Thursday, August 30, 2007

young india chapter welcome meeting

I attended the second session/meeting after the inspiring lecture on social entrepreneurship by a lady speaker yesterday.
The discussions were on the usual lines and the focus seems to be more on processes,evaluation criteria and what has to be updated to mentor etc.,
I shifted the focus by giving an example. The builders create the mock flat first to interest the audience before constructing the building. Only then they proceed with the construction. On the same lines we need to pick a few ideas and get people involvement on the same and then build the platform.
The problem with the masses is that they need something to hold on to, something they can relate to and something from which they source their inspiration and in this case it should be the idea that all of us can cling on to and identify with.
We are here participating to build a entrepreneur platform that has a social angle. Unless you have a cause that you personally feel strongly about you can not involve yourself much. The social issues have forced us to participate in this kind of a platform. This must have been envisioned by people who wanted the root of social change to be initiated by the young indian who is disturbed by state of his society and who wants to contribute back and enhance the status of his fellow youths who are simply there because most of them did not have the opportunity to allow themselves for a better life.
Some one mentioned that if we push the people so much then they would say "go to hell" we have passion but we do not have the time and so we will not want to participate in this platform. I said passion will take you through hell and get things done if you are claiming it is passion. At that moment I strongly felt that we are not here for baby-sitting to caress and nurture people to go along rather I was using my words like spear to nudge people into action. The intentions are dedicated to a cause and cause alone and hopefully there will not be personal casualties. I am here for action and test a platform with live example and make it robust so that it last. I believe both activities are essential when you build new, the idea and the framework that checks and controls and guides the idea.

I guess people join a forum because they have an urge to act and respond to social causes. And if their is no perceptible motion they may individually pursue their act through whatever alternative medium that they might find suitable. So it is very important to hold them on with an idea that also touches their heart. VC and funding can come later but the people should first be prepared and build the belief that "yes!! this is what I want". The collective excitement should pull you through. To some this excitement can cause fear and it can agitate some but as long as the nerves are active the trigger would be active and will enforce action.
Mostly this excitement dies for various reasons and most often it is lack of follow-up activities/action in continuum. The drag looks like a dam and the watery emotions simply decide to flow elsewhere in direction of another turbine as they believe that this turbine is rusted and will be wasted in inter-personal issues.
Passion crosses inter-personal issues and simply shows you the vision created by the cause that you are aligning yourself with. And in a forum that cause can be shared by multiple people who utilize the tools of social networking to identify,resolve and pursue for the betterment of the society. As humans we are social animal and today it would be the social chaos that will cause social change. Therefore please throw the ideas to forum and let the chorus decide and move on.

I have my self-doubts that is this the right medium for my self-expression. I always have, everyone has doubts that will steer them away whenever they start something new or want to do something unique. I hope that the passion that forces me to believe that even I can cause a social change and have an impact on the society to which I have been a passive observer so far should last beyond these self-doubts.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

two buffaloes

Day 1
I was reading in newspaper that a leopard had entered the civilized area and the photograph had him leaping for and in direction of few policemen who were on their heals and my daughter wondered who was scared of whom as she thought policeman were brave souls.
Next day I read in paper that wild animals get killed crossing the national highway.
A friend of mine mentioned that three wild elephants got killed while crossing the railway lines in jungles of assam in the dark of the night.
Day 3
I had left for office and was settling down in the seat spreading out the newspaper and the bus slowed down in the recently paved new road where people sped their vehicles at will beside puttenahalli lake. It was quite uncharacteristic because these state bus drivers whizz past so early in morning.
Suddenly I saw two buffaloes lying beside road and wondered whether they had gone in coma and fell down. As the bus crawled beside them I saw fresh red blood oozing out of them and spreading on the road. I could not breath for a second, tears filling my throat as I could not understand why they had met such fate. Was it reckless driving?

Thursday, August 09, 2007

every moment we die and then live again

Every moment we breath out we die and every moment we breath in we live. With death we lose past and then with every new breath we compose life. Your future life is composition of these events or karma and you simply add them on to get richer life experience.

Therefore it is futile to hold on to dead past and crave for more in the dead future because what you have is this live miniscule moment. Use it to construct or destroy. Anyways destruction is automatic with each passing breath and you can double it up in the life breath too.

So the positives like love, compassion, forgiveness, goodwill, innocence and hope can be nurtured as against anger, frustration, hopelessness and hatred.

friends birthday party

There is a birthday party in the evening and its the weekend so we are all ready for it. The gift buying happens in afternoon with some additional shopping and then we go on to a restaurant to munch lunch. It was a very sweet lunch and just before the end daughter says "Wait", we wonder why and then she explains that "Mouth fresheners are yet to come!" सौंफ आना तो बाकी है!
We go back home and sleep and manage to get back and are lazy to move and wish we could have stayed back at home. The wife is getting ready and the husband is already is keeping a close eye on the watch. We were supposed to be there at 6:30 but now its 7. It happens to be his birthday too but he is preoccupied with getting late and thus ignores the surprise gift that he gets from the wife as it happens to be his birthday too. His anger is supreme and thus reacted causes the wife angst and she too decides to dump the party after spending over a hour doing the make up. He locks himself in room. There is some door banging and then the door slowly opens. They exchange what has been bothering them obviously from their individual point of view and the innocent daughter comments that "Even she will not go to party if everyone is said, she will only go if everyone is happy"
did i say that child is father of man?

social entrepreneuship

your emotions are like water, they will flow and will always do so until they meet a turbine of action to propel water and show him its true potential.
there is turtle that will swim thousands of miles just to lay two hundreds egg on shore of Orrisa but only one of them survives. Will the turtle give up hope saying I take so much pain and I have such a low success rate or will he think that I have the onus to continue my species.
These were the thoughts of the founder of Enable India. She said we are all disabled in some sense and her mission is to enable physically challenged to get equal opportunity employment across industries. Every hurdle or the normal way of doing is a challenge, a hindrance, a barrier and therin lies opportunities for innovation. Examples included the hearing impaired petrol pump assistant where in the idea was to capture the customer requirement on a piece of paper with a few text marks.
When a cause overrides you dont need slides/graphs/analytics to pursue it, it simply drives you and I could see her moving and with her the audience and getting a insight into what passion gets personified.
do you have a cause that has touched you, affected you and if yes would you like to be an agent of action fed by emotion. There is so much emotional energy to be discharged and it seems so positive that it is surprising why society can still do a menial chore to make enough money to spent them freely on TV/Fridge/mobile phones but keeps the distance from a cause.
Probably a cause is a disruption, its a volcano and we are scared to death from bathing in lava. We resist, we divert and we feel sorry and move on with personal trivialities.

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