Friday, November 15, 2013

Why so much pain in your life?

Once Gurudev ( +Sri Sri Ravi Shankar  ) met an ancient rishi (saint) who used to simply praise. ANyone and everyone who went to him would only get praise. Gurudev asked him, why dont you give holistic feedback, also talk about their shortcomings and help them improve?

You know what the saint said.

The pain in his life will tell him about his mistakes. 

Similarly, Gurudev also gives long rope to people around him who cheat, lie or are simply lethargic. After a while they come back and fall on his feet and beg pardon, which he has anyways already given.

You know the biggest characteristic that stops your growth is LETHARGY. You laziness. If you overcome that than dynamism comes in your worldly outer life.

You need dynamism (DSN) as well as deep and peaceful inner silence (part 2 / advance course) happening through your day.

If you keep complaining about rising prices, inflation and do nothing about it then you are dud. If you take action as simple as growing coriander in small earthen pot in your balcony then you have contributed towards resolving a seemingly impossible problem.

You can also crops/vegetables if 5/10 of you got  together. When Gurudev went to Sri Lanka post war, he saw resolute tamil refugees who were growing pumpkins and bananas around their tent using the waste water coming from their daily use as manure. They were resourceful and we need to be inspired from them.

In any situation, do not lose hope.  You are beyond gunas (qualities) that you see in others. Those qualities make you feel inferior or superior. Some are rich in money and some rich in spirituality but are they seeing the difference. NO. Its you who distinguishes from them, separates from them and loses sight of life. Don't be jealous. Meditate.

Life is only ONE. There is only ONE moon for whole world, ONE sun, ONE earth. ONE life. Honor and respect the life force.

Meditation gives you vision of your true self. The flowing, inseparable self in which you have the ultimate sense of belonging. Through which you shine through. Through which your doubts disappear and FAITH re-affirms.

LIVE life NOW, in this moment
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