Friday, November 22, 2013

Should you bother to impress? What is Upanayan?

Why do you need to impress friends? They are anyway your friends so why spend energy impressing them. If you try to impress them they would likely to get jealous. In jealousy they would do you harm , more than good.

Why do you need to impress strangers? They don't matter to you.

So in either case you are at loss. So WHY IMPRESS?

It is important to be in knowledge. Do soul searching once in a while. Do not bother to question self too much and everyday. Once in a while if you ask "who am i?" its okay, not everyday.

Everyday has to be balance between the spiritual kindling and worldly actions.

Everyday you need to meditate and read/listen some knowledge. Some ashtavakra geeta or patanjalai yoga sutra or some yoga vashista. Some knowledge. You know, post death only knowledge goes with you, everything else is burnt and lost here.

Just like a child who goes to sleep but on waking up remembers the poem she learnt last night. You too go into a long sleep when you die. You go on vacation on the other side. In between births. Its not instantaneous that you die and get into another body. It takes time. That time is spent on other side.

Death is like going in a sleeper coach. In a train in which you doze off and when you get up , you are at different place in another time, in another life.

When you are born you do get the good karmas as well as bad karmas of your parents and ancestors. If your ancestors have created some property you do get them, in the same way they pass on some pitra dosha to you also. The way to overcome pitra dosha is through chanting OM NAMAH SHIVAYE and doing some charity for the poorest, doing some kind acts in the society.

If you like being on this path then you must spread the knowledge.

In Upanaya, you get closer to your self. You come closer. You are given three strings of thread. They are your responsibilities towards

  1. Your parents
  2. Your Teacher/s
  3. Society
Once you complete the responsibility then you throw the thread and go into sanyas, the free state. But till then, you are in service. You chant Gayatri mantra three times a day to purify yourself and your environment. 

Heard and retold from yesterdays satsang at Art of living ashram on kanakapura road in bangalore in the presence of master +Sri Sri Ravi Shankar ji.

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