramanya police station before 10 AM tomorrow.

The owner went along with another person who knew kannada to file complaint. They met Mr Manjunath and he listened to them patiently and asked them to file the complaint.  Once he left there was no one to take the complaint as if it was hot potato?

Finally, the owner kept on trying on Mr Manjunath, the sub inspector's mobile and he said that he was busy in creating awareness about law in some school. He asked to come in the evening.

I don't know when the police will file complaint.
I don't know when the lost items will be recovered.
Yes, I am talking from one of the most developed cities in India. Its not a remote indian village story.
Its crystal clear that thieves don't fear law.

How was your experience with the Indian police? How much time they take to file complaint? Did they ever recover the items lost by you?

Friday, December 13, 2013

KNOW discretion, NO karma

Yesterday in evening satsang, someone asked Gurudev a very valid question?

Will there be a time when all humans will be happy or will they always be in pursuit of happiness?

Gurudev replied 

  1. It is like asking will all flowers bloom at same time? No, Every flower has a season, every flower withers.
  2. It is like asking will there be sunshine always? No, somedays are cloudy, all days end in night. 
  3. But happiness has touched every heart at some time or other. Is it not? Tell me one person has not been touched by happiness at any point in their life.
  4. When happiness comes by itself it is the fruit of your karma. Your past deeds and actions suddenly make you feel happy someday. Your karma also makes you miserable and ruthless on other days. You remain in grip of karma as long as you are in ignorance. 
  5. Post ignorance is the phase of acquiring knowledge, assimilating and creating a understanding of who we are and why does it have to be this way?
  6. Once the viveka (discretion)विवेक comes in your life. You get out of grips of the karma. The hold of karma loosens and you slowly start becoming free. 
  7. know DISCRETION, no KARMA
To another question on issue of homosexuality, the following points came through
  1. It is a preference of the individual and it varies with time and phase of your life.
  2. People label them as gay,lesbian at different times in their life. 
  3. We all have the male and female influence within us. 
  4. There are three bodies that we have.
    • gross
    • subtle
    • causal
  5. The causal body is independent of sex identity. The gross and subtle bodies have tendencies influenced by the sex identity. 
  6. Life is a journey from gross to the subtle to the cause of this all. It is worth spending time and energy knowing who we are, why we are here and what is this world all about? 
  7. Instead we lose time in labelling ourselves as gay, lesbian, homosexual.  
  8. Sometimes married people change their preference and feel guilty about it. They try to hide it and become more miserable doing so. 
  9. When we are children the sexual tendencies are not there, when we are old they are not there. Only when we get into teenage do they start displaying and remain for few more decades before dying of. 
  10. Celibacy then happens by itself. You don't have to make an effort.  
  11. Problem occurs when you enforce celibacy. 

On children's education
  1. Information should not be stuffed into the brain.
  2. Children should be taught to express their emotions.
  3. Children should be taught to express life as celebration.
  4. They should learn to manage their emotions and identity.
Learn to let go. Just loosen up.

Forgive the act and the person but do take appropriate action if injustice has been done.

Forgiveness is for your self. To rest your mind and take it away from misery. 
Action is for the betterment of your environment and society. 

Godliness has to be expanded. 
  1. In our culture we treat guest as God. अतिथि देवो भव. 
  2. children as form of God.
  3. parents as form of God. 
  4. Then for some nature is God. 
  5. Every particle is an expression of God.
  6. We must appreciate and KNOW THAT. 
When everything becomes GOD then we get broader vision. In broadness little things don't matter. Then are able to lift our spirits higher. The mind looses the grip of little conflicts. The body becomes free of constrictions and restricting muscles. Every cell in the body and mind expands. Then we become free. 

How is your journey of becoming free going on?

Monday, December 02, 2013

Relevance of art of living in this age and time

What is art of living? What does it mean to you?

Art of living has taken a holistic approach to resolve human mind and life.

It has sudarshan kriya, a breathing technique to give you most powerful of experiences in the shortest available time. If you do vipassana or any other technique then you may feel a sensation on 8th or 9th day of the course. In sudarshan kriya you get the same sensation in 10 mins or maybe half an hour.

When you do the art of meditation or the advance/part 2 programme, you go deepen into the depths of the spirit and discover soft skills that were non-existent before, beside the supernatural experiences.

If you just like to sing and dance then AOL (art of living) has satsang every evening at art of living international ashram on kanakapura road in Bangalore from 6:30 PM. On most days people have questions and on all days people get answers.

If you believe in a social cause like environment or rights of girl child then AOL has collaborated with UN bodies to bring out awareness on same to the masses.

If you have inclination for organic farming then AOL grows mangoes to vegetables to Indian masalas and seeds.

If you need permanent cure for your illnesses then AOL has extracted the ancient knowledge of ayurveda into everyday medicine and for maintaining the hygine.

It is an organization with time tested methods to enhance your living. The methods are scientifically proven and you would have met somebody who has experience some miracle since being on THE PATH.

I would have missed more. If you know add in comments.

For the rest, ignorance is bliss.

A last word - Give life a chance to blossom to its full potential.

Saturday, November 30, 2013

Is there science behind superstition?

Most traditions are time tested and are part of custom because of the knowledge that they are based on. Then some more were added by ignorant beings over the past few centuries. Now its difficult to find the scientific basis of all because science is also limited knowledge. But here are the few which have been explained and understood.

Doctors with MBBS degrees said turmeric was pigment, a colouring agent in food and not required. Turmeric has been used in India for over thousands of years in food, bath, religious rituals etc., Only in the last decade scientists found that it was the greatest anti-oxidant, something that can even fight cancer.

In India, people with janeyu (the thread across body) circled it around their earlobe before answering nature's call. Now, it was not to lift it up or to prevent it from entangling it with something. Scientists did the research and found that when back of the earlobe is pressed then it eases bowel movement. I tried it this morning and it did work. I was surprised.

In India, when people die the near and dear ones are freed of any obligations for the 10 days mourning period. When one of my close relative died and I went to the village and touched the feet of my cousin he said in these days we do not touch. I was perplexed. How are these days different from the other days?

Yesterday, in art of living ashram satsang Gurudev revealed that death brings grief. There is lot of negative energy in and amongst the closest family members. And when you touch them you too can be affected by it. Hence they were freed of any obligations from amongst themselves and others.

Similarly, during birth people are ecstatic, there is uncontrolled joy around. Then too the near and dear ones are excused of any obligations for 10 days. The overjoy can sometimes be detrimental too.

Also, during menstruation cycles in India, ladies are not allowed in kitchen of traditional houses. The custom is there for the ladies to have proper rest for these 3-4 days, sit and knit or do some light work. Because ladies tend to work hard once they start.

Similarly, in olden days when ladies cooked rice there would be lots of starch that overflowed. The hands would get sticky and when they touched the clothes they would be spoiled too. Hence, the custom of not touching clothes without washing hands.

In south India people have been using ground nut oil and gingerly oil for ages. The gingerly oil is also called as nice oil in Tamil. But a scientific research sponsored by some Malaysian companies highlighted the negatives of these oils to prove palm oil as viable alternative. And people switched. Now, they have learnt the game and are coming back.

Then there are extremes like people do not take dairy products for six months in Ethiopia.  It is so unviable for dairy industry to survive there.

In Japan, there is separate sets of utensils/plates for guest and host and they dont mix it. It is also practised in some parts of India.

So, Gurudev recommends that you do your little experiments and find out the scientific basis of these customs before blindly terming them as superstitions. And while you do so be open to the fact that what is proven today can be disproven tomorrow. 

How to erase poverty from mind and earth?

Nature gives you a burden which you can handle. The challenges are there to push the envelope, to help you cross the bridge.

Nature first makes the tail and then puts it on animal. It does not put the elephant's tail on rat. Otherwise, the poor rat cannot even lift it. 

Similarly, when you have problems in life know that it is to refine you. For example, diamond is cut to bring out the shine, gold is beaten to bring out the shape needed for beautiful ornaments, sandalwood is rubbed against stone for the fragrance to appear. 

In the spiritual path you too will be pushed to the limits and beyond to refine you. For example, if you have acquired and strong, overpowering and manipulative character over lifetimes then how does nature bring back humility and humbleness in you. Say, it gives stammer to few people so that they suddenly feel weak and powerless, not able to speak even the common words and shaken to death. It humiliates them to prevent them from humiliating others. You can take any other physical disease or mental ailment and wonder why you have the privilege to host it, and you will realize that it is to bring balance. It is to sync you back into natural rhythms. 

If a secret is bothering you then there is choice of confessing it to the Father (in christian tradition). If that secret does not harm nor good to anyone then you can as well drop it. But if that can hurt and harm others in future in someway or other then you should bring it out in the public. 

You have lack because you deserve it. There is poverty because of ignorance. Poverty could be financial, material, spiritual, anything. It is because you are lethargic. You are lazy. You are not putting efforts to come out of it. 

When art of living ashram was started it was 60 acres of barren land, with only one tree. No crops, no grass, no vegetation, just stones all around. The villages around had thatched roof homes, only one village sarpanch house was cement roof. The land was poor and villages around it were poor. 

Gurudev met with the youths aged 20-30. They would simply while away their time, playing cards, gossiping and drinking and going to bed, a burden on their families. They got some education so they did not want to do agriculture. So Gurdev arranged a meeting with Director of small scale industries from the city. 

There were only two buses in those days which used to ply on kanakapura road. One in morning and one in evening. So the director came with all enthusiasm and discussed more than 225 projects with the youths. But they negated each project saying its not possible. Finally, exasperated they were asked, what job they would like to do. They said either in police or bus conductor. Now, how many of those could you create. 

So Gurudev started YLTP (youth leadership training programme). It was 3 months regime then. And the youths were grilled and brought out of their lazyness and bad habits. Many of those youths are entrepreneurs now. They work as well as they have created employment for others. Now, all the houses around ashram are made of cement. Economy is flourishing. 

If you shake off laziness from your life then you can do wonders. 
One of the tea vendors from Gujarat is now a prime ministerial candidate, a chief minister of state in India. 
The founder of The New India Express was selling vegetables and bananas in his early days. He took Ms Indira Gandhi heads on. 

So, poor is poor because of liquor or laziness and not because of nature or God. God has given enough options and stories of people rising from bottom of pyramid to reach the top of it.  Where are you today?

Friday, November 22, 2013

Should you bother to impress? What is Upanayan?

Why do you need to impress friends? They are anyway your friends so why spend energy impressing them. If you try to impress them they would likely to get jealous. In jealousy they would do you harm , more than good.

Why do you need to impress strangers? They don't matter to you.

So in either case you are at loss. So WHY IMPRESS?

It is important to be in knowledge. Do soul searching once in a while. Do not bother to question self too much and everyday. Once in a while if you ask "who am i?" its okay, not everyday.

Everyday has to be balance between the spiritual kindling and worldly actions.

Everyday you need to meditate and read/listen some knowledge. Some ashtavakra geeta or patanjalai yoga sutra or some yoga vashista. Some knowledge. You know, post death only knowledge goes with you, everything else is burnt and lost here.

Just like a child who goes to sleep but on waking up remembers the poem she learnt last night. You too go into a long sleep when you die. You go on vacation on the other side. In between births. Its not instantaneous that you die and get into another body. It takes time. That time is spent on other side.

Death is like going in a sleeper coach. In a train in which you doze off and when you get up , you are at different place in another time, in another life.

When you are born you do get the good karmas as well as bad karmas of your parents and ancestors. If your ancestors have created some property you do get them, in the same way they pass on some pitra dosha to you also. The way to overcome pitra dosha is through chanting OM NAMAH SHIVAYE and doing some charity for the poorest, doing some kind acts in the society.

If you like being on this path then you must spread the knowledge.

In Upanaya, you get closer to your self. You come closer. You are given three strings of thread. They are your responsibilities towards

  1. Your parents
  2. Your Teacher/s
  3. Society
Once you complete the responsibility then you throw the thread and go into sanyas, the free state. But till then, you are in service. You chant Gayatri mantra three times a day to purify yourself and your environment. 

Heard and retold from yesterdays satsang at Art of living ashram on kanakapura road in bangalore in the presence of master +Sri Sri Ravi Shankar ji.

Friday, November 15, 2013

Why so much pain in your life?

Once Gurudev ( +Sri Sri Ravi Shankar  ) met an ancient rishi (saint) who used to simply praise. ANyone and everyone who went to him would only get praise. Gurudev asked him, why dont you give holistic feedback, also talk about their shortcomings and help them improve?

You know what the saint said.

The pain in his life will tell him about his mistakes. 

Similarly, Gurudev also gives long rope to people around him who cheat, lie or are simply lethargic. After a while they come back and fall on his feet and beg pardon, which he has anyways already given.

You know the biggest characteristic that stops your growth is LETHARGY. You laziness. If you overcome that than dynamism comes in your worldly outer life.

You need dynamism (DSN) as well as deep and peaceful inner silence (part 2 / advance course) happening through your day.

If you keep complaining about rising prices, inflation and do nothing about it then you are dud. If you take action as simple as growing coriander in small earthen pot in your balcony then you have contributed towards resolving a seemingly impossible problem.

You can also crops/vegetables if 5/10 of you got  together. When Gurudev went to Sri Lanka post war, he saw resolute tamil refugees who were growing pumpkins and bananas around their tent using the waste water coming from their daily use as manure. They were resourceful and we need to be inspired from them.

In any situation, do not lose hope.  You are beyond gunas (qualities) that you see in others. Those qualities make you feel inferior or superior. Some are rich in money and some rich in spirituality but are they seeing the difference. NO. Its you who distinguishes from them, separates from them and loses sight of life. Don't be jealous. Meditate.

Life is only ONE. There is only ONE moon for whole world, ONE sun, ONE earth. ONE life. Honor and respect the life force.

Meditation gives you vision of your true self. The flowing, inseparable self in which you have the ultimate sense of belonging. Through which you shine through. Through which your doubts disappear and FAITH re-affirms.

LIVE life NOW, in this moment

Monday, October 28, 2013

Learnings from Life of Pi and Yeh Jawani hai Deewani

Yesterday was a grand treat of movies and after a very long time had the patience to sit through 2 of them.

Life of Pi

  1. Goodbye - When what is close goes there is everything else but no Goodbye. When Anandi went there was no Good bye and when Richard Parker went there was no Good bye. 
  2. God - the stories of God are unbelievable, spectacular. God stories are not trivial. The journalist started to believe when he said "I prefer the story with the Tiger and floating island". The same was true about Japanese investigators of shipwrecked company.
  3. Hope - Above all , never lose hope. Living with God is edge of seat adventure and if you give up it will be ordinary life. 
  4. Communicate - If you have to share a boat with tiger then learn to communicate in a language that is known to tigers around you.
  5. End - Its your story now, give it whatever end you want.
  6. Surrender - Don't wait for a shipwreck to surrender to the higher master, do it in good times.
  7. Why do many go away in a shipwreck and only few survive? Why does God play survival games only with selected few? In the desert, on a moutain, in the oceans, the stories of survival over period of time keeps the hope alive.
  8. Doubts are there to check the Faith. Faith is there to enrich lives.
  9. It happened. Move on now. 
Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani
  1. Live your dream 
  2. Invoke confidence
  3. Encourage life - the world is imperfect , show the perfection around. Encourage to let the spirits rise. 
  4. Use supporting words
  5. Be sensitive 
  6. Lose something - you will not get everything in one lifetime. Prepare to lose some. Be lost in what you have. 
  7. Presence - Sometimes the presence of near ones is more enlivening than the pace of life.
  8. Halt - hold on to a view till the sun sets , don't rush off to another view. Let one sound and light show sink in before moving to another.
When the roller coaster ends, its back to routine. Find thrill in walking in freedom, rather than strapped and tied to the roller coaster cars.

Look for values in the glamor and shipwrecks of life.

Love is all that God has , other things are accessories.
Don't be lost in the side view, play the main ACT. Its never too late , to come back.

How did your weekend go?

Saturday, September 28, 2013

SMS topup released for iPhone

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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

House help released for iPhone and iPad

Heres the banner for you to download. Its the first version to go live on iTunes.

Saturday, June 08, 2013

Why so much pain and trouble in the world?

Why is there so much trouble and pain in and around us? It's simply to keep the compassion alive. Otherwise compassion will be a thing of past.

How about a movie where the actor gets up, gets ready, goes to work, does work, comes back, eats and then sleeps. And this continues for many days. Would you like such movie? Chances are that you will not like it.

How about a villain in movie or a tough situation? Then the movie has action and excitement. God also loves fun. In that sense, he is just like you. He gives just enough trouble so that you experience the opposites. Even in a natural calamity when people perish they go and merge with him, they they come back again based on their karmas.

In marriage too we are engrossed with what the partner does and behaves? We go to extreme and bend over hell to change and transform them. But what happens? Either they change or they remain same. Its not important what happens to them. Its what happens to you that is more important.

God has given enough buttons for everyone to be pushed. God has also given people around who will push your buttons at their will and wish. If you have this knowledge then you let the triggers pass. If you don't have this knowledge then you react, struggle with the situation, insult or get insulted, get angry etc.,

The choice is still yours. If others know your buttons chances are even you know them. If you know it and then too you get pushed into a reaction then there is no greater fool today. 

The power of Faith

भाव से भव  होता है।

भारत मैं सदियों से गाय को माता का स्थान दिया गया। इसलिए आज भी गाय के दूध को माँ के दूध की जगह इस्तेमाल करते हैं।

इसलिए देसी गायों मैं जो प्रोटीन/ protein पाया जाता है उससे हमारे स्वास्थ्य को लाभ होता है। जबकि विदेशी गायें जैसे जर्सी गायें मैं जो प्रोटीन पाया जाता हे उससे तरेह तरेह की बीमारियाँ होती हैं। लेकिन बेवकूफ इंसान को यह दीखता नहीं और वो धंधे के चक्कर मैं ज्यादा दूध वाली गाय के पीछे दीवाना है।

देसी गाय के मूत्र से भी कई प्रकार के कैंसर को भी दूर किया जा सकता है।

Faith brings forth life. The indian faith in the cows have created a breed that has superior quality of milk. The milk is considered equivalent to mother's milk. The type of protein in desi cows is beneficial to human growth and health.

The cows from foreign lands like jersey cows contain a protein that is harmful to human consumption and is responsible for many a disease.

There are three types of faith that we need.

  1. faith in the self
  2. faith in society
  3. faith in the unknown/God
We need to have faith in ourselves else we will be paranoid. Guruji mentioned about a couple where husband was paranoid about lock being properly put on door or not. The wife confessed that her husband takes so much time to leave the house because every few minutes he would go back and check the lock, if its properly put or not. Their house was 15 mins from ashram but they take about 10 hours to come, just because husband is paranoid. 

We need to trust in society. There are good people in the world. If you consider yourself as good then there are many others too who are like you. You are not alone. This is the reason you are able to leave your vehicle in parking lot and sit freely in satsang. If your mind was with your vehicle then you would not have a peaceful satsang. You trust that you will find your vehicle in parking lot when  you return. 

We need to have faith in the unknown force.The mechanism that is responsible for all that is and was and will be in and around us. 

Friday, June 07, 2013

What is Om?

Today saw the video in which Dr. Eben Alexander described his near death experience. Gurudev has been citing his example in last few satsangs as to how an ardent christian went into coma and found that heaven is pure bliss, a light and sound show. Tremendous light and continuous resonance of sound of OM.

In the video poor Oprah is dramatically asking and interrupting with nonsensical questions like How does God look like? What is his face like? Is it it or he or she or no gender? Bhagvad Geeta says only fools limit the God into human face or appearance.

She further probes the sound of OM as coming out of OMniscient, OMnipotent etc., Nice try but silly question.

OM has no beginning and no end. Our true name is OM. We are born out of OM and we merge into OM. In between we are given a name in this human form which we wrongly attach to and consider as our identity.

Buddhist have called OM as अनाहत। The sound that is made by single hand clap.  आहत  is the sound of clap made by both palms.

Sikhs have called it as एक ओमकार , सत  नाम। There is only one name and that true name is OM.

Don't lose your true identity. Don't lose your OMliness at any cost. 

Thursday, June 06, 2013

Why should we do idol worship?

Idol is representative of what is attractive to us. We have made Radha-Krishna to be so beautiful, cast in marble, with silken dress, jewellery, with lots of flowers and fruits and food in and around them. 

It is simply to arrest the busy mind. To stop it. So that it can close it eyes after witnessing the glamour and see inside. The real beauty within. The godliness within. The beautiful self. 

मूर्ति प्रतीक होती है एक विस्वास की। इसलिए उसे प्रतिमा भी बोलतीं हैं। सब धर्मों मैं कुछ न कुछ प्रतीक है। यह सिर्फ हिन्दू धर्म मैं ही नहीं है। 

पहले मंदिर भी ऐसे बनाते थे की उनमें सरे आकर्षण बहार होते थे। पहले परिक्रमा लेने से बहार के आकर्षण से थक कर जब तक मंदिर के गर्भ मैं आते थे तब उधर कम अँधेरे मैं कर्पूर के प्रकाश मैं परमात्मा की मूर्ति के दर्शन होते थे। यह प्रतीक है की तुम भी अपने अन्दर के ईस्वर को प्रकाशित करो। उसके पश्चात बहार आकर बैठने की प्रथा थी। बैठ कर ध्यान करते थे आँख बंद करके। तब जेक अन्दर के जो दैवी गुण हैं वो उजागर होते थे। 

अब तो फटाफट का काम है। एक अदा  के साथ भगवान् के दर्शन करके कुछ क्षणों मैं मंदिर के बहार हो जाते हैं। ऐसी जल्दबाजी मैं इस्वर नहीं मिलेंगे। 

मूर्ति मात्र एक सहारा है मन को आकर्षित करने का, अपनी और रिझाने का। उसे देख कर मीरा बाई दीवानी हुई थी, उसे देख कर चैतन्य महाप्रभु मस्त हुए थे लेकिन जब वोह गाते थे या नाचते थे तो अक्सर उनकी आंखें बंद हो उनके अन्दर के देवता को प्रकाशमयी करते थे। 

Christians have the cross. They have put the cross at cross-roads and on top of mountains. Same with Muslims who have mosques at different places. Some religions like sikh have books as symbolic of divine. Its not divinity in the books or statues. Its the love and honor that you create towards outside that helps you to go inwards and realize the divine within. Its not just Hindus who have statues everywhere. 

The statues are there to remind that you need to look inwards and be still. In stillness God happens. In stillness God reside. Stillness is due to God and God is still, love, peace.

What keeps Marriage ticking?

All marriages have good and bad patches.

An young AOL devotee from Mumbai is doing AMC (Advanced meditation course with shakti kriya) in presence of Gurudev. He had this concern.

My parents have been married for 25 years now. When I am with father I feel he is right. When I am with mother I feel she is right. But they still keep fighting and are still not able to maintain harmonious relationship. 

To this Gurudev replied

Let them continue the way they are. Be totally with each of them. Do not overdo to change them, unless ofcourse the fight is beyond control. Only then you use your strength to stand in between them. They have continues like this and probably will for another 20-25 years. Don't loose your peace on their marriage.

Let me tell you about a man who kept fighting with his wife. When asked "Why he fought so much with his wife" he replied "If I have to love somebody and fight with somebody else then it will be all the more challenging.So I am better off fighting and loving the same person". 

When will you become love? तुम प्रेमी कब बनोगे?

A lover is rough translation of hindi word प्रेमी। तुम प्रेमी कब बनोगे?

अच्छा, प्रेमी कैसे बनते हैं? How do you become love?

Do you need a degree? Do you need special coaching? Do need separate schooling?

प्रेमी बनने के लिए कोई डिग्री चाहिए क्या? किसी विध्यालय मैं पढाई करनी होगी क्या?

कुछ भी नहीं चाहिए।

तो फिर क्या चाहिए।

सिर्फ यह मान लो की तुम प्रेमी हो। प्रेम मानने से शुरू होता है।

आस्तिक कौन होता है?
वो जो मानता है की परमात्मा हैं, अभी हैं, यहाँ हैं।
जब सब मैं हैं तो मुझ मैं भी हैं।
जब हमेशा रहें हैं तो अभी भी हैं और हमेशा रहेंगे।  
मेरे दुःख दर्द दूर करने मैं सक्षम हैं। 
परमात्मा सर्वत्र हैं, सर्वदा हैं, और समर्थ हैं। 
नास्तिक यह नहीं मानता और खुद मैं उलझा रहता है।

लोगों मैं भाव तत्व या फिर बुद्धि तत्व अधिक होता है।

जो भावात्मक होतें हैं उन्हें सत्संग, भजन, अच्छे लगते हैं। वो एक ही नाम को बार बार दोहराने मैं मजा लेते हैं। अक्सर हम देखतें हैं की प्रेम मैं प्रेमी प्रेमिका "मैं तुम्हे प्रेम करता/ती हूँ " जगह जगह , बार बार लिक्तैन हैं।

एक बुद्धिजीवी को यह जचता नहीं, उससे लगता है यह एक बार बोलके चुप क्यूं नहीं रह सकते। वह इसका वैज्ञानिक हल ढूँढता है और कहता है यह लोग अपने भाव मैं डूब गए हैं क्यूंकि इनके मस्तिस्क मैं  endomorphine की मात्रा बड़ने से हो रहा है।

गीता मैं श्री कृष्ण कहतें हैं की जब तक कोई भी (चाहे भावनात्मक या फिर बुद्धिजीवी हो ) व्यक्ति उस तत्व को मानता है जो अभी तक अव्यक्त है लेकिन उसे लगता है की ऐसा कुछ है जिसकी खोज करनी है वो सब मुझे पाते हैं।

There are two types of people in this world. One is predominantly based on emotions and other on intelligence.

Emotional people keep repeating same thing again and again in singing/dancing when in love. They do not get bored of repetitions. They cannot withstand an intelligent  discussion for long. They don't worry about reason, they simply live love. They fall in love of the unknown and remain in that bliss.

The intelligent ones analyze and do scientific reasoning for all around. They cannot withstand the emotional people as they don't understand their repetitions, they say "don't they get tired of repeating the same thing".

Intelligent ones  look for reasons like why do people in Gulf countries or places of desert cover their head. They find its not to do with religion but instead to protest their head from the heat and sandstorms, Desert place do not have water to wash head everyday. Same with people in colder regions wearing scarves, to protect their head and ears from the cold air/wind. But people in evergreen places do not need these protection. In their search for reason there is always one thing which is unknown and they may call it god particle or something else but they continue to explore and keep moving on the journey to find the unknown.

Shree Krishna in Bhagvad Geeta says both the intelligent ones and the emotional ones find me. The world is full of variety. There is variety in bananas, in apples. There is variety in cultures/rituals of people from different regions. There is so much variety in people's nature. But all those who believe that there is something unknown which is unexplained but exits. The belief in THAT makes people atheist, they are the ones who know me and stay with me.

Most of the content above is inspired from Commentary on Bhagvad Geeta Chapter 11 by HH +Sri Sri Ravi Shankar ji at Satsang on 05-06-2013 Bangalore +Art of Living ashram.

If you need to listen the recap in person then you can do so in the RBI Layout art of living followup center opposite Anjaneya temple at regular sunday followup at 7AM. You need to have done the +Art of Living part 1 course to attend the followup.

There were around 1000 people from Mumbai alone for Advanced meditation course with Sri Sri. Aroud 1000 plus also from Orrisa, West Bengal, Madhya Pradesh and Chattisgarh. Last week there were around 2000 people from Rest of Maharastra doing AMC with Shakti Kriya in Ashram. If your state is going for Advance course then its also a good time to experience shakti kriya.

We need to plant atleast 5 trees in our lifetime, atleast one of them has to be neem tree. People in the village side used to do it but we are losing this culture and the rains.

Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Becoming aware - होश मैं रहना

एक बार एक महात्मा के पास एक चोर आया। उसनें कहा की मुझे यह मत कहना की चोरी छोड़ दो लेकिन और कुछ भी मांग सकते हो। यह मेरा पेशा है और इसे मैं नहीं छोड़ सकता। इसके बिना मैं अधूरा हूँ।

महात्मा जी ने मुस्कुरा कर कहा की
अब से जब भी चोरी करोगे तो होश मैं करना। और कुछ करने की जरूरत नहीं हैं। 
चोर मान गया। सोचा यह तो बड़ा आसान है। मैं तो नींद मैं भी चोरी कर लूं। यह होश मैं रहने की क्या बात है।

दुसरे दिन चोरी करने गया तो उससे नहीं हुई। होश मैं ही आते ही उसके हाथ कांपने लगे। उसने सोचा की महात्मा जी के सत्संग का असर है। एक दिन तो रहेगा ही। फिर देखतें हैं।

अक्सर हमारा स्वाभाव सत्संग मैं कुछ और होता है और जैसे ही विशालाक्ष्मी मंडप (ये कोई भी सत्संग का स्थल/आश्रम ) छोड़ते ही साथ हमारा स्वाभाव बदल जाता है। दुनिया मैं हम कुछ और और सत्संग मैं कुछ और रहतें हैं। अक्सर सत्संग की बातें सत्संग मैं ही छूट जाती है। 
एक हफ्ते तक चोर होश मैं चोरी का प्रयास करते रग पर विफल रहा। उसने सोचा महात्मा जी की बातों का असर एक हफ्ते तो रहेगा ही।

एक महिना हो गया पर उससे एक भी चोरी ढंग से नहीं हुइ. आज तक उसे चोरी मैं पकड़ा नहीं गया पर अब हर चोरी मैं उसे लगता की वोह पकड़ा जाएगा और उससे चोरी नहीं हो पाती।

परेशान हो कर वह महात्मा जी से पास आया और बोल की आपने तो मेरा धंधा ही चौपट कर दिया।

 जब हम होश मैं होतें है तो हमसे कोई गलत काम नहीं हो सकता है।

होश मैं आने के लिए और रहने के लिए सुदर्शन क्रिया और ध्यान आवश्यक हैं। लेकिन हमें आज की दुनिया दिखती है, आज के पैसे दीखते हैं, आज का जीवन दीखता है, किसी भी तरेह आज कमाई हो जाये फिर ध्यान कर लेंगे। ध्यान करने की जल्दबाजी नहीं करतें , क्रोध के लिए तत्पर रहतें हैं, जो हमारा स्वाभाव नहीं।

There is emergency to meditate, learn and practice sudarshan kriya. But you consider the daily routine as emergency. You have earn money today, you have to buy clothes today, you have to invest in property today. But you are not aware that you need to invest in yourself today. Your prime time has to be with the divine. The rest is for mundane. You miss this reality. You come out of this mess either in misery or in awareness. The choice is still yours. Turn a blind eye to the divine and you will further the distance with your true self.

Even after coming on the path you are one nature in satsang and another in the world. The moment you step out of vishalakshmi mantap, you are back to your miserable state. You are back to being paymate to your tamas. The tamas which has erased every bit of life out of you.

Look at people who drink alcohol. Look at people who smoke. Their faces are dry and dead. There is no life in them. If their faces and bodies were scintillating then I would ask each of you to have a sip or light a cigarette. But the truth is otherwise. They are dead and lost like street/stray dogs, you thump your feet on floor and they whimper into the gullies/narrow bylanes. They cannot even hold their bodies together. Even if you squeeze them you will not find a single drop of life in them.

Every action, every desire, every knowledge born out of this मोह, out of this तमस  will make you lifeless. It teases you with hope of happiness but it does not give you happiness.

मोह से निकला कोई भी कर्म,कोई भी आशा , कोई भी ज्ञान आपको जीवन से  ले जाता है, आपको अचेत कर देता है, आपको निर्जीव कर देता है।

उन दो प्रेमियों की तरेह जिनके मत-पिता ने एक बंधन मैं बाँध दिया है। करीब आते हैं तो झगड़ते हैं , दूर रहतें हैं तो एक दुसरे के विरह मैं तड़पते हैं। यह मोह मैं बंधे हैं।
मोह  सुख का लालच देता है पर सुख नहीं देता है। 
 मोह से राक्षसी प्रवृत्तियां जागृत होतीं हैं और हमैं अपने मार्ग से अलग करती हैं। मोह से तमस  को सहारा मिलता है। तमस  हमारे जीवन से चेतना को निचोड़ देता है।

मोह से मुक्त होने पर हमें दैवी गुणों की अनुभूति होती है, जो हमारे जीवन मैं रस भर देतें हैं।

The above text is inspired from commentary on chapter 9 of bhagvad geeta by HH +Sri Sri Ravi Shankar ji given on 3rd of June 2013 at Bangalore +Art of Living ashram.

The satsang was started in Yagnashala but was shifted to VM in half an hour. We were stuck in traffic jam and were almost about to reutrn but +Balakrishnan Ganesan said lets chant and sing along. Also Saraswati wished in her mond not to miss the satsang. She had another sankalp of haiving it in VM. Both her sankalp materialized.

In conversation with ashramiite in VM, he narrated a story of long time ago when Guruji used to keep shifting satsang from one place to another once in a while. He also mentioned that "यहाँ  सब संकल्प से ही होता है". At end of each satsang Gurudev celebrates birthdays and anniversaries of people. Today I was forunate to take a snap from close range.

Monday, June 03, 2013

Shaky bones and lifelong disease #sugarkills

White Sugar has sulphur
Bones have calcium

calcium build bones
sulphur drains calcium
sulphur delays bone hardening

people at young age
complain osteoporosis
weakening bones
knee joints

slowly every sip of
tea, coffee ...
with tonnes of white sugar
weakens bones

Another analogy by +Sri Sri Ravi Shankar can strike the point home.

You struggle to chew and eat six inches of sugar cane.

What will happen to you if you eat 20 ft of sugar cane. You may very well, exhaust and faint.

It takes 40 ft of sugarcane to make 4 tea spoonful. You gulp it in a sip. What will happen to your body which is not designed to digest so much sugar? Your probability of diabetes simply skyrockets.

Sugar has sulphur and it drains calcium from bones. It is a gift created by Britishers. They have created a market for sugar for their businesses. And we are still drinking toast to it.

Replace that with jaggery which has zinc, potassium and other minerals. Minerals strengthen the body.

The king within

At the beginning of chapter 9 of Bhagvad Geeta, Lord Krishna says  that I would give you the greatest secret that is known only to the kings.

As we know the king do not do much work, they simply sit on throne and rule. They listen and observe most of the time. They set up rules and regulation for the kingdoms. The senses of the kingdom live within the confines of the rules.

If the senses break rules they pay a penalty. Some penalties are instant whereas some keep dragging for a while. Sometimes the reason of the punishment is obvious and sometimes it's hidden from the present memory.

The nature is the King's creation. It is the beautiful maya of the lordship. वो सत्ता जो हममें है। वो सत्ता जो हम पर राज करती है।

The karma cycles and planetary movements have impact on our being. That is the system of justice created by the Lordship.

We can stay with the प्रकृति, nature. We can stay and get lost in the Maya and never know the ruler.

We can understand that its all because of some planets like Rahu/Shani etc., and do nothing about it.

We can understand that its the fruits of our action/karma that we are paying and stop there.

We can experience all the above as a witness.

The movement from participant to the witness is the path to meet the King within.

The only way to get closer is to continue to do more actions that are aligned with the system of the King. The soul is the real king. The ego is just an atom that seems to have displaced the soul. But if you go closer you will meet and experience the true and the natural King of your throne.

Saturday, June 01, 2013

The miracle is YOU

We look for surprise or wonder in the unusual. The things that are not common are termed miracles. If a mango tree gives mango its not a miracle but if a coconut tree gives mango then its miracle.

हम अक्सर आशर्य/अचरच/अद्भुत उस घटना को मानतें हैं जो असाधारण होती है , जो रोजमर्रा मैं नहीं होती। जैसे एक आम के पेड़ पर आम का होना या फिर नारियल के पेड़ पर नारियल का होना साधारण बात है, लेकिन एक नारियल के पेड़ पर आम होना अद्भुत घटना होती है।

परमात्मा सर्वत्र हैं, सर्वदा से हैं और समर्थ है। 
यह नहीं की कोई इंसान ५ हज़ार साल पहले हुआ था और जिसके हाथ मैं बांसुरी थी वही परमात्मा था, वह तब भी था और अब भी है।

यह नहीं है की वोह सिर्फ गुरु मैं हैं और मुझमें नहीं है. अगर वोह सर्वत्र है तो जितना मुझमें हैं उतना तुझमें भी है।फर्क इतना है की गुरु मैं दिखतें है।

यह नहीं की तुम अपनी कमजोरियों मैं खोये रहो। परमात्मा उन सारी  कमजोरियों को दूर करनें मैं सक्षम हैं। वो समर्थ भी हैन.

यह भी नहीं की शिव कैलाश-मानसरोवर मैं ही हैं. थोडा सा डेहर जाओ, थम जाओ तो परमात्मा अभी , येहीं तुझमें हैं। संत कबीर भी येही कह गए हैं की जब मैं हरी को ठूनता रहा तब तो मिले नहीं और जब मैं रुक गया तो मेरे पीछे ही मिले.

श्री कृष्ण कहतें हैं की मेरे कारण से तुम हो, मेरे होने से तुम हो. जब गर्भ मैं जीव का जन्म होता है, जब भी सृष्टी मैं सृजन होता है मुझसे ही होता है, जब जीवन ठेहेरता है तो मुझमें ही ठेहेरता  है, और जब आत्मा शरीर छोडती है तो मुझमें ही लौटकर  मिल जाती है. जब भी तुझमें कुछ परिवर्तन होता है वोह मेरे कारन होता है।

फिर अपने कर्मानुसार वोह फिर जनमती है।

यह प्रकृति भी मुझसे ही है, मेरे ही नियमों का पालन करती रहती है और मैं इसे देखते रहता हूँ एक उदासीन भाव से. जैसे की एक रेल यात्रा मैं तुम द्रश्य देखते रहते हो। द्रश्य बदलते रहतें हैं, कहीं भी मैं दखल नहीं देता हूँ और न ही कहता हूँ की यह दृश्य मुझे पसंद नहीं इसे बदल दो.

जबकि सब मुझसे है लेकिन इस प्रकृति मैं जो कर्म होतें हैं उसका असर मुझ पर नहीं पड़ता है. जिस प्रकार एक चाकू वैद के हाथ मैं भी होता है और डाकू के, दोनों पेट काटतें हैं लेकिन डॉक्टर को हत्या का पाप नहीं लगता है पर डाकू को उसके लिए जेल मिलती है.

मैं अव्यक्त हूँ, न ही मैं दूषित होता हूँ, जैसे की आकाश तत्व. प्रथ्वी मैं गंदगी हो सकती है, अग्नि दूषित हो सकती हैं, जल मैं प्रदुषण हो सकता है लेकिन आकाश निर्लिप्त है, उसे कोई छु नहीं सकता। आकाश से ही सब हैं लेकिन सब सब मैं नहीं है.

जब तुम मुर्ख व्यक्ति मैं भी ईश्वर को देखने लगोगे तब परमात्मा तुम्हारी दृष्टि से अदृस्य नहीं हो सकते।

When you can see the God in foolish around you then the God will not diminish from your vision, even for a while.
It is easy to see the God in Guru, but that same God is also in you as much it is in me. He has always been and will always be. He is very powerful, capable and a little faith in you can help him overcome all your weaknesses.

He has created everything, every being, every particle in this universe. Everything is born out of him, dwells in him and goes into him. Scientists have talked about black holes, dark matter and dark energy but they have not understood it enough. It is the powerful dark energy around sun which gives it its shape, everything spherical in the universe has got its shape from the powerful energy around them. You too have that energy within you.

Sometimes you have this vague feeling that something in you is observing all that is happening around you, in you. This witness is the God in you. It is you. You are the miracle happening every moment.
आज कल परम पूज्य श्री श्री रविशंकर जी भग्वद गीता का नौवा अध्याय पर चर्चा कर रहें है आश्रम मैं।

HH +Sri Sri Ravi Shankar ji is giving discourse on bhagvad geeta at +Art of Living international ashram at bangalore. The above is a recollection of what I have heard.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

How to overcome ill effects of planets?

The skies were getting dark. There was a gentle breeze. The dark clouds simply stopped to move over head. There was no sign of the bright moon. Gurudev's hair were gently floating around. A time to sit back and enjoy his mere presence.

The satsang today was several notches higher than yesterday. Yesterday Gurudev had to intervene to give it some life.

Gurudev was enthusiastic about the rapid fire questions on Sunday Satsang. The team asking the questions went overboard. Sometimes in over enthusiasm we are not able to sense the guidance provided by the master.

First sign.
The master was eager to come and sit.

Second sign.
Even during his meditation the master was capturing the minds of his devotees. Finally, when he brought the mike closer he wanted to stay in the moment. A time and sign for the restless to display some patience and wait. Such is the time when knowledge directly comes from the master without any questions.

Third sign.
The people asking question said "Children"
Gurudev said "What about children?"
They said "The word is children".
Gurudev did not answer. Still they did not get it.

Next word was "Jai Gurdev". Gurudev tried to deflect it but then started playing the rapid fire game slowly and steadily.

Jai Gurudev
    Yeah, we use it everywhere, wish in different types of day, for thank you, welcome, in excitement and so on.
    Do not do spiritual shopping.

    Difficult to maintain harmoniously but one should nevertheless try and not give up.
I forgot the rest. If you remember do leave in the comment.
Finally, since the signs were not getting through. He said, enough, a little of everything is good.

They did not get it, fortunately stopped the rapid fire and asked a question instead.

Meanwhile Gurudev was fidgeting with Bhagvad Geeta, opened it and closed it. He seemed to be in the mood to start next chapter but then closed it and kept it aside.

He went ahead and answered the question on "The fear of Rahu and Sani causing fear, losing faith".

    It is a good time to go inward. The whole objective of shani/saturn is to let you go inward. Once you are settled with your inner being shani has no role to play in your life. Same is true of Rahu or ketu. The moment we are lost in the outside world shani and friends come and give us little jolts here and there to wake us up.
    Astrology is jyotish vidya, its the spark/light that takes you to your true self. Its science so its little knowledge helps but getting overwhelmed by it is detrimental. Its nice to blame planets which are far away for the mistakes in and around you. Atleast, you are not blaming yourself or people close to you. That way the blame is getting deflected to something which is far away. You cannot go and make it right there so instead you have upchaar or corrections which you can make here.
    The best correction is to go into the devotion of the supreme lord of all planets, Shiva. Just chant "Om Namah Shivaye" and you will be freed of all ill effects of planetary movements. You still may have problems but they will be mild.

Monday, May 27, 2013

Enthusiasm and Commitment

On a lazy sunday afternoon when most people hit the bed after watching movies like Jolly LLB, I too was at the crossroads.

The choice was
  1. Agree to tamas (तमस) and allow the human body to sleep in the day 
  2. Go to ashram and witness satsang in Gurudev presence
The family said No for accompaniments. They went to sleep.

The other usual suspects were not going or were in Ashram.

I said, I have to go (commitment). Anyways its 3 hours and its worth spending in the company of the master. The tamas vaporized. The decision made. The movement began. 

I did not want to take my car (enthusiasm) as I was alone.

When I was walking towards the main gate of the apartment complex, I was wondering about the 3 km walk to nearest bus stop to take the BMTC bus (public transport - commitment) from konankunte cross roads. I remembered another soul which has moved in Brigade Gardenia (apartment complex) recently. I had earlier messaged him and did not want to disturb thinking he would be snoozing by now. Since , no reply came I did not dare call. 

But, with my tamas dispersed I placed the call and he asked me to wait for 5 mins. I waited on Main gate for 20 mins and he did turn up. We went to the ashram to attend the satsang at 4:30 PM last sunday, in his car. 

The satsang was not so vibrational so Gurudev rendered a song and lead and showcased the satsang mandaly to raise their level. Heres the video of the same

There was a rapid fire from children doing the Ancient Wisdom and Colors of Joy programs in the +Art of Living ashram. Here some excerpts.

Enthusiasm and Commitment
There are two ways to get a job done. Either you are entusiastic about it or your are committed to complete it. When you take your own car out to go somewhere its enthusiasm. When you take public transport then its commitment.

It should be part of your life.

Sri Sri
Always there for you.

Ashram and art of living
To make you happy

Just a little to initiate action

Few lucky ones

In bad shape

I forgot the rest, if you remember do add them in comments.

During the satsang he also read a research report that quotes that Jersey cow milk is the cause of many diseases because of excess of some strain of protein whereas the desi cows have another strain which is beneficial to human body. What milk do you drink or give your kids?

devotees rapt in masters attention

Friday, May 24, 2013

Why is death so fearful?

The fundamental fear is of death.

Let us prove it.

Death by definition is dying of human body. When this body becomes lifeless, it is called as death. It is fearful because what you witness as lively human being is suddenly motionless and cold. Sometimes it's painful and other times its unnoticeable.

If you want to know what happens, before, during and after death then find time to listen to Katopanishad - a commentary by HH +Sri Sri Ravi Shankar ji.

Here we will work on the premise and try to prove it. Yes, the first sentence in this blog.

For proving, I will borrow a term "mini death" from the commentary. It will  differentiate death from the one that signifies loss of human body. "mini death" is not the loss of human body, clear. Ok, lets continue.

If I want Masala Dosa, the restaurant does not have it. What happens?
If I want promotion, the manager ignores me completely? What happens?
You are offered fruit after you had heavy breakfast. What happens?
You want to go for a movie show, the friends simply want to stroll? What happens?
You want pizza but your family takes you to burgers. What happens?
You are asked to make the most imported presentation and you stammer. What happens?
Your proposal to most beautiful girl (according to you) gets rejected. What happens?

What happens is  "mini death"?

When your desires die without expected outcome your state of being is in mini death.

The outcomes of mini death are visible and can be experienced in human body and mind.
Some of the outcomes are

  • its okay
  • how can you do so
  • how can you be so unreasonable, irrational, selfish, insensitive ....
  • i have been harboring this desire for so long and now you kill it 
  • if you were not my spouse i would have ...
Some of the feelings that come through are 
  • anger
  • frustration
  • worry
Let us explore worry. Worry gives longevity to mini death. It gradually diminishes life out of you. The more you worry the more you mini die. You build life on fear foundation. 

So you build a pattern. You desire something and when you act of the desire there is this overwhelming fear that something will go wrong. As Gurudev says "fear needs to be like salt in food and not the food itself otherwise food becomes uneatable". 

The expression of the fear in the body is pain. That is why the constrictions happens in the breath, the breath get short and quick. There is thickening near chest. There is churning in the stomach. 

The expression of the fear in mind is suffering. Worry being a glaring example of same. Its like holding the garbage can and moving around with it. The mind has the capability of recording and replaying your suffering.  The more it replays the deeper the impression becomes. The deeper the impression the harder for you to erase it. 

Then what is the cure. Sleep and or MEDITATION.

The pain in the body can come and go, you cannot have pain for 24 hours. If you are not able to release the stress in the body your sleep will. In sleep you allow nature to heal your body and mind without you knowing it. In meditation you heal your body and mind knowing it and hence its manifold powerful than sleep.

They say in meditation we die, 
when we die each time we meditate then fear of death also dies. Then we start to live.

When the real death happens you don't even notice it. "You have eaten death

The above quote is by by HH +Sri Sri Ravi Shankar ji in his commentary on katopanishad. To know the complete death story buy and listen with your friends to the kathopanishad. It should be available any +Art of Living divine store near you or by phone at 1800 258 8888 in India.

Where do thoughts come from?

At times you wonder, do you create thought or are they created for you? If I am not the thought generator then how do they come into existence? If its a mystery still, then read on, you may stumble on some truth.

Thoughts have a certain purpose. They express in words. Words have their limitation but thoughts are made up of words and thus have limited expression. There is an urge to express and that urge is fulfilled via the thought medium. Now, what is that urge to express? Why is it so strong? Why can't it be controlled, regulated?

It is said that thoughts simply come. You cannot regulate or plan for your next thought. They just pound and pouch at their own leisure.

Its a beautiful phenomenon if you love laid back experience. These days nobody wants to touch the remote or the mouse and change videos, they should simply keep playing, changing as we warm the couches.

Today in sahaj meditation similar curiosity arose, a question to know the origin of thought. And some insights were found. Hold on, will share with you in a moment. These days of reality shows have enforced those ticking moments before truth is revealed. You can have your ad break if you wish.

okay, so here we are for the finale.

Impressions are etched all across and in every cell of ours, from many life times. They are fully exposed and visible in human body and lifetime (To know what happens to them after death, listen to kathopanishad - a commentary by HH +Sri Sri Ravi Shankar ji).

Impressions have an urge to express. One component of that expression is thought. Thought may result in action or inaction. In either case if the thought is not allowed to pass the way it came then it creates another impression (this observation is also called as meditation). And the cycle continues.

If the expression of impression is simply observed and let go then it erases itself from your blueprint, your DNA. Thus, it is observed that people who have been meditating for a while have little or no impressions left.

What happens when all impressions are erased. Infinity is born. Light is visible. Your true self comes into the fore. The self which has been playing hide and seek comes aplomb with full expression. Sometimes your body cannot take it and you are confused but it does not retires and keeps coming back.

When the self expresses, its poem, painting, music, dance, inventions, blessings....

So if you are still feeling thick and dense inside, let it be. Learn any meditation and regularly practice it. Someday you too will be a complete expression of bliss.

content inspired by Gurudev's commentary on Kathopanishad - that unravels and reveals mysteries of death ...To know the complete death story buy and listen with your friends to the kathopanishad. It should be available any +Art of Living divine store near you or by phone at 1800 258 8888 in India.

bottomline --

The knowledge of death springs life....

Friday, May 17, 2013

Bliss or Bananas

Yesterday in the QnA post Bhagvad Geeta discourse Gurudev mentioned to a question from kids doing Ancient Wisdom course that

"What should be take away from Ashram?"
What do you take from a supermarket? When you go to a mall you take what you want? Do you ask me what should I take from supermarket? Same thing happens when you come to ashram for a course or seva or just a visit. 
People who come to ashram can take whatever they want. Some take prasad and go, some take some more and others take bliss and go. You can take bliss or you can take banana, the choice is yours. Also, you can leave all your worries or concerns here. 
Pain and love
 If you run away from pain you will run away from love to. Let it happen. A little pain is essential. It could be because of your karma or it could be the natural way. 
See when you come into the planet there is so much pain to you and your mother. Coming out of womb is so much pain. You have been floating and happy for six months in the womb. You did not even have to chew your food, it was directly supplied to you. Suddenly the water goes away and you have to come out. When you come out you cry. If you don't cry then others cry. If you cry and others pour their love on you. The endearing eyes of your mother, the smiles and adorations of your uncles, aunts, grandparents and all. A little pain followed by so much of love.  
But once you are established in spirituality then there is no pain. The eternal bliss is the state of the self, your atma.
Childrens goals and focus
As young ones you must learn many skills. Until you cross teens do not stop acquiring more and more talents. Learn to sing, dance, paint, languages be jack of all trades. Do not set a target or a goal that you have to become this or reach there now. Play and learn. Once you grow up then you stick to one thing. 
नाडी दोष
Two of my friends are in love and their parents are in agreement too but their horoscope shows nadi dosha for them and they are confused as to what to do. 
Guruji said "शहनाई बजने दो। " let marriage happen.
Some highlights from the commentary of Chapter 7 of Bhagvad Geeta.

People with bad karma cannot come to satsang. You can try but they will not be able to come. Even if they come there mind will be elsewhere. 
हमें अपनी आत्मसत्ता मैं स्थिर होना चाहिए। हमारे चारों और सब कुछ बदलता है लेकिन एक चीज़ है जो नहीं बदलती और वोह है हमारी आत्मा सत्ता। हमें यह जानना जरूरी है।
पाप और पुण्य
लेकिन हम कब अपनी आत्मा सत्ता मैं कब विस्वास करेंगे। जब हमारे बुरे कर्म अंत हो जाये और हमें अच्छे कर्मों का फल मिलने लगे। यह हमें प्रभु कृपा से मिलेगा या फिर यह मान सकते हैं की जब हमारी श्रद्धा इतनी हो जाये की हमें गुरु के सिवा कुछ और न दिखे तो यह संभव है. 
जब पाप और पुण्य का हिसाब किताब हो जाता है तब अध्यात्म जनमता है। तक तक आपको कुछ चीजें अच्छी लगती है और कुछ चीजें परेशान करती है. इन अच्छी बुरी के dvaand/संघर्ष मैं आप लगे रहते हो. बुरे कर्मों के जाल मैं फंसे रहते हो। अध्यात्म सब को नसीब नहीं होता। जो इस संसार की योग माया मैं अटक जाते है उन बेवकूफों को तो बिलकुल ही नहीं। जो मुझे नहीं जानते है उन्हें तो कभी नहीं मिल सकता।
अध्यात्म मैं तुम्हारा पुण्य कर्मों का ऊदय होता है। तुम प्रकाश हो यह जान लेते हो। 

Image courtesy Swami Madhusudan ji.
Content inspired by talk by +Sri Sri Ravi Shankar ji on Bhagvad Geeta.
Location courtesy - +Art of Living international ashram, bangalore
Tip: If you want to be blessed by Swamijies then they generally occupy the last row on left side of Gurudev on most satsang days :), you can see some of them in the picture above too... 

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Four types of people find love

तीन गुण
भौतिक शास्त्र ने माना है की यह सृष्टि को चलाने के लिए तीन चीजें चाहिए। जैसे पंखे को चलने के लिए तीन पंखुड़ियां चाहिए, दो से नहीं चल सकता। एक लोलक (पेंडुलम) मैं जब तक चाबी भरी हो तब तक चलती है और फिर रुक जाती है. 
भगवद गीता मैं भी श्री कृष्ण येही कहतें है। यह संसार/ब्राह्माण तीन गुणों से चलता है।  सतो,रजो और तमो गुण। यह तीनों भगवान् से उत्पन होतें हैं पर यह भगवान् नहीं होते। जो इन गुणों मैं फँस गया है वोह मुझे नहीं पा सकता। मैं इन गुणों से परे हूँ। मैंने इन्हें जन्म दिया है पर यह मैं नहीं हूँ।
परमात्मा को पाने के लिए उनकी कृपा जरूरी है. उनकी शरण मैं  जाकर इस मोह/माया जाल से तर सकते हो. बिना उनकी कृपा से कुछ नहीं होता। 
भारत ही ऐसा देश है जहाँ संहार को भी पूजा जाता है। इसलिए शिव को भगवान् माना है। बाकि जगह तो संहार को शैतान का रूप माना है जो देवता से अलग है। 
ब्रह्मा का तो सृष्टी निर्माण लगभग पूरा हो गया, अब विष्णु और शिव जी को अपना काम करना है.  
 तमो गुण भी भगवान् की कृति है. माँ काली का भयानक रूप भी भगवान् का ही है. माया का काम है की तुम्हे इस भ्रम मैं रखे कि हाँ अब सुख मिल सकता है। भ्रम भी भगवान् की कृति है।  
प्रेम और मोह
मोह सुख की कामना से होता है। कुछ पाने की चेष्टा होती है। इसलिए माँ का बचे के प्रति मोह , पति का पत्नी के प्रति और सब प्रकार के मोह। यह सब दुःख देते हैं क्यूंकि इनका दृष्टिकोण संकीर्ण होता है, यह सिर्फ अपने अहम् तक ही सिमित रहतें है।
प्रेम सबके प्रति होता है, उसमें सब आते हैं। जब हम प्रेम मैं होतें है तो दुःख हो ही नहीं सकता।
 In the US there was a lady who was conducting a seminar on "How to find and be in love?". She herself was 8 times divorcee and must have learnt all the things that are required to break a marriage and must be sharing her experience. 
निंदा और सम्मान
जब हम निंदा करते हैं तो जिसकी निंदा करते हैं उसके गुण धारण कर लेते है। यह निंदा की धारणा है. लेकिन जब प्रशंशा करते हैं तो कुछ ही समय मैं भूल जाते हैं।  
अक्सर देखा गया है की हम संसार को दोष देते हैं, यह गन्दा संसार है, यहाँ तो दुःख ही दुःख है. लेकिन जब हम प्रकृति का सम्मान करते हैं तब प्रकृति हमें इस संसार के परे ले जाती है. एक और दुनिया मैं जहाँ न तो कुछ घटता है और न ही बढता है. कुछ भी अव्यय नहीं होता। बस एक असीम सुख और शांति बरकरार रहती है.   
भग्वद गीता मैं श्री कृष्ण कहतें हैं कि  चार प्रकार के लोग मेरी शरण मैं आते हैं। शरण मैं आने के लिए यह लोग कुछ अच्छा कर्म करते है जो इनको मेरी कृपा दृष्टि मिलती है.

  1. दुखी 
  2. कुछ पाने की कामना से 
  3. जिज्ञासु 
  4. ज्ञानी 

दुष्कर्म और दुःख
कोई अच्छा कर्म ही तुम्हे दुःख दे सकता है।  सृष्टि मैं किसी भी प्राणी को दुःख पसंद नहीं है और न ही वह चाहता है।  लेकिन जो दुष्कर्म करता है उसे इसका आभास भी नहीं होता। इसलिए वह नरों मैं अधम ही रहता है। वह  काँटा चबाता रहता है और भ्रम में रहता है की यह सुख है। उसे यह खबर ही नहीं रहती की उसके मुंह मैं काँटा है।
दुःख मैं हम गुरु या परमात्मा की शरण मैं जा सकते है।  शरण मैं हम चरण की महिमा समझते है। 
दुःख का एक विकृत रूप होता है जिसमें लोगों को अभिरुचि होती है, उस दुःख से प्रभु नहीं मिलतें है।
In the US there are advertisements in newspaper asking for partners who can chain and beat them everyday, who can slap them with shoes everyday. This is a distorted side of the pain. This has been accepted by scientist as possible state of human mind where it is in a state where these kinds of pain is pleasurable, they may have had a childhood where they got shoe treatment everyday and considered it as integral to life. Here guruji made it clear that he was not seeing those advertisements because he was looking for such people. The whole ashram amphitheater was in peels of laughter and everyone felt so light after heavy dose of knowledge. 
 कुछ कामना हो
हम हर छोटे काम मैं भगवान् की , गुरु की कृपा मांगते है तो वोह काम आसान हो जाता है। हर काम मैं भाग्य का महत्व है। काम शुरू होने से पहले अगर हम गुरु का आशीर्वाद लें तो उसके सफल होने की सम्भावना बड जाती है. 
जैसे विध्यार्थी परीक्षा के पहले मंगलवार को हनुमान जी के मंदिर के सामने प्रसाद अर्पण करते है. या आपको पार्किंग नहीं मिल रही हो तो गुरु को याद करते हैं।  
एक बार प्रभु की कृपा मांग कर फिर जोश से काम मैं जुट जातें हैं। यह नहीं की अब तो गुरु मेरे सारे काम कर देंगे और हाथ पे हाथ धरे बैठे रह जाते हैं। 
जो लोग जाना चाहते है की यह दुनिया क्यूं हैं, मैं कौन हूँ, यहाँ आने का मेरा मकसद क्या है। 
जो लोग जानते हैं मुझे और सिर्फ अपनी कृतज्ञता प्रकट करते हैं। जो कहतें हैं "मैं जो भी हूँ आपकी कृपा से हूँ ", "मुझे जो भी मिला आपकी कृपा से मिला". जो लोग मुझे जानतें हैं वोह ही कृतज्ञ हो सकते हैं। 
जीवन मैं यह चार स्थितियां आती जाती हैं। हो सकता है हम दुखी अवस्था मैं गुरु शरण मैं जाएँ लेकिन समय के साथ हम कृतज्ञता के पात्र बन जाते है. फिर हो सकता है की दुःख आये और हम गुरु की तरफ फिर से अग्रसर हो जाते है।

The self, Guru, Atma, God are all same. They refer to one and only one thing and that is love. To find love you need to surrender to the divine. To surrender you need the grace of divine. The grace is always flowing but there are only four kind of people who can connect to this grace and they are the people in

  1. Pain 
  2. Desire
  3. Seeker
  4. Wise

You can be in any of the above four state if you have done some good karma in the past. Even the evil/obsessed person does not realize that without the grace of the Guru nothing works in the world. They start work independently and display confidence outside but are seething in pain/confusion inside because they don't progress on the task the way they have planned. They have discounted the luck factor and thus suffer due to the same. That is mostly the state of atheists. But a good act somewhere shift their attention to pain and a genuine suffering brings them closer to the divine.

Image courtesy Swami Madhusudan ji.
Content inspired by talk by +Sri Sri Ravi Shankar ji on Bhagvad Geeta.
Location courtesy - +Art of Living international ashram, bangalore
Tip: If you want to be blessed by Swamijies then they generally occupy the last row on left side of Gurudev on most satsang days :), you can see some of them in the picture above too...

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Rekindle passion

Why is passion not understood well?
What is passion?
Is passion destructive to spiritual growth?
Is passion one sided road to hell?

Passion can confuse.
When you work in the world you will get into many types of people. Some intelligent and some foolish. A misguided passion/जोश may want you to be jealous of intelligent and make mockery of the foolish. Jealousy could lead to unhealthy competition. Mockery could further dip their morale.

In your drive to success become aware of what you ransack. Your bulldozing attitude may have been hard earned but may not be the way of success.

Success happens when you gain and everybody around you also gain.
It is not when other around you are crushed. Their evolution is as much your responsibility as theirs.

Seeing God in Guru is simple, anybody can and does experience divinity in the realized masters.

Seeing God in foolish person around you is challenge and requires effort. These are the people who dwell in your mind and in your meditations. They come and stay put in your heart. The more you try to drive them out the harder they stay put.

Wisdom is to see God in everyone in meditation. Once in the world see them as they are. If they come as thief then you become police. If they come as patient then you become doctor. If they display anger you counter it with serenity. And so on. Do it passionately and regularly.

Take up project that evolve you as well as the society, the people around you. If you passion is to create wealth for the self alone then you may be limited but if your goal becomes to create wealth in the society then you will get back in manifold. Same with environment, natural resources, social evils ...

Distribute your energies. They are for the world.

Let your passion be to create a better world, for you and people around you.

Inspired from words of wisdom by +Sri Sri Ravi Shankar ji on the occasion of his birthday at beautifully built Guru Paduka open air amphitheater at +Art of Living ashram at Bangalore.

Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Every moment a celebration

It is your very nature. If you do not have tension then you express love. You are made up of love. 
Young ones watching TV
Kids till 5-6 years of age should NOT be put in front of TV. The cartoons and other programs activate their brain more than their age and later they become dull for life. If necessary, beyond six not more than one hour of TV per week for kids.
What is yours that you can surrender? This body is Gods. Everything in and around you belongs to THE GOD. When I say Surrender it only means to unload yourself of the weight that you are carrying, the lack that you are experiencing, the worry, the botheration, the tension that you are living with. Offer it as आहुति to me, into the feet of your Guru, your loved one, anybody who is very dear to you. Just feel the release, let go.
 Types of questions
You know there are five types of questions that people ask.
  1. Out of misery, pain
  2. Out of Anger
  3. Out of the space that they know and to check if you know or not
  4. To make their presence felt
  5. Genuine -  जिज्ञासु 
 The first four are not looking for answer. They just want to be heard. The fifth one is a seeker and knows that you know the answer and therefore asks with all sincerity. 
 What to do when you receive such question? 
  1. Listen grimly, do not smile else you will get quite a mouthful
  2. same as 1 but you may be thrashed too if you smile
  3. say "Oh, you know so much, I really don't know answer to that" and with a smirk uplift the spirit of other some more
  4. They would look here and there after the question and you too look here and there and don't answer.
 Every moment a celebration.
In India we celebrate New Moon Day as well as the Full Moon Day. The moon has certain effect on the mind. Your regular days need not be morose. Make everyday a celebration, एक पर्व की तरेह हर दिन होना चाहिए। 

 The above points were provided by Gurudev +Sri Sri Ravi Shankar in +Art of Living  satsang at Bangalore ashram on 7th May 2013.

Tuesday, May 07, 2013

The dark side of Orcha

Once fortified and majestic ....

Orcha had its glory period. Orcha has occupied a significant spot in history. It has also been a scenic beauty, with jungles, hillocks and a river to boast of. God too has decided to settle down beside the regular temple to teach a lesson to level the ego of the King from those times.

Orcha is going through a tourism boom.
Foreigners abound in season time. Locals with with luggage on head walk around visiting temple, hardaul baithak, hardaul samadhi, remembering the legacy of the bygone era. They are the sincere tourists.
mysterious tree near hardaul samadhi

Sun setting over hardaul samadhi

Orcha is gaining religious importance. There was a time when it would be difficult to find someone to ring the bells in Shree Ram Raja Temple during aarti. Now uncontrollable masses gather there at specific times of the month to seek blessings.

Orcha is also decaying. The following was observed and noticed during the recently concluded Ram Navmi.
  1. Opium (Ganja) is freely consumed on banks of Betwa.
  2. The chatraps are used as liquor den wherein drunkards drive in and empty bottles from late evening.
  3. There have been incidents of call girls imported to entertain guests. 
  4. Vehicles move vigorously and with continuous honking. 
In a beautiful gathering of Ram lila there were masses burning cigarettes and bidis and chewing paan. There were town girls/ladies in little skirts laughing with derelicts, drunkards. 

In the keshav Mahakavi sammelan, organizers had to chase away kids from front of stage, rest of the area was occupied from villages from neighbourhood villages and districts, the so called teerth yatries not poetic aficionados. They simply sleep in the open, take bath in the morning in the polluted Betwa and get darshan of the God. 

At about 10 PM when sincere poets are rendering their poems the people are scampering to collect their few puries and sabzi. They keep the food on the organizers chairs and eat and organize their own personal kavi sammelan. 

There are regular thefts in the neighbourhood. There was one in the temple premise too. There are specialist thieves who look out for couples seeking privacy in historical monuments and torture them to release money. 

The political party leaders deflect the ground reality and are only concerned to make as much before their tenure ends. A national phenomenon. Cannot blame Orcha alone for same. 

There is tourist police too. They simply warm their chairs in the evening of their duty.  

A village now with crime patterns of a city. 

A ticking time bomb. 

Monday, May 06, 2013

Corrupt Indian railways TTE/TC in Sampark Kranti Express

Date - 29th April 2013
Day - Monday
From - Jhansi
To - Yeswantpur

Karnataka Sampark kranti express was late by about 10 minutes. The tiles were being laid on Jhansi station platform number 3. The tile lair was spitting tobacco around the work site, putting cement glue on top of it, then the tiles and then the measure to check if they were getting aligned properly.

Few college students from Andhra, with chappals and unkempt hair, with laptops hanging from shoulder and some full pants were raised by few folds were chatting around the trolley that carries goods items.

Two gentlemen were confused if their sampark kranti was on this platform or was it another on other platform.

A full bodied gym going muscular educated class youth, aged around 25 was throwing plastic from the biscuit and namkeen packets near his foot and munching along with his uncle.

I kept sipping drops of precious water that my dear mother had packed for me.

The train came and people negotiated the tiles near the bogies under construction, trying not to slip on the sand and get under the train instead of in the train.

The AC 3 tier was way behind and I kept walking for a long time. Unfortunately, this time around too the seat was a upper berth near the door. The bottom was packed with luggage. I requested and they minced words before they made space for one bag. Some lady going to bhopal was lying on my upper berth. Her son was spreading his legs on lower berth.

Suddenly few more genuine seat holders came and the ladies with fake supremacy had to take their luggage and leave their captured seat  from delhi. They were muttering "TTE has given to us, and these people are taking away our seat".

A software engineer bound to Hyderabad, came and asked to vacate the window seat because that belonged to him.

A fauji (army man) came along with his friend. Along enquiry it was revealed that his friend was on waiting list but they confidently planted their luggage underneath and complained about the earlier ladies capturing the seats and luggage space. They had their food. He offered me also and I said No, thank you.

I urged them to talk to TTE so that the waiting list guy would atleast have some place to sleep in night. The TTE was going up and down without pausing to check our tickets. Finally they realized and stopped the marching TTE on one of his trip, he instinctively gestured them to come out, near the door. He offered them another seat in another coach. It was a middle berth. His customer service so cool that he offered another seat at another place in case they did not like it. The following happened near the door
TTE- 500
fauji - 100
fauji - 200
fauji - I cannot give more than 300. TTE agreed and the ticket was confirmed.
The fauji was a young recruit who would be serving in the India defence. ANother fauji had server 17 years and was going for retirement. TTE did not even spare them.

The fauji asked me to take the bought seat but I said it was middle and I would prefer upper berth.

Bhopal came. The powerful lady and her family of four who had captured my seat on top left. Another software engineer bound to Hyderabad came and he said he would not mind taking my seat. Another gentleman came and said B1-62 is mine. My nervousness had peaked. Thankfully, the fauji intervened and the man retreated with the same confidence which demanded the seat before "TTE has given me the seat, why dont you talk to him." to "Okay, the TTE will give me another seat".

I intercepted the Jhansi to Bhopal TTE. A tall and bulky man with frenchie. He was quite confident "I have not given your seat to anyone". But you have also not checked that I had boarded train. The train started moving and he jumped out with his loot. He did not even collect the excess fare from all those who had boarded from Jhansi incurring losses of thousands of rupees to Indian government. But who cares about the government who has given the job and lifestyle when the choice comes to warm their own pockets.

I started moving towards the new TTE who would be in charge from Bhopal to Nagpur. Another location of ruckus where local goondas has slapped another genuine seat holder demanding the seat "TTE has given the seat to us." Ah! the godly TTE.

The fauji asked us to come back. Later in a minute or so he went along and met the TTE.
Fauji -  B1-62 is boarded from Jhansi.
TTE - it is not marked in my chart.
Fauji - The Jhansi TTE did not come to check.
TTE- Its your responsibility to let TTE know that you have boarded.
Fauji - he was sick and came in and slept off so he could not come ( a blatant lie that saved the berth for me)
TTE -  okay

Later when the TTE came to check for berths, I showed him my ticket.
TTE - Did you board from Bhopal
I - No
TTE - Then let me complete checking for people from my mohalla Bhopal and then I will check yours
I - The Jhansi TTE did not collect excess fare (I was feeling guilty of not paying the excess fare)
TTE - The other TTE should have collected it, I have to worry about my mohalla.
The guy had so many seats that another family who were distributed all over the place got seating next to each other in another mohalla.

The smart software engineer from Jhansi quipped, they have added 2 more AC coach and that is why the TTE were minting gold even in peak season like this when the tickets were booked almost 4 months back. Even then I had waiting that was confirmed later.

We discussed about nexus of booking clerk-on duty TTE-agents and other officials. Everybody else was eating money in India except us. Why?

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