Thursday, August 09, 2007

social entrepreneuship

your emotions are like water, they will flow and will always do so until they meet a turbine of action to propel water and show him its true potential.
there is turtle that will swim thousands of miles just to lay two hundreds egg on shore of Orrisa but only one of them survives. Will the turtle give up hope saying I take so much pain and I have such a low success rate or will he think that I have the onus to continue my species.
These were the thoughts of the founder of Enable India. She said we are all disabled in some sense and her mission is to enable physically challenged to get equal opportunity employment across industries. Every hurdle or the normal way of doing is a challenge, a hindrance, a barrier and therin lies opportunities for innovation. Examples included the hearing impaired petrol pump assistant where in the idea was to capture the customer requirement on a piece of paper with a few text marks.
When a cause overrides you dont need slides/graphs/analytics to pursue it, it simply drives you and I could see her moving and with her the audience and getting a insight into what passion gets personified.
do you have a cause that has touched you, affected you and if yes would you like to be an agent of action fed by emotion. There is so much emotional energy to be discharged and it seems so positive that it is surprising why society can still do a menial chore to make enough money to spent them freely on TV/Fridge/mobile phones but keeps the distance from a cause.
Probably a cause is a disruption, its a volcano and we are scared to death from bathing in lava. We resist, we divert and we feel sorry and move on with personal trivialities.
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